I normally only browse here, but I just checked in on some pol shit and its fucking hilarious what they think "leftists" are. When a polyp envisions a "leftist" apparently he imagines some buzzfeed employee looking motherfucker with a camp/valley girl accent doing lunges while chanting "fuck mar a lago". In short, they basically think we're all kinds of #resist "normie" liberals from San Francisco or something. Maybe it's because most of them are nerds that actually look like the stereotype of a 'soyboy', and want to think their opponent is something even weaker. Do they just never get out in the real world? Do they honestly think every guy left of center is some sort of weak beta male? is it just projection?

TBH I've never met an actual leftist (socialist/commie, not liberal) that actually conformed to this stereotype, not saying they aren't out there but if I had to stereotype all the lefties (real lefties, not liberals) out there I've met, most have been:
How about you user? have you ever met an actual leftie (IRL) that actually conformed to the SJW/normie liberal that joined antifa because they bought the trump is literally hitler stereotype? or is this all just in the imagination from viral SJW videos?

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However, these people are almost always fleeting as they don't have the mental determination and capability to remain consistent leftists. The person I know who was a SJW stereotype, didn't last more than 3 months in the IWW when they on the flip of a coin, abandoned her kid, and moved to another state to be a full time raver.

And that's the extreme, usually these people don't last more than two meetings when you start talking about actual shit as it bores them.

Then again, I live in a rural area, it seems that in urban areas, the rejects can conglomerate into their own groups and sustain the nonsense.

yes thats the answer

there's your problem - the SJW liberal kind of people are a very large group and we should not ignore them.

keep in mind that they believe in that image of leftists as weak, pacifistic and effeminate, while simultaneously believing that leftists are bloodthirsty, psychopathic killers who immediately resort to violence when questioned and just love to start wars. anticommunism is a psychopathology; basically a mental illness; it's not rational or logical or subject to facts. in their minds, the leftist is at once bleeding-heart champion of the weak and merciless killer and torturer; rule-flouting freewheeler and inflexible authoritarian and bureaucrat; treehugging commune-dweller and rural-hating metropolitan; it goes on and on

read this post by rafiq and subtitute 'jew' with 'leftist' and you'll quickly see you're dealing with the same psychology. they are simply hateful and diseased liars who deserve nothing but death

I honestly don't get how soyboy caught on after this happened.

soyboy is an embarrassing insult, I guess Holla Forums had to settle on something new once they realized the hypocrisy of calling everyone cucks while jerking off to interracial cuckold porn.

Didn't it catch on before that? If not, then i'm also surprised it caught on.

I think it was around the same time. I can't say for certain, though.
I don't lurk Holla Forums as much as I use to.

for real when is pjw going to come out of the closet and start taking HRT? anything to get him and his drones to stop projecting about his sissy fetish

Same, but I stopped browsing Holla Forums after all the news of supposed bitcoin mining and other bs. didn't want to risk it

I met afew, back in my college days, but they were a tiny group out of many. Even young hippies were more numerous than them. Now when I take a stroll past my university, it's full of lanky, bearded guys, and entirely too many of them have fedores or other hipster accoutrements.

"Soyboy" was created by t_d. Seriously.

Really? kym says it's Holla Forums

Never mind me, just posting that which is obligatory

Fucking lel

You have to be brave and strong to start a revolution.
The Strong one can also be a woman or a gay. Masculinity and femminity are just spooks. This doesn't imply that you don't have to adhere to the "soviet socialist macho" stereotype, but that it's just not a problem the way you look to other people.
You only have to be able to address the real enemy, and be brave enough to arm yourself against it. that's the real issue.
Nonetheless i appreciate more the figure of the manly man who is manly and is not so insecure to fear that the other lifestyles are going to ruin his "manliness". The real Man protects the others, especially those who he feels are weaker than him, not fight against them because he fears that his balls may fall off. This is a leftist kind of Masculinity.

errata corrige: This is THE leftist kind of Masculinity

you should by now notice that the so called "redpill" is nothing else but republican propaganda. redpill as in red state.

The alt-right ofter are more likely to be soyboys. Which is good because it’ll make pillaging more fun.

I have a screencap somewhere of the supposed debut of the word on t_d, I'll try to find it but can make no guarantees. Also, KYM is nice but they don't get everything right. I know one or two old memes which I saw being born in a new dead forum which they attribute to Tumblr.

Yes. These people are the largest group and have no real ideology or ideas. There's a lot of media focus centered around these types as well.

I believe interracial and cuck stuff was more popular in American conservative areas than heavy liberal areas that had much more blacks roaming around.

'Masculine' and 'feminine' behaviour is related to hormones. Women are very unlikely to take a prominent role in a revolution since they're more risk averse than men overall due to lower testosterone.

back to Holla Forums please

yes, over a dozen US military bases in Syria. the one nation that is successfully fighting against the ISIS with the supposed low testosterone risk averse soldiers.

spot the reactionary

In the UK we have a lot of redlib students who chant "O Jeremy Corbyn" because of bollocks, but honestly we have far more working class lads who are backing him because they see through the shit and realise things are fucked. Webm related: Adorno would be proud of that proletarian culture.

Women are the backbone of all political economy, the household is where society is reproduced, literally. Female revolutionaries are essential, being revolutionary doesn't have to mean being Robespierre, even if I wanna marry a female Robespierre

You've fallen for a CIA psyop.

Unfortunately very much so yes. Im from big east coast US city Philadelphia and so many of the """leftists""" we get are from the same crowd gentrifying the city, urbanite and college liberals moving in from the suburbs. Some of them are well intentioned and I even consider a few friends but theyre overwhelmingly the awful snobbish stereotype and my friends and I (all genuinely poor working families from the city) have had our supposed comrades chide us and look down their noses at us for little more than I guess being straight males with the cruder sensibilities that working class people have. We'll call the dickheads in suits moving into the city and pushing out poor people to own and frequent fuckin artisanal yogurt emporiums where we used to live, we'll call them pussies and similarly innocuous vulgarities, and these fucking pussies who are supposedly our comrades in support of the working class, who are so sympathetic to the negative conditioning of queer and black/brown people (as they should be, dont get me wrong), cant be bothered to think for a fucking second that policing crudeness is a classist position coming directly out of their bourgeois protestant moralism.

Fuck it makes me mad

Its not all bad, there has been some very positive organizing like the Philadelphia Tenants Union and Philly Coalition For Real Justice and they have a ton of potential. Funny enough those are majority black groups where myself and my other poor white friends were much better understood and sympathized with. Who woulda fucking thought poor people make better leftista what a surprise. I want Fred Hampton back so bad friends



They're an illegal proxy force and literal US troops, Bookchin was a zionist and an imperialist, read earwulf, red kahina, and jamahiriya news

get fucked

Bookchin was implicitly zionist and imperialist though.

I mean yes everyone knows Kobane was the insertion point for the CIA in Syria.

cheers but no thanks

literally yes you dumb fucking zionist, if you call yourself a leftist while supporting imperialism you're a dumb burger

That doesn't make them cool. People with who can't control their anger are pieces of shit that deserve no friends. If you had experience with them you would agree.

No I have just followed this civil war from the start: I saw the CIA infiltrate the FSA and then those FSA units turn into Daesh. I also saw those FSA units attack the kurdish regions and the kurds found the YРG.
Don't fucking try me on the Syrian civil war lad, I was in it from the start.

i didnt say they were cool, in fact thats why i dont associate with them any more. But im just saying, they aren't radlibs like Holla Forums thinks

Mate, I'm just surprised they didn't say you were perpetuating sexist stereotypes by calling people pussies.