Michael Wolff's controversial Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is coming to television

Michael Wolff's controversial Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is coming to television.

Endeavor Content — the financing and sales arm formed in October between sister companies William Morris Endeavor and IMG — has purchased film and television rights to the No. 1 best-selling book. The massive deal is said to be in the seven-figure range. Endeavor Content plans to adapt the book as a TV series. A network is not yet attached, as Endeavor will now begin shopping the project.

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Zizek to play Bannon.

I fucking hate Trump, he's literally the worst thing to happen to this country.
because he's a bad president? oh, no no no. it's much deeper than that
he wedges his way into every conversation, every walk of life, every hobby, every meeting.
I go to work, my boss and coworkers constantly make jokes about him. I go into the lunch room and the people on TV are talking about Trump. there's a teenager climbing Trump tower several blocks away from me when I'm trying to finish a major project.
I go to Barnes and Noble to buy a book. In the front of the store? Nothing beyond flavor-of-the-month anti-Trump liberal books. People wasted their time trying to "deconstruct" this fool and determine "what he means". Maybe I should also brag about sexual harassment on television so dipshits write books about me too.
I go to the drug store, the minorities complain about Trump's tax plan or travel bans in their foreign accents. I see magazines with Trump on the cover, and more fucking books about this god forsaken senior citizen.
I go home, and when we have dinner with another couple you can't go minutes without these freaking liberals dropping jokes about the current state of healthcare and how they wish the Succdem Bernstein were able to swoop in and magically turn this neoliberal hell into Europe.
It's getting to me. I have schizophrenia and I think this blonde haired freak is breaking through the meds. I'm considering running away or something, all the time. Fuck 2016 and fuck everyone. fuck you too. I'm sick of it. Sick of it all.

Whatever fag at least you have a gf.

can you fucking succs fucking stop with this fucking shit already? you pathetic faggots spend more time obsessing over trump than his thumb-sucking retard followers

Sometimes it is fun to enjoy the spectacle.

I'm glad Trump is president. Now all bullshit and veneer of civility is stripped from the system with both sides the liberals and conservatives becoming more retarded and radicalized. I'm not even mad at Trump. He's a racist retard with dementia who lucked into the presidency it's not like he's Machiavellian realpolitik type politician all his retardation is on full display and discredits the system. America deserves to have a clown retard in charge.

The only reason he got into presidency is because the Dems started pandering exclusively to the SJW crowd - had they not rigged the DNC, Sanders could be the POTUS now (and I'm not saying that like it's a good thing).

I suppose you mean some retarded, and some others radicalized?

The DNC has had a rigged primary since the 1960s. Entryism won't save Amerifats.

These two articles are kind of on the liberal side of things, but they serve as a good approximation to what's actually going on:


indeed, I never said it was going to


pure pottery


Still Glad he Won
He did more to break the centre then almost all before him

Bannon fanfic

Exactly. Look how many people and corporations have tied there star to Trump. Apple just announced they're going to gibbs us er gerbs back on account of Trump Tax Cuts. Now their busses are getting shot at again.

Holla Forumsyps are too brain damaged to differentiate between "Hillary supporters" and "literally anybody else who doesn't like Trump"

They're like their daddy: haven't progressed past 2016.


And I hope he doesn't change his accent or anything. It's just Zizek in two button up shirts.

Some sort of tv series about this white house was bound to happen, shit like Scaramucci's week is too ridiculous not to use

I don’t know how I feel about that. Aren’t most of the people who ride those the average wage slave?


Honeslty if I had to choose between Trump and Hillary I would choose Trump.

They are both neoliberal shit stains who are both equally terrible but for different reasons. The only difference that matters though for my purposes is that if Hillary is president then after she shits the bed it opens the door for a right wing populist who, you know, isn't a 5th grader in the body of an obese senior citizen and is actually competent, and if Trump is president it opens the way for a left wing populist to take power. The worse he does the further left you can run in the next election.

As much as I would like to see Trump be the next Tzar Nicholas II I seriously doubt his handlers would let him fuck up THAT monstrously.

