Communism in North Korea is going well

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Still standing

You don't say.

Still symbolizes commies

They claim to be socialist, but not Communist or Marxist-Leninist.

Their constitution and official doctrines are still committed to socialism.
Now that guide was talking to tourists who were probably surprised everything wasn't grey and depressing and used "communism" to refer to how things were run in the stereotypical image of the Eastern Block. He has a point because they aren't around while the DPRK is

They will only expose tourists with positivity and hide their poverty.

Call it what you want but they are using soviet systems and symbols.

Here's how this thread is gonna go

Don't even post if you're just looking to disown north korea.

Source on people getting beaten because they don't act sad?

Actually they do. Juche is explicitly a form of anti-revisionist Marxism-Leninism.

Wow, almost like any other state in the world. Get a real argument faggot.


Any number of people claim to be committed to "socialism", from Bernie Sanders to Hitler. What is important is that they have dropped communism and Marxism-Leninism from their ideology.

damn bro they are still using soviet aesthetics wow that's hardcore communism
pretty rad my dude
the absolute state of Holla Forums

You couldn't be more far off. In his speech The Socialism of Our Country is a Socialism of Our Style as the Embodiment of the Juche Idea, Kim Jong Il specifically stated that Juche was a rejection of both Marxism and Leninism due to the fact that they were both somehow "based on the European experience"

I wish ☭TANKIE☭s would learn to read, just once, instead of just being edgy redlibs.


Tourists aren't allowed to venture beyond the bubble of propaganda. There are documentaries showing the true side of the shit nation that you should watch.

Show me where he specifically "stated that Juche was a rejection of Marxism and Leninism"

Fuck off CIA shill

Nowhere in this does it say that they "reject" Marxism-Leninism. KJI rightly points out that socialism took a different form in Korea than in Eastern Europe due to differing material conditions. How is this inconsistent with Marxism? Clearly you are the one who needs to do further reading.
disingenuous faggot.

So what you're saying is that there are poor parts of North Korea. Please come back when you have an actual argument. I'm waiting.

Nothing revisionist about this at all. How were they supposed to immediately implement a proletarian dictatorship with almost no industrial workers?


The USSR was also a backwards feudal society, and that's not even getting into the fact that the bulk of Marxist theory is universal, based on materialism, and so would apply to Korea as well as anywhere else unless Korea happens to be located in the spirit realm.


For some inexplicable reason admits that the DPRK has a higher obesity rate than the ROK

they're trying to phase in the "the norks are actually super fucking fat" narrative to appeal to the bike lane hipsters perhaps

I give you: Utopia

So they're starving and obese at the same time?

I mean that does basically describe underclass in the U.S. too.

>>>/leftpol/ go circlejerk with your liberal friends, faggot

You should really make cogent arguments rather than regurgitating half-baked cia talking points

This is like how Holla Forums talks about Holla Forums at this point

I am desperately searching for the video of a professor of korean history that debunks this.

So you are saying that communism is shit without the support of other nations. Sounds fair to me.

gtfo with that bull.

not a boogeyman, they exist and they are really this retarded, just redirecting him to better fitting company

the DPRK isn't shit, you are shit
have a comparison:
for the free access to oxygen your brain has you are running with very low efficiency and are effectifely retarded
the DPRK has very restricted access to resources and is doing amazingly great with top efficiency

Well they had more growth than South Korea in the recent years so I'd say it's going well.

Nowhere in this text does he say that. In most texts he says Juche is a development of Marxism-Leninism and makes references to the communist movement. Have you actually read the text?


About materialism:
t. Kim Jong-il

You're either ignorant or have an agenda to deliberately lie about Juche

Being separated from the rest of the world, they have no reason to be restricted by anyone other than themselves


… you mean the Jason Unruhe video?

He's not a professor of any country's history.

