Daily News Thread 1/16

Nine charged for giving food to homeless in California

Nine people in California have been charged after they handed out food to the homeless, violating a rule about sharing food in public places.

Apple Supplier Workers Describe Noxious Hazards at China Factory

At a Catcher Technology Co. manufacturing complex in the Chinese industrial city of Suqian, about six hours’ drive from Shanghai, workers stand for up to 10 hours a day in hot workshops slicing and blasting iPhone casings for Apple Inc., handling noxious chemicals sometimes without proper gloves or masks.

Japan Broadcaster Joins Hawaii in Issuing False Missile Alert

Japanese national broadcaster NHK issued a false alert about a North Korean missile launch, adding to questions about the reliability of early-warning systems after a similar incident in Hawaii.

North Korea accuses Donald Trump of being a 'spasm of a lunatic'

North Korea has hit back at US President Donald Trump after he made claims about the size of his nuclear button.

Trump Tells Xi U.S. Trade Deficit With China ‘Not Sustainable’

President Donald Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping that the growing U.S. trade deficit with China isn’t sustainable, the White House said in a statement Tuesday.

Homeland Security Secretary Says Profanities Were Exchanged in Trump Meeting

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Tuesday that numerous people used profanities in an impassioned Oval Office meeting on immigration last week but she didn’t recall President Donald Trump using a specific vulgarity to refer to Haiti and African nations.

Sanders Says Trump Isn’t Racist, Citing ‘The Apprentice’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said claims that President Donald Trump is racist are “outrageous,” citing his success as a public figure and his star turn on television as a host on NBC’s reality show “The Apprentice.”

Wall Street executive sworn in to replace Gov. Christie

A former Wall Street executive and Obama administration diplomat was sworn in as New Jersey’s governor Tuesday, replacing Republican Gov. Chris Christie and returning full control of state government to Democrats.

Debt fears for poorer households

A third of the lowest-income households in Britain have loans and credit card debts that outstrip the assets they hold, research has found.

Milo Yiannopoulos falls for fake news story about male cervical smear tests live on air

Far-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos has fallen for a fake news story, taking to YouTube to rant about a “landmark case” that will now (apparently) force the National Health Service (NHS) to offer cervical smear tests to men.

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Hooray a neoliberal American exceptionalist who already retreated on legalizing cannabis. But hey at least his lieutenant governor is a union-busting KWAEEN WoC 🙌🙌🙌


Who cares about milo anymore, he's irrelevant


US backing of over a dozen US military bases in Syria border guards could prolong Syria war for years

The US may think a new strategy backing the Kurds in Syria with 30,000 border guards will settle old scores. In fact, it might push Turkey’s relations with Russia beyond breaking point. And who exactly are these ‘new recruits’?

Fujitsu workers to strike as company dismisses chair of Unite union

Ian Allinson, Chair of Unite in Fujitsu UK, a socialist and rs21 member, was dismissed on Friday 12 January as part of a “redundancy” process that has targeted union activists. Ian was the fourth of six Unite members to be dismissed while fighting these “redundancies” at Fujitsu. We talked to Ian about the situation and the next steps for the campaign.

Carillion Collapse Will Leave Taxpayers With Big Bills, Produce Knock-On Failures; Shows Danger of “Public/Private Partnerships”

A first look at the implications of the failure of Carallion, a top UK infrastructure firm and provider of outsourced services to governments


Bannon Is Subpoenaed in Mueller’s Russia Investigation


Bannon walks out of the House Intelligence Committee right into Mueller's investigation. What a crazy time.

Fuckin RIP Steve

This whole administration is such a dream like clusterfuck. Everything is working under dream logic right now, it's nightmarish.

It's fun to appreciate just how far he's fallen since GG.

Breitbart and its staff present and former, have turned into some unraveling fucking Aesop Fable


You never see just one bad bitch…they move in packs 💦💦🍆🍆🍑🍑

What am I looking at here?

