It finally came full circle for them

it finally came full circle for them

Is it time for us to rise the consciusness of the young masses about the class struggle and work consciousness?

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That picture can't be real, can't it?

does the shirt say "alt-right is alright"?

oh god, that picture

what an ugly little boy

These are the "people" calling others soyboys and cucks.


He wouldn't have to be an angry incel if he'd just become a trap

Is that comic sans on the shirt?


White Sorority Girl at University of Alabama Records Racist Rant for Instagram

Horror show waiting to happen. The poor kid is probably 16 and doesn't even know the broad implications of being associated with the alt right.

Good. Every kid needs to be bullied at some point in life, helps build character.

So many pasty teenagers are going to end up going past 20 into college terrified about what they were previously on the internet. It'll either result in a lot of apologies, a lot of crying, or a lot of rage. Not necessarily in that order.


They're usually from upper class neighborhoods with schools that don't have that many minorities in them. Their parents will make sure they at least go to community college.

Reminder that most of the alt-reddit are 'functional' members of society and normalfags to the core.

Pic related

I wish I could hate them to death.


I miss this philosophy.

Too often I see subcultures desire to become "mainstream", and every time I wonder "why would you want to?".


he got every single point right, i have the same feeling.
You got that 4chan is turned into a generic forum, once you read your first "degenerate".

the only thing that can really build a character is hard work man.

hard work at avoiding getting bullied again ten years into your marriage

You got.bullied and ended up on Holla Forums. That proves that it has positive effects. Most 12 to 14 year old aut rightists today would have been bullied mercilessly just 10 years ago for being such fucking faggot nerds.


The Chans are operating under complete cognitive dissonance at this point: supporting the purging of deviants while at the same time promoting deviancy.

It's a contradiction that cannot be sustained.

Welcome to Ur fascism.

Holla Forums truly was never good

I got "bullied" once in elementary school, some black kid hit me while I was sitting on the floor. That isn't why I'm here, (obviously?).
Are you here because you were bullied??? Is this seriously some coping identity because of some mean highschoolers?
Do you think they aren't? Can you honestly believe that this, at best, 5'4", kid in pic related isn't bullied?
But what I believe is most "upsetting" about this post is the absolute, triple distilled cuckery inherent in someone that supports this dishonest domination of "society over man". I can't phrase that accurately, but what I'm referring to is that you, and the other cucks here, are legitimately in favor of a bunch of teen/preteens """mistreating""" students so they fall in line with the prevailing ideology/wants of the bullies. Not only should this be disgusting to anyone who values independent action, it is doubly so for COMMUNISTS arguing for CAPITALISTS to "Keep the weirdos in line".
pic related is you, plotting to become Socialist leader.

Thank you for the screencap. I remember that thread and had that post in mind. Of course I could never be that articulate.


The butthurt radiating off of this post is almost tangible and could be used to power a small socialist country.

Haha I try
sage for tiny post

Majority of imageboards have forsaken the old ways. Even with many fellow anons who remained faggots, it seems that the moderation on imageboards has turned into something else entirely. I hope this can be changed before every corner of the internet becomes filled with normalfags and edgy normalfags.

that post is right
4chan wasn't about being racist, homophobic, racist to moralize people into being conservatives. But was mindlessly degenerate about everything. 4chan used to laugh at things, not to push some kind of mindset.
It was racist for the lulz, not for their political positions.

it wasn't stormfront, it was hell.

He most likely is a result of pics related I’m a happa, my father is from Norway, and my mother is from mainland China and they are both right wing racists who hate non whites.


The white man cannot escape yellow fever.

It’s the fault of asian women for worshipping European men user. To be a happa is a curse, but Communism is the light.

We no longer inhabit the industrial society that allowed class consciousness and work consciousness to emerge in the first place. The factory was an effective means of political organisation, it concentrated workers in one place, while modern processes of production atomise workers.

capitalism is not incompatible with anti racism, anti sexism or a permissive society. In fact, capitalism stands to gain from the recuperation of 'progressive' social movements as they remove obstacles to the accumulation of capital, keep potential threats under check and help create new hosts of motivated workers and consumers. International Capital does its best to appear as inclusive and inoffensive as possible, it is the ideal of goodness, unconditional love and acceptance. You do not only have a right but a duty to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Social media has led to a completely homogenised and sanitised world, a global village of obnoxious gossips and two faced snitches.

The spectacle promotes pop culture franchises as a source of identity and self worth and a substitute for politics(muh national conversation). Art has been swallowed up by the panoptickon, instead of watching the movie, you watch the audience watch the movie while you yourself are being watched. People have left their critical faculties by the wayside: it's hard to criticise the woke and increasingly bland products of pop culture without seeming like an alt right sexist racist, or what's worse: a killjoy.