1. there is no hunger
2. they do have these resources and put them to good use, yes
3. a nuclear program was not only necessary but doesn't use the same resources as supplying cities with electricity during the entire night, they are running it efficiently
4. having a nuclear program now sets the resources free that were going to maintaining a massive conventional army, which now will enable to be more "wasteful" and light up the map during night, so you can be happy looking at it too
5. they will also keep the lights on in pyongyang as it now wont be bombed to ground level again if the US doesn't want to see the same happen to new york

No, it was a woman. I saw it forever ago and didn't save it like a dumbass

Yeah, they inflicted the sanctions on themselves, those masochists!
Was that the first link you can find? You get money for stories like that. It's a business. I don't know how that debunks any argument. I'm pretty sure every other country with the same GDP is worse off than the DPRK.

No you idiot, it was off a Korean professor where she revealed that the picture was taken from a specific angle and that most pictures don't look like that at all.

They also called their ideology a man-centered ideology and have attacked the idea of the mode of production being at the center of historical development, meaning that they've effectively rejected historical materialism and therefore all of Marxism.

But I understand that to a tanky all that is important is using the appropriate buzzwords, not the actual content of the ideology.

Then show "most pictures".

Oh no, what would we do without 24/7 fluorescent billboards?

1.Plenty have, don't be dishonest
2. Most of those people ended up being banned

But we do and we're usually ignored or drowned out in the echo chamber.

I have no idea if 10K tons of cereal is a lot or a little relative to their population, the fact that they produced almost that much at one time means nothing.

I never claimed that there were, failed construction projects were referring to empty hotels and shitty dams.

I could post all the documentaries and pictures in the world but you'll dismiss them fake propaganda like a Holla Forumsack on the holocaust. (just like in the DPRK thread)

Unless you don't understand how percentages and relatve growth works I fail to see how its not an argument. Saying that they had more growth means nothing.

Funny because the other NK apologist is insisting they don't because of western sabotage.

Well those satellite pictures and your next points show otherwise.

Well for the people of NK's sake I hope your right. I really don't wish any ill will to any of them, but time will tell.

See for yourself:,127.15910792309569&z=6

Well, there you go, Holla Forums uronically support Nork now, I eagerly await the day when Nork fails, and Holla Forums goes "We never supported Nork".

Tankie redlibs have always supported the norks because they're edgy redlibs. Or because they're Marcyites.

Mauritius has the same $12 billion GDP but unlike NK, it has lights.




Where? Show me quote. You lied two times already about materialism and a text you obviously didn't read. Now you are being emotional. Just go away, I don't like you.

Lmao, I'm one guy, and I've responded to every single post. I've also never resorted to ad hominem unless someone was clearly shitposting. How dishonest. I'm glad that thread caused so much butthurt that you guys can't stop talking about North Korea. I've not created any initiative since months, just responding to stuff.

The graph is from a South Korean researcher, and it doesn't matter how much it is, but it was supposed to prove the correlation between fertilizer import and food production output. Really not that hard to understand.

So your point is completely irrelevant then. There is a single hotel which wasn't finished because there wouldn't be enough visitors, do you want them to spend resources on a building which clearly is never going to be used at full capacity?

Where did I dismiss a source about starvation? I looked at some sources critical and posted other sources in return. The fact that you have to lie about me yet refuse to post in that thread (or post any evidence besides literally the first Google result) is telling.

It shows that it's functioning despite sanctions. A system that doesn't work does not have economic growth.

>>>Holla Forums

Take off the flag, you are clearly samefagging. The consensus on Holla Forums was slightly pro-DPRK with a few reasonable critics, now we have 5 guys out of nowhere posting muh starvation muh defectors. Weird, isn't it?

First off, every idiot can edit Google maps, second off, the DPRK doesn't deny to have prisons. Calling it a "camp" is not an argument.

The DPRK has lights, idiot. Mauritius furthmore has 25 times less people. You can't se serious. Take a country of roughly the same size and population.

In soviet Korea, the lights switch you off and on:


Nobody is denying that they have electricity shortages.

