What's their end game, Holla Forums? are they really on their way to socialism or is Xi just bullshitting everyone

What's their end game, Holla Forums? are they really on their way to socialism or is Xi just bullshitting everyone

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I guess we're just gonna have to wait and find out. Regardless they're a check to the US, I really think the DPRK woulda gotten invaded last year if China hadn't stepped in.

They won't be going back to socialism as long as their economy functions and grows. If there is a serious economic collapse, they might, but right now they have no reason to. However, since they still have scientific planning, they are ten times more stable than countries led by neoliberal ideologues such as the US and most European countries. You know, Marxists are the best managers of capitalism.

Ironically Chinese monopoly state capitalism might still save humanity in the long term, in terms of environment and the general destructive nature of liberal capitalism.

socialism by 2050

You accomplish successful nuclear fusion and then socialism is cheap enough.
Although Hukou stays forever because "Chinese Characteristics"

Not fast enough you old chink.

I guess chinese characteristics protects them from neutron bombardment transmuting precious superconducting magnets into radioactive garbage.

If capitalism continues as it is we'll all be dead by 2050

Their only goal is revenge on the west for what they have done during the century of humiliation, nothing less, nothing more

The worldwide revolution could happen in 2050, but what the fuck do I care I'll be 64 at that point. I'm lucky I can get in any sort of living now.

even the mightiest chinese empires were never able or desired to dominate the west

Anti-anglo gang

That's true, however thier entire mentality and foreign policy circulates around the post opium wars era, basically the chinese think that thier country was defeated and humiliated because they adopted a passive and defensive attitude while isolating themselves from the rest of the world so if China wants to survive and become a great power they have to be more like the west and be aggressive.
This is reflected in how they seek to emulate the Monroe doctrine in Asia and Australia.

Saving the world, with all survivors.

Top KEKE, I for one truly do welcome our Chinese overlords.

Yeah their billionaires and real estate moguls will surely lead us to communism.

Yeah as an Australian I sure love Chinese million and billionaires buying up large amounts of our infrastructure and farmlands and putting ships right up on our coastline. Or Americans on the other side doing the same thing. Chinese socialism and influence is really at work in Australia when they pay workers less then the original owners and use inferior and shonky business practices which harm the environment and bribe and pay off our politicians.

We must critically support the Australian government in it's war against Chinese and American neo-colonialism

Replace America as the sole superpower. Hopefully they will succeed at forcing America back but fail at establishing global hegemony. We need to go back to multi-polarity.

If this happened would it be progressive? Like, I know a case can be argued that Australia is imperialist itself but it is certainly a very minor player. If Australia were to run up against the interest of both super-powers, well… who or what would socialists support I know this is very unlikely but humor me here? What would be our stance?

I reckon our socialist parties be it as idpol as they are would be against Chinese business practices and and their interference in our self determination and against America for obvious reasons. We would probably have closish relations with China but would obviously wish to maintain our full independence and self control. Since I'm not an expert on South East Asia and Oceania Chinese foreign policy I have no idea whenever or not China would want to impose more control then less and whenever or not they "want" us for a Monroe/Eastern block type thing or just to kick American influence out.

I think Socialists around the world who know less about the shitty things Chinese businessmen and businesses do here would probably prefer to support a neo-colonialism resource and food pillaging China over a Australia truly independent from America/China (Briton isn't a factor of any real control nowadays). As such I hope people would be against the foreign dominance and control of Australia by Americans or the Chinese even if the reds weren't in power.

A lot of Africans say the same thing.

I agree with this. I've heard some people claim Australia is the richest country in the world? Or that it has the highest min wage and the most house-space per resident of any country. From the sound of things, you guys live better then workers live here in the US. I guess my question is that Australia isn't a typical neocolony given its history and economic conditions, so it seems a lot of people will be skeptical about claims of Chinese neocolonialism on those grounds. But you and the leaf workers seem to be on similar levels of wokeness about the perfidious Han.