The 21st century individual lacks the self reliance of literate 20th century man. He (or she) exists in a state of learned helplessness and shame, with no traditions to restrain or guide him, utterly dependent on the system for validation. Hardly able to distinguish between the self and an outside world of stimuli. There's also the legacy of the 60s and muh youth rebellion, which has found itself running out of targets, since everything has been so demeaned and sanitised. This leads to stuff like alt right memelords, who can't bring themselves to line up with the current representation of social and economic progress. Non-white white nationalists and transgender kekistanis, react to the sense of imposed helplessness and shame by assuming an absurd reactionary white identity. probably fringe cases, but reflecting a generalised psychosis.

Something needs to be done about the Asian woman problem.

Why do libshits still fall for this? Especially after shit like Charlottessville happened.

" Le Green frog lol triggered? hehe"
" Ha Crime Stats! Triggered much? hehe"
" There are TWO genders! Ha! Triggered? hehe"

I think that if this goes on a bit longer even liberals will just stop falling for it and just beat the shit out of these cunts sight

Modern PC culture is corporate culture applied to all of society. Everything has to be sanitized inoffensive and fucking lame

maybe PC culture is a negative mirror image of dog eat dog world of late capitalism.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….I don't really want to go back, but that is around when I found 4chan. Time has flown too fast, I should just die…then it will stop.

Yeah, that shit happened about a dozen times while I was at the school. For some reason the regular students are fairly normal, but the fraternities and sororities are full of racists.

Do you mean how libs are the new christian right and this guy is the young metalhead?

good post

Screen capped. noice post

gud post. I think the trend towards group consciousness and ethics often pointed to by said alt-right memelords as communalism is part of this as well. The point they miss though is these are not genuine communities based on common interest or conditions like factory unions. These are communities of consumerist identity (I am a star wars fan), professional identity (I am a hr manager) and institutional identity (I am a proud student of x college). They do not have a community of people who relate or can organize on a basis which is not directly controlled and they are encouraged to bond lightly to all people in such institutions but not to form stronger lasting bonds with any one person. See the movement to ban kids from having best friends. The institution is to be the only community and does not allow competition.

I think it was Bookchin who wrote that for any form of socialism to occur the idea of a profession as an identity should be abolished. The working class should not divide itself into sub-groups. It might, however, be difficult to reconcile the movie star and the factory worker.

Capitalism has always loved hiding behind a mask. At first, it was only the free market and fair competition masking the brutal reality of the production process, where workers were exploited, and had absolutely no free choice, due to their economic circumstances. Then came imperialism and capitalism could transition the burden of efficient production from the workers onto cheap resources from third world countries. Masking the most brutal part of exploitation by outsourcing it. Each time is a new scenario.

Approximately all first world inhabitants might understand that living conditions are bad in the third world, however, are blissfully ignorant as to why their living conditions are bad in the first place. Some try to pay-off their guilt by donating, while the people organizing these charities are living of it. Others rationalize by claiming they are genetically inferior, or that their governments are the fault.

what are you doing here Ian

Good effort post comrade.

Our culture's obsession with identity actually conceals a systematic erasure of identity. I remember an interview with Martin Zellner, spokesman of the neofascist Austrian 'identitarians' (whose logo just happens to look like the logo of popular first person shooter Overwatch) sitting in his generic ikea kitchen, talking in americanised english with a generic european gloss, and eating an 'authentic austrian sausage' (mass produced ofc). The identity feted by the identitarians is neither austrian, nor pan germanic, it isn't european, or christian, or pagan, rather, it is the mark of an absence. In our world, 'Identities' are mere quantities without content partaking in the general spectacle of rationalised consumption. The individual is taught to question its own existence, to seek realisation through institutions or failing that, by proxy through members of the same identity group (true 'success' is becoming harder and harder, and the great warehouse might be closing down soon). Capitalism liberates people from traditional structures only to enslave them to the standardising yoke of capital. We stand at the end of the world, the whole of history ripe for harvesting. That's also why counter-skeptic leftists who devote their energies to 'debunking' the right are bound to fail, they can be no more than defendants of the current order, unable to posit a radical alternative.

That post makes me so fucking angry. I want everything to go back that way. Are there any websites that are still like that?

Amazingly said - the sense of community 4Chan used to have is fucking gone.


not anymore

Good shit. You have to wonder how many of these Nazis actually speak the language of their ancestors that they're trying to restore. They're just grasping at identity, their identitarian project is a longing for the past, nothing concrete.

The Hapa menace must be stopped.

FB version of "whiter than you Muhammad."