Rolled 1 (1d1)J U C H E

What a pathetic attempt at samefagging

Obviously. They need every drop of energy they can get, so they turn off most of the lights in the night. Which is nice for the environment btw.

To power Kim's vibrating dildo I bet.

Don't forget this one:

It's actually in the work I linked, though I can't copy paste it for some reason. Just read it.

Doesn't say anything. Fucking Transnistria (an obscure break-away state in Moldova) has a hammer and siccle on their flag and a huge Lenin statue in their capital, but there's nothing communist about them at all

this is why when someone talks about "left unity" with smashies and trots you just laugh them off


juche is an anti-revisionist M-L ideology. flag related


read kim ill-sung's writings and the transcripts of their national congresses.

this thread has some good material though some links are bust

my bad, wrong thread

logging off now, lol

what are you gonna do, sit on your couch in protest?


trots too. i know, since i've read the positions of the non-revisionist parties and study circles

the term "believe" would be more fitting here
you're incapable of thought


because obesity isn't a sign of a nutritious diet.

No, it's another thread where liberal niggers fail to argue against the DPRK and make said ☭TANKIE☭s look good in comparison.
Get your shit together sonny.

the ☭TANKIE☭ poster is 1 person, who's a liberal (not an accusation, he is a self-proclaimed liberal) that's simply trying to subvert to amuse himself. don't dignify him with responses

from your paid shill workstation? that's fantastic, please don't "login" again.

Alright, so I looked up some Jaka Parker videos of his life in North Korea, specifically Pyongyang.

Yes, it looks like a normal city. Yes, people are out and about doing normal things. No one is starving in the streets, people aren't getting whipped, shot or executed.

But wouldn't the DPRK ensure that life in Pyongyang is decent for its citizens? Wouldn't they put the upper class into the capital and invest the most money/resources there so that high ranking officials, officers in the army, people of good standing and from good families have a 'good' life?

Jaka says he spent 5-6 years in North Korea. Why are all his video from Pyongyang? Matter of fact, almost all of the videos (all of the videos I have seen) are from Pyongyang or greater Pyongyang area.

Pyongyang has a population of 2.5 million people. That's 10% of DPRK's population. How do the other 90% of people live?

I don't see how this is relevant in any way. People in Tokyo on average live better than those in Shikoku. Does not make them a totalitarian hellhole. Unequal development is inevitable because of spacetime.

the capital having better infrastructure is pretty logical, doesn't mean the rest of the country is whipped in slave-farms


Juche is not communism. North Korea wasn't communist since the 70s. Non-communist socialism is best socialism.

Where in my post did I say 'totalitarian hellhole'?

Is this the only way you guys can argue in favour of the DPRK, by creating strawmen and misrepresenting statements?

I'm talking about the distribution of wealth and products.

It also doesn't mean that it isn't.

Do we have any idea how majority of North Koreans (read: people not in greater Pyongyang) live?

In the DPRK thread. I'm onto you, anarkiddie.

Funny, when I was a kid I used to be a ☭TANKIE☭. But then I grew up.

and I should believe this because?…

ye im sure thats how it went lmao
Look at all these poor Koreans being forced to cry for their dead leader. Look at them.

learn2read, he was saying thats what liberals will try to baselessly claim

Anyway, you're not even denying it. Funny how all these supposed "leftsis" show up to criticize the DPRK right at the moment when they have humiliated the USA. No agencies involved here at all.

Just face it, Marxism-Leninism, authoritarian communism is dead. You will not have most of a country's population supporting a benevolent dictator or one-party rule. You're about a 100 years too late, m8.

If you really care about the left and you're not just LARPing on an imageboard you'd be trying to find ways to achieve leftist goals through ways other than muh vanguardism, muh historical materialism, muh lets-try-the-same-shit-again because this time it won't fail.