Do you foresee that Australia could turn into another Argentina if nothing is done? That is the most obvious comparison that I can think of, you have a nation populated by Euro immigrants that was as wealthy as France in 1900 sink into utter poverty and political chaos over the course of 100 years.

to tackle the internal contradictions of early-stage socialism from a position of global economical hegemony

Right now we're pretty well off but that's cause we got though the recession quite good by selling lots of rocks to China and the government throwing money at people to spend and now for the last few decades we've been slowly selling off our industry and land to China/US and our local industrial base is fading fast (We just lost the last of our car manufactures last year). Also China isn't buying as many of our rocks anymore so that's kind of fucked our idiot politicians who put lots into mining then refused to tax it at any decent rate so people are losing their once amazing paying jobs.

I honestly don't have a bright outlook for Australian home grown capital and I can see our living standards going down the drain. Then again with America slowing down and China growing increasingly interested I could see Australia flourishing due to Chinese investment (At the cost of the lower classes) and control over our own country and industry. Either way we're becoming someones puppet.

Lots of the working class are quite mad at house prices and the dreaded rent seeker which are though the roof. We also love bringing in cheap overseas workers since Aussie workers won't work for dirt and we once had Australia as a working mans paradise since we have historically been quite progressive for women and workers rights and union wise. Unless you were one of the few percent of natives who made up our population of-course they were and still are treated like dirt.

Australia has gained the reputation of a secure and isolated nation and in military terms it's remote location is her greatest strength yet it's also her greatest weakness and being an island nation doesn't help in that aspect because their trading routes must go by sea and historically Australia was in no position to secure it's naval trade routes by itself so it relied on the leading global naval power which first it was the british and now the americans.
In the following years, as China's influence in the region increases and thier navy gets stronger the australian government must make a choice, either continue being aligned with the US or seek an allience with China and it's a shame because Australia will remain to be a dependency/vassal of a foreign power

Will he win?

Nice Western interpretation of Chinese culture, user.

Here is the ultimate compilation to understand China political and economic model: docs.google.com/document/d/16iw83noTdWvDiECaITX83rGhP_lros8QdBTrNnCoe6c/edit

I wasn't criticizing the Chinese culture or trying to undermine the legitimicy of the government i'm just saying that China is now taking the initiative because they have learnt from their past mistakes and they don't want to be subjugated by the west ever again




I want the Marcyites to leave.

Why did the women turn into China, and the child into Deng?

To elaborate, shouldn't his wife be the CPC / Deng and the children China / Shanghai / HK / Taiwan?



Their goal is to destroy American hegemony without destroying America.

Honhonhon! It should be obvious that Xi is just pretending to be a Socialist for the sake of pleasing the Chinese And international community so that they won't rebel against his dictatorship.

Where are his eyebrows?


me on the bottom right

Reminder that all praising of China as being socialist is ironic, and Dengists will get the bullet first.

The Australian Navy is the strongest in the region and more than enough to secure its immediate trade routes and prevent any invasion of the mainland.

The only thing that could challenge the RAN would be an American carrier group. That might change as China develops its own blue water navy though.

so the memeing is to bait the actual dengists?

Lmao. Not in the least

I literally want a Chinese occupation of all of our major cities. If I could wake up to a banner of Xi outside my window and see 4 soldiers from the PLA every morning on my commute to work it would be bliss


Mao is essential if you actually want to answer the colonial and peasant questions, which are the most pressing questions a socialist can have if they want to achieve world revolution.

So China is destroying the fascist labor aristocracy in Australia… sounds good to me.

Union of virgin socialist republics:

People's republic of chads:

When will leftypol admit China won?


Union of virgins : w-we must adhere to the principles of communism *collapses*

People's republic of chads : *impregnates communism*

We need draw fag to make ben garrison style pictures of deng impregnating our lefty catgirls with his penis labeled "Chinese characteristics"

kill yourself

oh wait, the suicide nets in your factory impede you from doing that :(

peasantry doesn't exist any more



Fucking christ. Look their last party meeting. Xi wants to LIBERALIZE the market. What do you think?

But it's liberalization with Chinese characteristics!


Wait, isn't all 3D chess actually 4D chess since we are playing it over a period of time?

Mao tried to nip this whole dengist shit in the bud, but Deng was just too slippery.

Socialism in 50 years ;)

The old fucker is gonna be dead well before then and everyone alive now will be old. How about at least being what the Soviet Union was now.


At this point, just outlive the American Empire and ride the curtails of their downfall by surpassing American global influence