I'm glad he's president, if the alternatives are Pence or Clinton. The deregulation going on at the department level that the White House has full control over is awful, but at the legislative level, nothing is going on because Trump is just that incompetent. Pence amd Clinton would get shit done and it wouldn't be good shit. What Trump wants to do may be worse than what they would do, but he has no idea how to do it. That's fantastic.

Trump and Hillary are equally shit. At least Trump is fucking retarded which makes it entertaining. The press and the libshits would be fapping over muh procedures and muh institutions if Hilalry was president and releasing op-eds about how bombing the shit out of some country is pragmatic policy at least this is funny.

In what possible manner could Clinton be described as a social democrat?

It's interesting that Trump has been in the public eye and popular culture for upwards of 25 years and I never heard anyone accuse him of being stupid until he became the president. Brash, arrogant, a troll, greedy, selfish, back-handed? Yes. And he deserves it because it's true. But stupid is a new one, and it's a shoe that doesn't quite fit. If your only exposure to Trump is via tweets and audio clips taken by the corporate media, sure. He sounds like a retard, but in many ways that's a messaging tactic - I'm surprised most haven't picked up on this. Say something stupid and exaggerated with a kernel of truth to it, get the media to cover his stupid comment, then use the momentum to steer the conversation towards the kernel of truth contained in it. It's not muh chess it's just basic message control. I can't tell if you really can't see this or if you're so Dumpfed you just can't accept it.

Being popular in the media doesn't mean you aren't a retard. He's a fail-son of a billionaire who lived a sheltered princely life who acts extremely bitchy whenever someone criticizes him. Even if he is jsut pretending to be retarded he is still fucking things up just by being himself.

By acting retarded he completely undermined the civil religion and "public moral philosophy" of America which was supposed to be the moral backbone of institutions and the body poilitic and he shits on America's self image and status as the "special country" and the moral truths of muh freedom, democracy, equality, individual rights, and faith in muh institutions and human dignity on which American public moral philosophy is built on. He also undermine America's international "moral authority" by being retarded. His Tweets about Pakistan made Pakistan drop it's US alliance, now US troops in Afghanistan have no intelligence support and are stuck surrounded by hostile countries on all sides while China has pledged to invest 57 billion in Pakistan so they don't particularly give a fuck about Trump's 200 dolalrs but it looks good for the Breitbart audience. Calling countries shitholes serves to alienate them from America and the West and more willing to accept Russian/Chinese companies and military bases for example.

Since he shits all over established norms weather he intends to or not this trickles down into society at large where class and racial divisions have become exacerbated and the level of discourse has gone to the shitter to the point where democrats and republicans Trumpers and progressive liberals can't talk top each other anymore without a desire to kill one another and erodes social trust and social bonds.

I agree, but being popular in the media for 25+ years and never being called a retard until it became polically expedient to do so suggests it's a polical hit job, rather than an objective analysis
Are you for real m8? You honestly think anyone buys into this meme anymore? I'm pretty sure we lost all pretense of this during Clinton and then Bush Jr.
are you shitposting here? does anyone in the international community really believe America isn't one of the biggest contributors to violence, terrorism, and economic sabotage on the planet? either way that's irrelevant. hate the US or love the US, you will submit.
no porky gives a flying fuck about morality in the country they're doing business with. You think CHINA has a better record on civil rights? You honestly think corporations care about anything other than regulation policy and taxes?
This was the case during Obama too. Trump is the result of this divide, not the cause of it.

Not this guy, but it makes sense that a figure would only start being called a retard once he gets to a position where he's expected to be at least of average intelligence. You don't call the host of a dumb reality TV show a retard because he isn't exactly supposed to be intelligent.

Get some new material, Holla Forumstard.