The experiment of large (nation-) states has failed. Guess what? Most people don't want to die to achieve global communism, best we can do is loosely federated communes that have given up on dreams of being a space-faring civilization in the next 100-200-300 years and we must focus on maximising personal freedom, common ownership of the means of production and voluntary association. Kropotkin was right all along.

There are videos from other people which show Chongjin, Wonsan, Sinuiju etc.

You're a fucking retard, and once you gain some experience up your young ass you'll think differently.

First off, I wish they did. I'm European and I don't give a fuck about the USA.

Second, DPRK is a laughing stock of the world. I hate States, and the ones with despotic dictators are the worst.

Please post them, as I am genuinely curious. I'll probably even visit the DPRK at some point because I love to travel and it's one of the places not many people go.


there is no such thing, M-L parties function on the democratic principals of democratic centralism

no leader of the revolution was a dictator. they all got democratically elected.

multi-party parliamentarism is a bourgeoisie concept. when society functions on scientific principals, there is no need for different political entities to represent different interests. the party is democratic, anyone can join and every position is filled through elections

and if you weren't a middle class sheltered liberal that doesn't know anything about the history of the working class and its struggles, you'd read some theory before shitposting

that's not how history works. the french revolution failed, but look where we are today

you're simply a liberal with a guilty conscience. there's literally no difference between you and democrats who think giving money to ngo charities absolves them from the moral burden of being compliant with global imperialism.

I know you're uneducated and don't understand marxism, but you could do yourself a favor and stop acting so smug online despite not having read a single book about revolutionary theory. your liberal attitude of "my common knowledge shows me i'm obviously right, you don't need to study theory it's all logic" is the attitude of the average liberal of all the other shades, from ancap to socdems.



How do you pronounce juche?

Is it like yoosh or joochey

Glad the ML is admitting ML is succdem

Was Kim Jong Un elected? Oh yeah, he was, he got 100% of the vote. Totally legit.


How can you not understand that the world is different than it was in the 19th century or early 20th century? People's material conditions (in the West) have changed. If you want your October-style revolution move to fucking Uganda or Ghana and organise the oppressed and exploited masses over there.

In my (first world country) manual labourers get 20+ euro per hour, have worker protection, universal healthcare and an overall comfortable existence. But you think that these people will drop everything they have to pick up an AK and storm the courthouses waving a hammer and sickle banner.

You ignore current material conditions in the West and pretend we're still working 16 hours a day and living in Wigan Pier-esque industrial cities. Open your eyes.

What does that even mean?

And then you ☭TANKIE☭s wonder why anarchists hate you. If we're going to look at history every time anarchists formed a commune with horizontal leadership you fuckers get jealous and either conspire with fascists or crush communes violently, because like it or not deep down you hate personal freedom cause you don't know what you'd do with it. You're much happier clinging to >muh theory and walking the party line.

And you're simply some kid who thinks he knows everything because he's read State and Revolution and the first few chapters of Capital.

Take your own advice, kid. Who the fuck gives you the right to call others uneducated online you smug piece of shit? You don't know me or how I spend my time. While you wank to 150 year old literature I'm actually living what I believe.

And that's the difference between me and you. You can build your house out of 'revolutionary theory' and that's all it will ever be, theory, because your outdated ideas to which you cling will never come to fruition. You will work some wage slave job while continuing to LARP online or among friends and arguing about Stalin, or Lenin, or Mao, or some other dead fucking guy that is absolutely irrelevant for the West in the 21st century.

At least I know you're capable of honesty.