Honestly, the more Chad vs. Virgin memes I see, the more Chad seems like a pretty likable guy overall.

IMO this was the great strength of industrial unionism. it might be hard to reconcile the movie star and the factory worker but it is much easier to reconcile the movie star and the guy working the boom mike: they are after all both getting ripped off by the same guy. sure it is still a sub group but at least it's a subgroup organized around the COMMONALITY of different professions, once you've made the jump "the guy working the front desk is the same as me in the mail room" i think it's easier to jump further to "the guy digging up coal is the same as me in the mail room."

I can't believe there's actually a town called Gaylord.

There are even people that bears that name.

There should be a ban on white men having sex with Asian women.

Wow, what does that make you? A disappointment?

That only applies to the edgy trumpists, the actual Holla Forums right is still composed of virgin autists.


wow shocked that eve peyser is a nazi now

there's reason to be hopeful, if only because all identitarian signifiers have been so debased and stripped of meaning by the spectacle, that the only thing left to do is to rediscover the common humanity that has been pushed aside by mass culture. 'Identity politics' is just a symptom of the broader social changes brought on by neoliberalism, starting from preschool, we were taught to be entrepreneurs, we were taught to express ourselves and our 'authentic desires', we were promised heaven on earth, untold riches that materialised only for the chosen few, and introduced to a world of difference that ended up looking more like an homogenous monoculture. We were promised a world without bullies, a world in which everyone could be special, instead we got the exact opposite. The collective disappointment is just beginning to hit.

People in modern bureaucracies are encouraged to distrust each other and to be ready to jump on each other's throats at the slightest sign of weakness. Behind the mask of politeness lurk the same hobbesian and nihilistic impulses that really power neoliberal society. The average subject, regardless of identity, exists in a state of shame and helplessness, subject to systems beyond his/her control or comprehension. From the largest corporations, to facebook meme groups. Take Google for example, they are a military-industrial complex linked human control system, with a work culture based on total exploitation (those ping pong tables and workplace game consoles sit collecting dust) but hey, at least they are woke, whatever that means, even though their race science algorithms are de facto enforcing segregation 2.0 (algorithms in general ensure things stay the same). The more I think about it, the more our supposedly liberated era seems like a relapse of the 50s, the bleakest cold war years, a climate of repression, conformity, and paranoia, a world dominated by powerful military-industrial bureaucracies. Our Social Media environment seems designed to make people 'know their place'

Literally both one and the same even though they pretend not to.

Only difference is Holla Forums has at least some semblance of a brain. Trumpists are pure fucking retards.

You know, I never stopped to think about that side of the McWorld phenomenon. Capitalists expropriate, commodify and sell back everything, including the most obscure ethnic folkloric dancing and crap like that, this much I knew. I also knew that the alt-right, right-identitarians and similar scum are reactionaries reacting against this.

But now that you mention this, I realize that the right's own reaction has itself been processed by capitalism. Rather than being a set of ideas and concrete actions (or just concrete actions, since, well, it's the right), it's the proverbial LARPing, the commodified rebellion. They autism-rage at the machine, unaware that the system is not only impervious to their revolt or even feeding off it, as it literally and metaphorically seels identity signalers to them. Identitarian revolt, both from these rightwing nitwits and from liberals/SJWs, is far too small and small-minded, as, among other causes, none of them is a committed rebel, because most rightwingers and liberals, by definition, can't be. What few fascists there are among them probably isn't even aware that fascism would require a complete break from the current stage of capitalism; their goals boil down to living in an ethnically pure country, and that's that. Even their revolting, anti-humanist ideology begins and ends with idpol. Even the definition of their "utopia" has been diverted by capitalism, and they didn't even notice; they're radicals who literally can't even imagine what radicalism is. Their revolt occupies very little of their time and even less of their thoughts, and during 99.99% of the time, they're just another McCitizen. Not only are they not damaging the system, they can't damage the system.

A pro-post.

What does he have to fear? By the time he gets to college he'll be in good company.

Could I trouble you for some context user

Good lord, imagine what that little shitstain's voice must sound like. He must sound like Louie Anderson crossed with a dolphin climaxing during erotic asphyxiation

Trump is kind of emblematic of the problem with identitarian revolt/"revolt," and blm is sort of the flipside I think. When your "resistance" is based around how your idiot identity is treated by the government/society/whatever, then that's pretty much where your revolution ends, isn't it? These children get excited because Trump says mean things about the people they don't like, and the way some of these delusional twats talk his election has already brought them halfway to kicking out all the mexicans and blacks and letting whites casually say the word "nigger" again. Even if a group like BLM achieved all their goals and the cops were at least polite enough to kill blacks and children off camera, there'd still be millions of poor niggers languishing in decrepit urban wastelands and millions of children suffering from the various privations increasingly affecting them.

