Daily News Thread 1/17

Koreas to March Under One Flag at Olympics Opening Ceremony

North and South Korea will march jointly under one unified flag during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the biggest sign yet of a detente after months of tensions over Kim Jong Un’s nuclear program.

After Basically No Debate, And No Opportunity For Amendments, Senate Votes To Expand NSA Surveillance

As was unfortunately expected, after a very short (and fairly stupid) debate that was full of misleading statements that focused more on "but… but… terrorism!" than anything substantive, the Senate has voted for cloture on the same bill the House approved last week that extends and expands the NSA's 702 surveillance program, opening it up to widespread abuse and refusing to do simple things like adding in a warrant requirement when used to spy on Americans.

Tories laugh during PMQs… as Jeremy Corbyn presses Theresa May on Carillion collapse

Social media has exploded with outrage, with the Conservative Party accused of “laughing like hyenas” during discussions over collapsing construction giant Carillion, in Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs).

Think Flu Season Is Bad? It Might Get Even Worse

“This is the first year we have had the entire continental U.S. be the same color on the graph.” New strains may be coming.

Central Trade Unions in India Led Nationwide Strike Against Govt's Austerity Measures

A vast majority of these workers are considered as volunteers are paid a mere US$15.65 (INR 1,000) as honorarium.

Net neutrality revival may hinge on 1 vote in Senate

A Democrat-backed Senate bill aimed at restoring net neutrality after a “misguided” repeal by the FCC only needs one vote from the GOP to pass. Meanwhile, 22 states have filed suit against the federal agency.

Ex-CIA officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee held 'for spying for China'

A former CIA officer has been arrested in the US on charges of retaining classified information in a case thought to be linked to the crippling of the agency's spy operation in China.

UN alarmed as US cuts aid to Palestinian refugee agency

The UN has expressed serious concern at the US decision to withhold more than half of a tranche of funding for the agency supporting Palestinian refugees.

US Navy collisions: Ex-commanders charged with negligent homicide

The former commanders of two US Navy destroyers involved in collisions last year are to face charges including negligent homicide, the navy says.

China's Communists Will Take More Stakes in Private Companies

After tightening the Communist Party’s grip on state-owned enterprises, President Xi Jinping’s administration is signaling an increasing presence in private companies.

House GOP Pushes Plan to Avert Shutdown Without Democratic Support

House Republican leaders are pressing ahead with a plan to avoid a shutdown by temporarily funding the government for four more weeks but shutting out Democrats and their demands for a deal on immigration.

Cape Town Could Run Out of Water in Less Than 100 Days

The dam levels are currently at 30 percent forcing authorities to cap water usage to 87 liters per day for each person.

Donald Trump makes aide pick out all the red and pink Starbursts

The majority leader in the US House of Representatives made one of his aides pick out the flavours of Starburst sweets that Donald Trump did not like before the confectionary was handed over, it has been claimed.

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i-is this socialist?


It Wasn’t Just Republicans — Democrats Also Voted to Shut Down Debate on Trump Administration’s Surveillance Powers

A critical mass of Senate Democrats voted with Republicans on Tuesday to shut down any further debate on a bill that strengthens the government’s spying powers. The bill would renew a key surveillance authority for the National Security Agency until 2023 and consolidate the FBI’s power to search Americans’ digital communications without a warrant.

Fact-Check: Is There Truth To Refugee Rape Reports?

Right-wing websites claim that Germany is facing an alleged epidemic of rape cases committed by refugees, fueling panic about the recent influx of foreigners and the safety of women in the country. We investigated one site's reports and found many problems with them.

Here’s how to stop the next Carillion – 7 steps to public ownership

Corbyn is right – this is a ‘watershed moment’ for the ideology of privatisation that has plagued our public services for over 30 years.

Carillion Must Now Also Face Justice for Blacklisting Trade Unionists

More on Carillion's bad deeds.

What a little bitch

‘My dad sees one color — green’: Eric Trump says his dad’s too greedy to be racist

The New York attorney general is currently investigating whether the Eric Trump Foundation improperly distributed funds intended for cancer research to benefit the president and his family members.


I shit you not I had this whole fucking argument like 2 months ago with some of my friends about this and they said the same thing and in the same like endearing tone too. Idk what the fuck is wrong with people.

This is arguably worse than racism

Trump's sons are worse than cancer. They probably are scheming to be president some day too. God, what a fucking nightmare another political dynasty would be.


His personal economy

U.K. Appoints a Minister for Loneliness


Lymies still waiting for their state issued GFs.