LMAO he said it

in his capacity as a member of the SPA, he was elected. in his capacity as the ideological leader, he doesn't. only the first position gives him political power though, so I don't see how this is undemocratic

did it ever occur to you that the revolution won't occur in the nation that can afford concessions due to imperialism and 3rd world exploitation?

it means capitalism also failed to get permanently established from the get-go you uneducated unwashed smashie. read some fucking history ffs

i'm someone who has studied revolutionary theory and you're someone who hasn't.

i know you don't spend your team studying revolutionary theory, because you keep spouting liberal bullshit that paints a pretty good picture of how uneducated you are. plus you admit you consider theory of no value with that last snarky remark, which is a staple stance of an uneducated philistine. you're literally the same with a hick from a south denouncing revolution because "those ding dang evil scientists don't know life, what do they know about life stuck in a lab the whole day?". i'll repeat this, so your that tiny brain inside your lice ridden head can process it, your attitude of claiming that your empiricist derived opinion has more value than dialectical works of science is staple liberal behavior.

ye theory and improving the living standards of the global proletariat/making tremendous advances in all fields of science/defeating nazi germany. should have just bought pot with my allowance and smoked it with my friends in the squat

i'm doing a phd in neuroscience, but yes it is a slave wage job despite being one of the less alienated ones. the question is, are you implying you won't? are you a capital holding porkie? because those are the only ones who can afford not to wage slave.

and you'd know, since you've obviously read their works.

look at me brother

You can keep crying about LARPing or how DotP are obsolute, yet Cuba and the DPRK still exist with the latter being able to successfully have a face-off with the US and a growing economy. That's evidently more than any other socialist ideology has achieved, and when you track record is absolutely zero, nada, nothing, you can not blame others for LARPing for obsessing over something that actually exists in the real world.

Also, responding to your own false flag? Seriously?


propaganda isnt critique

wheres the propaganda?

Meh, the track record held by 20th century socialism isn't the most ideal, but it had some ups to it.

here it is:

There is already a cycled DPRK thread and this thread was made by a Holla Forumsyp and stuff like "I want to see the Norks being nuked" has been posted.

As I said, "the absolute state of Holla Forums"

must have missed that?

oh please

implying that according to marx, the dprk isn't socialist is propaganda, especially since most people here don't actually study marx and might even believe you

nothing you wouldn't find on a liberal forum/news outlet. spreading misinformation is propaganda.

Read Jehu :

ye nice blog

Read it for real though, you seem to be possessed by an unhealthy fetish for manual work and red objects

you should read marx instead of bloggers user

By a sham election.

Why do you think I specifically mention the West. Yeah, I live in the West, I will not apologise for being born in the 1st world. And my surroundings matter to me. I feel for the workers all over the world, and it breaks my heart to hear of the conditions in the factories that enable the standard of liviing in the West but the thing is I cannot do anything about it. What I can do is organise in my community, seek out those who are like-minded and form networks and radicalise people I am in contact with.

You seem to be so angry that you can't express yourself clearly. Are you suggesting capitalism started with the French revolution? The pre-conditions for Capitalism existed before the French revolution, and it was the appearance of free labour that pretty much precipitated its emergence (read Marx's 'Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations'). So it doesn't matter that it wasn't established in the get-go, it was going to be established anyway. However, I don't think the same theory can apply now because capitalism has proven itself resilient, and if we look at the USSR and China their attempts at establishing Marxism-Leninism have all resulted in failed States and degenerated back to capitalism. The same can be said of Yugoslavia's 'market socialism'.

You're like a broken record.

Marxism's status as a 'science' is questionable. If anything it is a social science, like sociology or pscyhology. You can't claim it is as rigorous as a 'hard' science. If you were as well-read as you think you are you'd know that scientific theories go through changes as new phenomena is observed, or when it comes to a point when a theory no longer correctly predicts phenomena. So why cling to Historical and Dialectical Materialism of the Soviet Union which was an post-Marx invention?

I'm implying I will do everything in my power not to. The thing is, when I say you will LARP, I mean you will be one of those socialists who grit their teeth and wage-slave then go on the internet or to bars and talk about Lenin or revolutionary theory, all the while accomplishing nothing and living the same existence as every other capitalist. But you will /think/ different right? Definition of liberalism right there.