That's aside from how the system is geared toward instant co-opting of these kinds of "movements." Market trends have been pushing this "buy your way out of X" shtick for years now. Buy enough BLM t shirts and cop murder won't be a problem any more. Really stick it to those SJWs by buying Milo Faggotopolis's new book! Who's in charge of this or that? Whoever MSNBC or CNN or whatever decides to put on their screen and say is in charge.

Society can't be changed by buying what you're told to buy, but that's all most people seem capable of.

like clockwork.

Capitalists value 'your voice' as long as it says exactly what they want it to say. You have a right to bask in the stupefying glow of the commodity regardless of who you are, but middle eastern children don't have a right to not get murdered.

much like conservatives, liberal identitarians frame social problems as individual, moral issues. Racism has nothing to do with economics or material conditions, but is a question of individual whites being mean and black people not having enough self esteem. The goal is not to change anything, but to assure yourself of your status as a good and empathetic person, one of the later day calvinist elect. There's also a darker, dare I say blatantly racist, side to liberal ideology. Minorities are forced into a co-dependent relationship with neurotic liberal whites and the institutions of the same capitalist system that enslaves them. If you are a minority, you have to assume the role of a sick person who can only be cured by the system and its experts. Notice how elite liberal whites love to talk about how only white people can end white supremacy? Isn't that an obscene absurdity? It's like claiming communism can only be established through the magnanimous benevolence of the bourgeoisie.

I'm an ancientfaggot & moderator for Holla Forums.

I wish I could moderate this board like boards of old, but I don't think it's possible. The mindset is completely different than 4chan used to be, way back when. Pissing people off with your posts was a byproduct of posting your views or ideas or content. Now, it's the primary objective. Sharing ideas and discussing things is an afterthought behind getting as many annoyed replies as possible.

Imageboard "culture" then could be summed up in the phrase, "fuck that." All the sacred cows you had to respect out in society, all the established conventions and "common wisdom," politeness, decorum, on and on, "fuck that." Nothing was taken for granted because someone on the board would disagree. They wouldn't value it. They wouldn't respect it. And they'd tell you so, in no uncertain terms.

Now? It's "fuck you." "Fuck you for thinking this." "Fuck you for liking this." "Fuck you for not being like me." The aim isn't to convince people or argue your point or test your theories, it's just to brow beat people for not thinking like you.

Lots of factors discourage the former and encourage the latter. "Shitposting" to me is just noise. It clutters up the board and encourages lazy, thoughtless posting. Reasoned, thoughtful posts are just a starting gun in the race to shitpost the hardest and loudest. There's little originality or effort, and a lot of it is simply echoing past shitposts.

Sometimes posters will catch a ban for shitposting, and get mega assangry that their right to shit all over the board is being impinged. The majority of the time? It's because their "ironic" shitpost looks and sounds exactly like unironic shitposts. When your posts are being mistaken for Holla Forums boardshitting, you're not really making a very good contribution to the board.

But that's another big difference between then and now. You went to Holla Forums or /tg/ to talk shop about your hobbies. Arguments, flames, shitposting happened, but the purpose of the board was discussion. Now imageboards and Holla Forums too are plagued with dumb assholes who think the entire point is idiotic, mindless shitposting. Aside from Holla Forums, the boards on 4chan held varying standards of intellectualism. /a/ would boot you out for not using punctuation or capitalization. /tg/ was ruined by fucking hourly reposts of "elf slave, what do?" At first, there would be elaborate scenarios and sometimes even mechanical aspects to "you find a slave in the BBEG's basement what do you do?" Over time, any pretense of trying to foster discussion was stripped away. They'd post a smutty elf pic and "elf slave what do" and try to rack up as many replies as possible before the mods deleted it.

What ended up happening was a complete modocaust. The board got wiped and the rules so strict that basically anything that wasn't a DnD mechanics question or threads about WH40k were banned. All the vibrancy and life that made /tg/ a fun place to visit was wiped out. It could only shamble on, zombielike and lifeless.

So you can't moderate with the same light touch that the boards of old had in large part because they raucous and rowdy culture 4chan fostered evolved into a license for dickwads to act like complete cockheads. They cloak their shitty behavior in language like "disrupting the circlejerk" or "free speech" or whatever and act like fucking martyrs when they get banned, but they're not being edgy or subversive, they're just being fucking assholes, and that's their whole goal. They aren't looking to discuss or converse with peers about their interests, they're just on this or that imageboard to ruin everyone else's good time because fuck you.