Steve Bannon being escorted by men fatter and redder than him, somehow. An American entourage

Let this nightmare never end. HAHAHAHAHA!


The House Investigation is just theatrics. They're looking for dirt on Clinton and ways to disparage the FBI. They'll let Bannon off easy.

The GJ subpoena, however, is serious business.

what stage of capitalism is this

"Let them eat cake"

Retirement crisis: 37% of Gen X say they won't be able to afford to retire


And just because he's human, he wants to retire in peace…

wtf i love capitalism now

Didn't think the economic collapse would happen this early in the year.

Remember Trump touting about how everyone should just have a fucking 401k lmao


You wonder about the financial illiterates or people with false confidence who think they'll be able to retire but won't.

I've been studying the current drama with the upcoming government shutdown. What a clusterfuck.

Trump is sabotaging his own efforts.

Real talk: I know quite a few gen Xers who have gone all in on crypto because of this. Really shitty situation.

Congress has around a 3% approval rating even now. Lower than 10%.

Lawmakers see shutdown’s odds rising


It should be illegal for any president to speak this fucking jolted. It's so god damn annoying.

What is wrong with these people? It's the largest military by funding in the world without challenge, how the fuck is it rebuilding?

Trump ordered it to be even bigger lol

The feudal stage?

He's acting like the military is Germany between the 2 world wars when it had almost no military.

Drain the social safety net of the little it had left, expand the military and the options it provides for a social safety net, and make it more and more robust.

Trump is basically expanding the military's funding as the "actual country".

This has been the rallying cry from the GOP for years and years now.

War soon lads.

War with who? This army they're building is one for Invaded a fucking Super Power.


Iran probably

It all comes down who is going to get the blame for the shutdown.

The GOP defense hawks have been wanting a big military spending bill for a while now. They're actually a big factor in why the GOP can't trust their own party, since they want their gun money.

fuck off


for sure
this shit is going to come tumbling down
and I'm not very optimistic about what will happen when it does

How about Korea? or Syria?


No one. We got to give those defense contractors big paychecks.

New California declares "independence" from rest of state


Need the NCR for kek's sake

Many pundits considered it odd that Mueller issued this subpoena, but today we found out why.

Bannon isn't answering jack.

The House Intelligence Committee just issued more subpoena's against Bannon, as since he didn't answer any questions in citing "executive privilege". Trump told Bannon to keep his mouth shut.

Bannon's juat a street nigga

So the we are getting another Kentucky?

Chinese agency Dagong cuts U.S. sovereign ratings to BBB+ from A-

no, due to nukes and the real possibility that the US would openly lose

not gonna happen unless they get the Russians to leave

So many people are so confident that the US would easily beat NK, despite their large military and militia. Guess burgers just repeat what they've been told and hear on media.

How long can he legally keep his mouth shut for before this turns into "impeding an investigation" territory?

Fucking clowns.

It's never going to come of anything, and they'll make him a martyr if they actually manage to find some minor infringement.

They'll catch them all on Obstruction of Justice and Money Laundering probably.

That is for gen X.

Have fun dumping stuff in a 401k when retirement age just keeps rising and rising. Especially in Europe, if you're gen Z, retirement age is probably 75 for you.

He also uses twitter (280 characters, used to be 140) to communicate these kind of messages. Can't he use video or write something substantial to communicate rather than shitty twitter? He comes across as an idiot this way, not sure if he realizes that.

Seems like he wants to fix social issues through economic growth which means less unemployment, salary increases. This along with tax cuts do help USA out a lot.

Nope the us constitutional says that no new state can be formed from an existing state with out consent from the states legislature,
TLDR they would need permission to leave

That's the Russian story American news agencies are going so crazy about still to this day as far as I'm aware.

My comment was mostly from how they want to effectively kick out all the population centers to become a shell of a state run by idiot right wingers with almost no population kinda like Kentucky

The Supreme Court ruled that Executive Privilege does not extend to criminal cases. Bannon will have to testify before the Grand Jury or plead the fifth.