And yeah, I will rather get stoned in a squat, live in a commune (even if it is in a soc-dem country) but at least my immediate relationships and my immediate life will be the way I want it and no one will be stealing my surplus labour. I will live the way I want.

You personally did this just by reading? Wow, I must have been reading books wrong this whole time!

If you think that you don't have an imagination.

I've read enough. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin got power and then sought to eradicate all worker control and power from the Soviets and centralise it in the name of quick industrialisation. Oh yeah, there was also the issue with Kronstadt and Makhno, proving again that M-Ls hate freedom and just want control. USSR, whether you like it or not, ultimately failed. Instead of looking at it critically and thinking what we should do differently, you say try the same thing again, because it will work this time.

You are delusional.

And where did you get those numbers? From imperialist banks, because DPRK doesn't publish its numbers. I see how imperialist sources are OK when they suit your narrative.

I thought that was you making a joke. But clearly you don't have a sense of humour.


im not even gonna read the rest of your gibberish, you're a dumb philistine whose empiricist opinions mean as much to me as my dog's barks. dumb liberal

And you should use your neurons a little bit more instead of pretending to pass your eyes over some pieces of paper, because you seem to have forgotten that the goal of communism is to establish a stateless, moneyless and classless society, and that the 20th century is over.

Oh god, you are probably that sperg who replied in red and bold text to opinions that hurt your feelings in that psychoanalysis thread.


Do you have proof that it was a sham elections? Read this:
There is also a document from the International Parliamentarian Union from the 90s in the midst of the famine not reporting such a thing. The approval ratings of Kim Jong-un amongst defectors also suggest that the government would not need to resort to fraud.

They clearly won the stand-off with Trump. Are you denying that? They've achieved what every other target of imperialism couldn't within the last two decades, they have nukes now and are therefore unassailable. You may not like it, but that's what they've achieved. Do you think supporting a nuclear exchange in Asia including a genocidal war against Korea or whatever insane scenarios those psychopaths in the Pentagon cook up are less delusional?

I don't know why I try to respond to stuff that's posted when people seem to be unable to read my positions. I never dismiss an article for being "imperialist" or whatever. I look at the sources being used, and critically respond to them. If there is going to be a report about a prison camp from HRW, I recognize that HRW has an agenda and that the source used is a single defector living in the USA. I recognize that no HRW agent actually went to North Korea or visited a North Korean prison. Economic data however is reported by both North Korean and South Korean entities. Besides, the Bank of Korea has always understated North Korean growth. If it reports a growth rate of 3,1%, it's probably higher than that. The Hyundai Research Institute assumes a growth rate of about 9%.

There is also a qualitative difference between an academic source, such as 38North which is clearly anti-DPRK but less likely to post fraudulent information and resorts to a mere tone or interpretation, and hard imperialist outlets like the Washington Post which is owned by Jeff Bezos who has a 600 million dollar project with the CIA going. You can still find information about the DPRK from bourgeois researchers and and analysts, you just need to know where to look, how to look, and where the information is coming from. What reason do anti-DPRK outlets have to release pro-DPRK information?

Thirdly, looking at the infrastructural projects, new factory plants, factory refitting, visitor reports etc. we can assume that the North Korean economy is growing.

The fact that he got 100% of the vote says enough.

His name was the only name on the ballot and people had a choice to put Yes or No. He got a 100% yes.

Now use your powerful brain and try to critically examine this fact and tell us what does it suggest when there is literally no dissent in the country? That is if you want to take the number at face value and even accept it as the actual result.

Yeah, and how does that make Lenins analysis of…

Genuine question: Have you ever looked into the concept how proletarian democracy works? How an election is a failsafe of a reciprocal participative nomination process? Or do you just want two Korean Worker Parties where one is against abortion and the other one in favor of it?

How does a North Korean ballot look like? Have you seen it? If yes, please share it!

Read Debord, especially the fourth chapter of the SotS

Do you know the Marxist analysis of the state?