Oh please who gives a shit if it's a hit job or not what are you his lawyer? Dumbass presidents aren't exactly uncommon Clinton and Raegan weren't excatly the sharpest tools in the shed and Bush jr was a retard fail-son and alcoholic but they had clever advisors. Being the president is about being a good PR representative for the American elite political and corporate class. Be a narcisistic powe hungry fuckhead who's connected get a programme jumbled together with policy prescriptions from Think Tanks and talking points from the media win the election and sign some shit here and there look good for the cameras and be good at speeches while the clever Machiavellian fuckheads who pull your strings make all the decisions. What's funny now is that Trump is a shitty PR man for the political class he undermines the establishment and the system just by acting retarded and he doesn't have a celver team of shrewd politcal operatives pulling his strings he has his own retarded unemployable fail-sons and his fail-daughter in the white house and his fail-son in law while the Military and the Deep State are running damage control trying to maintain the empire and having John Kelly keep this shitshow in check.

Americans buy into this meme. Particularly the upper and middle class having a clown in charge fucks with their mental faculties their self image and how they see their country and undermines their authority in their shit tier middle management, press, think tank, academical and government jobs.

Yes those countries have populations and their ruling class has to take the interests of the population into account when a repulsive retarded blowhard is in charge of America other governments are pressured by their people from following the Agenda that America shills for on that given day refer to how European leaders and parliaments denounce everything he does and break with him on Issues like Iran and Israel and how the Queen of the UK won't have him there is such a thing as "prestige" and "status" in international relations and a clown retard undermines those for the US and that makes the elites very concerned.

Yes especially when it comes to dealing with the third world they don't shill for neo-liberal restructuring of the economic system and don't show up with policy demands from the IMF an erosion of America's global superpower status thanks to having a clown retard in charge is a good thing since America and the West are undisputedly the most warlike and violent nations on the planet right now whose ill gotten wealth needs to be seized and redistributed.

The divide was always there, but with Trump the shit is all out there on display for all to see and it's not pretty and it's very accelaerationist.

Why is this hen prattle not in /leftytrash/?

Still love this thing.

I love how the scale indicates FULL PORKY.



It would be funnier if Scaramucci got written right out of the show.

none of these things matter geopolitically. this is just pearl-clutching over not cowtowing to the pomp and circumstance that is used to trick proles into developing a false majestic image of the elite ruling class. every geopolitical and economic chess piece is already on the board and the think tanks in every country already planned their moves based on economic and political self-interest. The global economic and politcal landscape is not being changed by Twitter shitposts and it's embarassingly naive to even suggest such a thing. Apple doesn't give a fuck about forced abortion vans in China any more than the EU cares about Trump not wanting Haitian refugees. It's all politcal showmanship and base pandering.

I agree with you on this 100%

Shitposting and his retarded antics don't matter obviously. At least not short term. Having a retard president does matter tho. You don't just get a retard president and get away with it. Other things matter like if the fucking system is staffed by incompetents or parts of the system are in conflict with other parts of the system then the system will fail more . Trump and his administration is seen as illegitimate by a big section of the elites and entrenched bureaucrats in large part because of his retarded behavior and they see it as their duty to undermine his administration and while they undermine the administration they will also undermine the entire system itself so shit won't go as smoothly as before and less shit will get done and as less shit gets done and the system fails more people will notice and take advantage the American system isn't monolithic and every leader has the capacity to fuck things up even a figurehead can do a lot to fuck up the stool he's sitting on.

This wouldn't have happened under Hillary which is why Trump is way better. He just has more possibilities to fuck things up that a Hillary admin wouldn't have even have considered doing. Like America is on the brink of a trade war with China now which American porky is not equipped to handle. The whole North Korea thing wouldn't have happened with Hillary it would have been in the news that they tested a new missile and that's it they would have done the sanctions and the problem would have gone away and nobody would have given a shit. They tested nukes in 2006 and nobody particularly gave a shit then. But since the media made this about Trump's character and about Trump's shitposting and retardation this became a crisis and Trump and his admin responds to the media all the time so he had to raise the stakes sabre rattle, make himself look tough look retarded to the point when people think that there will be a nuclear war. Now the only way Trump can "win" this if North Korea gives up the nukes which North Korea won't do because they in essence achieved all their objectives and have a nuclear deterrent and the ball is in Trump's court so how does Trump and the entire American system respond to this now? America's global authority has been undermined with North Korea's open defiance and trolling so nobody will fear the world police anymore what if Iran tests the nukes next followed by the Saudi's the Truks etc? How will that reflect on the western liberal "rules" based world order that America is supposed to be in charge of?

holy shit dude turn off fucking CNN and read a fucking book

The empire is diminishing though. Only Trump's most diehard petty bourg fans would deny that.