Looking at the map they would still get Orange County, and San Diego as cities, they would also get the Central Valley (the USA’s most productive winter farmland), those three enough would not make it Kentucky tier

The bo prolly took it off, so people wouldn’evade bans. (Sage for off topic)


This, they're going to hammer them with this, especially Trump and Kushner

He's ban evading after spamming and shitposting. You can post with a vpn.

What do you mean they don't work? Hotspot Shield appears to work. As far as to why they would be banned, i assume to lower shitposting amounts.

Pic Related

His one flaw in logic there is that we just don't care

Some of our users live in country where being communist is illegal, they need Vpns

Good news! You can post with them!

I just mean /lefypol/ is generally apathetic about that stuff except for the small amount that it affects

fucked up that BO supports imperialism by preventing communists from talking to other communists.

I was addressing the fact that the guy wouldn’t care (I’m glad vpns aren’t banned

Look at this piece of shit.

Fucking hilarious.

These are just porky farmers aren't they?

San Diego is almost 50/50 repubilcan tho Democrats, Orange County looking has at least 3 out of 5 republican city council officers (the other two don’t have a wikipage so don’t Know)
SAN Jose is fairly Democrat tho ( dem mayor, and dem state senators

Why do Burger conservatives insist on using this sort of antiquated language?

it's just republicans buttmad that California votes democrat.

trying to invoke muh founding fathers most likely.

What the fuck is going on in the US? That's a state isn't it…not a territory?

The rate of profit is shrinking and the small time porkies are starting to get really fucking stressed out and are slowly realizing that Trump doesn't really care about them or even the economy at large. Their great white god is dead.

odd question but anyone know if this is going to lead to extreme gerrymandering in the new california or is it just everywhere that votes Red?

please for the love of the MOP keep it off the board, it's theater.

It isn't unprecedented. West Virginia split off from Virginia, but those were pretty extraordinary circumstances.


Kekiddy kek have fun dealing with the immigration issues.

But then they would have nothing to bitch about :D:D:D

Wait question, which side would Silicon Valley be on?

30% of Americans think they'll become millionaires within their lifetime: huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/19/millionaires-in-us_n_969787.html
20% think they will become millionaires in the following 10 years: huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/19/millionaires-in-us_n_969787.html

Reminder that many trumpetes thought he would not only not attack any country, but would actually freeze or even shrink the bloated MIC budget.

user pls, only very rarely has America punched within its own weight. Remember, the bald eagle lives mostly on carrion and stolen food.

Quite the opposite, actually. The hypernormal is the faux-reality the ruling classes write and foist upon us. What was bound to happen, and just did now thanks largely to Trump, is that the narrative has become too complex, they lost control of it, and we're all at its mercy. Consider it an unexpected outbreak of emergence theory. The fiction is writing reality now.

Nah, they don't have the ability to launch a nuke all the way to the continent ye, and the sites that can launch a nuke at all are no doubt very, very few. A surprise decapitation attack would neutralize their nuclear capacity.

Dunno, it wouldn't be an easy victory, but I think it would be easier than a Middle Eastern sandbox or Vietnam. North Korea seems to have only regular armies and no guerrilla armies, and high number of infantry doesn't matter much when Murka is absurdly ahead in technology.

South Korea, on the other hand, would get leveled.

Seriously, out of all the signs that he's a dim bulb, his grammar and vocabulary are the most undeniable. I know it's overused nowadays, but Trump really is a perfect example of the worst end of the Dunning-Kruger curve. He's too stupid to realize he's stupid. And I recall seeing trumpets go "hey he's a billionaire you don't become that rich without being really smart".

Well gee I wonder why.

Shut the fuck up.

Mostl of it in Oldfornia.

Kek, this entire venture is doomed from the start.
Also btw San Diego is a sanctuary city: so like fuck would it join Newfornia.