Which Marxist analysis ?
In any case, MLs have a terrible track record when it comes to "preparing the conditions for" abolishing the state. It's a powerful (I will give you that) but ultimately uneffective and outdated praxis, period.
Khrushchev has been buried by Yelstin and neoliberalism, and Lenin has been buried by revisionists because revisionism is the natural conclusion of ML.

That the state is an instrument of class struggle? How does Debord "debunk" that?

Communism - the abolition of the state - can only occur global or at least not as long as the main powers of the planet are still imperialist-capitalist. Do you want ML states to conquer everything? That reminds me of the thread where some people were blaming the USSR for not declaring war against the US and UK right after 1945. That's quite ridiculous.

Blaming ML states for setting up revisionism is also a bit dishonest, considering that no other project even came that far. If my house collapsed after I lived in it for 30 years it might have been shady construction which need to be improved for the future, but it's still better than someone who tried to build a house but stumbles and died once he puts the first brick on the ground. Also, you don't try to reinvent building a house the next time, rather you want to use better materials or tweek the construction here and there so it stays stable this time.

He doesn't. He just thought that the ML states of his time degenerated into dictatorships controlled sadly not by the proletariat, but a bureaucratic class who effectively replaced the bourgeoisie and falsely proclaimed itself to be part of the proletariat.
Again, read Debord, and start by the thesis #98 of the SotS until the end of the fourth chapter. It's pretty short m8.
The problem is when you build houses according to the same plan and only change the materials, but those houses either end up crumbling or barely hold up.
At some point, I believe it's better to just to hire the services of another architect to make you another plan.

All his information about the details and results of the election are from KCNA.

If HRW has an agenda, then KCNA definitely has one as well.

Yeah dude, totally.

Ever heard of confirmation bias? How can you not be self-critical and realise that anything that paints North Korea in a good light is 'correct' and 'true' to you.

You posted an archive link to an earlier time in the thread when you talk about the time you went to the DPRK. Someone asked you what their problems are and you were so dishonest your answer was pretty much to the effect of that they have no problems, they have no crime, everything is just as good or better than the rest of (rural) Asia. Pure fucking ideology.

[citation fucking needed]

So Kim jong-Un was nominated and selected by virtue of being the son of the last leader? Be serious.

I'd post where I read it, but you'd dismiss it as imperialist propaganda. And you're right, not knowing is the same as knowing everything is great.

You literally don't even want to dissolve the State. The State cannot be an instrument of class struggle because the State is the instrument with which class society is upheld. A hammer cannot smash itself.

When Marxists-Leninists took control of a State they used it to take power away from the soviets and worker councils and concentrate it in the party.

Reposting what the commie mods deleted plus extra:

Do you have a source that contradicts that, or proves that the elections are fraudulent? Again, I can't prove a negative. Do you think it's unrealistic for a country with a relative low GDP to have high growth rates? You'd be shocked when you see the growth rates of Ethiopia.

No, I simply look at the sources and what makes sense. If someone never saw a North Korean prison but writes extensively about it, I doubt it. When someone calculates all the economic data available, I think it looks legit. That's all. Did you never had a lesson about critical independent reading of newspaper articles in high school?

forgot flag

I don't know what to tell you, it looks staged to me. None of the machines look like they've every been used. You, yourself said they have an energy crisis. Where's all the energy to power all that stuff coming from?

Disingenuous. The 38north article doesn't corroborate any of the exploredprk articles, it talks about the conversion of an electric plant to burn coal. Which I believe.

Did he run a campaign or did they elect him because he's the son of the previous leader?

I guess we will have to agree that we disagree here (and I need to get some sleep tbh), but from what I know, bureaucrats didn't produce anything out of their own hands except paperwork. They supervised the production of goods unilaterally while not getting their hands dirty in factories and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in the best apartments of Moscow and Budapest, just like the bourgeoisie did in New York or all over the capitals of Western Europe.


you do it for free then? lmaoing @ ur life