The empire is certainly diminishing but it has nothing to do with Trump saying Haiti is a shithole country or making neolibs screech about his Tweets. In fact, it has nothing to do with Trump other than he's the next pallbearer to carry the coffin to the grave. The US is quickly becoming the Weimar Republic both culturally and politically. Trump is more like Hindenburg or, if assassinated, Ferdinand than Hitler. A symptom of the times and a stepping stone for the next age.

He's not fucking Hindenburg or Hitler. That is insulting to both Hindenburg and Hitler. This is a man who had a feud with Rosie O'Donnell who hosted beauty pageants and shit who thought Obama's birth certificate was fake and thought global warming was a Chinese plot. Americans have been rendered fucking stupid with this whole House of Cards Game of Thrones shit where everyone is supposed to be a master manipulator. Even most of the people who voted for him did it because they thought having a retard over there would trigger the elites. Him being there did set in motion the disintegration of political and social norms the fascists are emboldened but I doubt he's even aware that he contributed to it he jsut doesn't think on these levels he's a 70 year old sheltered fail son of a New York oligarch he says some shit the media reports it and the fascists go " wow we are allowed to hate Mexicans now!"

regurgitating the same talking points over and over isn't helping move the conversation anywhere useful. let's pivot back to the central issue. you say he's retarded and mentally unfit for office. the only thing you've provided as evidence are the troll fights he's gotten into on twitter and his political pandering in speeches. E.g. things he says. I've already argued that his use of hyperbole, exaggeration, and flat-out shitposting is a strategy for driving the media narratives towards topics he wants the public to focus on. Again it's not chess, it's not complex or the work of a genius. It's basic viral marketing (i.e. any coverage is good coverage) and outrage pimping. You may disagree with that, but it's fairly obvious what he's trying to do when he shitposted about Obama or O'Donnel. You realy think he actually means those things? You honestly think that's not pandering and media baiting? The fact he just got a 30/30 on cognitive exam at age 71 suggests if he's stupid, he's stupid like a fox.
Here's my request. Make the case that he's a mentally incompetent retard based on his actions as president. Keyword: actions. What has he done that makes you think he's incompetent?

I'm sorry but if you act and behave like a retard then you are a retard. I said before that he may be pretending to be retarded but it doesn't really matter his endgame is also retarded if that is the case. You are trying to do some kind of reverse 3D chess narrative trying to give him credit for what? Like what does this help him get re-elected again? What does he gain by pretending to be retarded? You think that since he said the word shithole then what now everyone realized Haiti is in fact a shithole as if this is a revelation or something? Even most people on Holla Forums aren't that delusional .Does he want to be a fail president who will be remembered as "that retard president" who discredited conservatism in America. I don't see why he deserves any credit for anything he did so far other than winning an election against a despised corrupt piece of shit. So he's at least as fit fro Office as Hillary Clinton in that regard. I don't believe he strategized any of the shit you are trying to give him credit for. He may have been egged on by Bannon and others in his circle " Mr. President the base loves the retarded shitsposting please continue" It would actually be a lot more beneficial to him if he wasn't pretending to be retarded all the time then press and the "deep state" would lay off of him if he just acted normal there would be no Russian collusion investigation there wouldn't be so many leaks from the white house there wouldn't be this division within his own party cockblocking his agenda


the guy's name is being branded into my brain

I support Trump because Americans deserve to suffer.

He's not the hero this country needs, but he's the hero this country deserves.