Fucking hell this is probably the one time I like the democrats. Our country is fucked and that doesn't include the near-zero left influence we got


This probably will turn all the Brit incels into leftists or at the very least social democrats

I am sick of the House's bullshit. The GOP cannot govern and we'll have the same fight next month.

The Dems need to shut it down.

They're still looking for that one vote. The problem is that the majority of lawmakers are simply too old to understand how important the internet is.

He who laughs last, laughs best.

So wait…are you implying Deng was actually a communist with a game of 15 dimensional Chinese checkers?

Literally yes, Deng recognized Mao's collectivism couldn't work in semi-colonial China, so he developed a bouj submissive to the party, soon to be knocked over and socialism established. Mao in the age of the internet and genetic engineering will literally be unstoppable.

I'm guessing he was a convinced communist, and that he took a gamble. It's too soon to tell how it will turn out.
jk, superior east asian autism levels and inscrutable duplicity have fooled all you bourgeois imperialist white devils, it is all proceeding to plan


I want to believe

Deng was unironically playing 4D chess. Memes aside, there is actually a clear method to what the CCP has been doing over the years. It's solid materialist praxis.
Daily reminder that everyone that criticizes Deng should actually read his theory.
See dengxiaopingworks.wordpress.com/selected-works-vol-2-1975-1982/

Who even fucking made it, I swear it looks like it's from that retarded 8 Crazy Nights movie.



getting that crucial incel vote

He even looks like a porky

Rupert Murdoch Hospitalized with Serious Back Injury After Yacht Accident


Rupert Murdoch suffered a serious spinal injury while vacationing on his son Lachlan’s yacht in the Caribbean earlier this month, three sources familiar with the incident told Vanity Fair. The 86-year-old media mogul was helicoptered off the boat and was, until recently, recovering in a Los Angeles hospital before being moved to another, one of the sources said. The incident is said to have happened shortly after the New Year’s holiday.



Kim cannot stop winning.

shitposting flag

Knock on wood knock on wood knock on wood

He looks more like a rat

Man, today's a surprisingly decent news day

I've been seeing boomer righties giving credit to Trump for this.

There's a posibility that a more competent a belicose president could have stopped them though.

How Michael Wolff Got Into the White House for His Tell-All Book


Flattery will get you everywhere.

Ironically the Trump administration has been one of the most inadvertently transparent regimes the US has had in awhile

Props to Rupert Murdoch. 86 years old and still trying to suck his own dick. Get well and never give up, player.

Who is this guy and why should I want his death?

Nevermind. He's a rich American. He should still die tho

dude owns a fuckload of rightwing media companies.


I'd love to paint his muscles if they hadn't all atrophied away

Where the fuck have you been living


He owns 21st Century fucking Fox how can this guy not know who he is

hopefully Kissinger is next

Outside of Burgeristan, like every other normal human being.

Roger isn't a fucking American. He's an Australian. He owns plenty of European media as well. He's a fucking global media mogul you idiot.

You want to hear something ironic? Rothschild helped an upstart Murdoch build a right-wing media Empire that Holla Forumstards still eagerly read today despite claiming their not mentally deficient Jewish-controlled boomers. Makes you enter a state of contemplation, huh?

Kelly told Dems Trump's wall promises were "uninformed"


B-but muh WALL.

'Socialism with Chinese Characteristics'

Brooklyn teacher says students threatened her for accusing principal of communist ties

lmao this owns

I thought "gen z" was supposed to be fascist?

When you are an established writer who's already pushed against the right, it really helps that Trump doesn't read, ever, for any reason. Apparently nobody else in the administration does either, except Bannon, who only reads right wing propaganda horseshit.

no, it's just that most fascists have the mental age of a gen Z

did you make that

What flag will it be?

Us Gov is completely controlled by Porky, no surprise here.


If only the US had a centralized government way of giving everyone proper healthcare and stopped wasting important medicines on Cows.

Greed is ten times worse than racism.

Deng and the CPC are just a front of Chines Porky.

This thing: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Unification_Flag

Fucker should have died 20 years ago


The entire meeting reads like a parent apologizing that their child threw a temper tantrum.

then this morning Trump said Kelly was completely wrong about it too

I looked up the flag they use when they go together in sports events. Needless to say, it's shit. Like someone dropped blue paint over a piece of paper.

Also this isn't the first time they do this. They even used to compete as a single team several times.

Also this is the first time in a while, it shows a recommitment to the cordial relations of the 2000s.

He also said he didn't want CHIP in the short term spending bill. Without that hostage, the GOP have no leverage on the Democrats.

I know it's been said before, but goddamn is Trump a horrible negotiator. He is a complete fuck up. If the government shuts down, it'll be his fault.

I know what it looks like, and it doesn't change the fact that it's a shit flag.