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How did you even get an interview like that if you dropped out and have no experience? It is amazing they even called you in.

I want to fuck Tomoko

That's shitty my dude… Though interviews can be really stressful - I've seen people with a lot more experience (on paper at least) completely bomb them when it comes to setting up the absolute basics of a project, because most of the time that you spend working on code will be managing stuff that's already made and running, and you're just adding something or tweaking a feature. Creating something from scratch happens pretty rarely in most jobs.

In this case you were looking to start an MVC (asp.net) project. In VS, it would be New Project > Templates > Visual C# > Web > ASP.NET Web Application.

If you're looking for other jobs like that read through this doc.


I started programming with basically no experience as well. MVC projects are basically all I've worked on for the last couple years. That guide (or maybe the MVC 4 version of this guide) is where I started, and if you already know some JS you're already ahead of where I was back then.

In any case, good luck out there user. Software dev. is the only thing that's kept me out of the retail and tech support hells I came from.

I have experience with freelancing with small JS/PHP web apps. They are looking for junior. I would wrote whole app if I knew how to use Visual Studio ;_;

Figuring out how to start a C# project shouldn't take more than 30 minutes even if you never used Visual Studio. I it even has built-in help. I don't want to sound too harsh but I can completely understand why you dropped out.

I guess I'm kinda' curious too - did you have an internet connection while working on this, either on your mobile or on the device itself?

No one develops without Stack Overflow and access to documentation, so it would be pretty shitty if they just left you in an office with VS up and no way to check anything online, especially for what I'm assuming is a more entry-level position. I mean I know places do that, but it doesn't emulate actual development conditions at all.

I dropped out because I assembler teacher was fucker and I couldn't learn theory despite the fact my praxis part of exam was among bet in class. And yes, it's not that hard, all I had to do was click new project-> .net framework->blank project and, where I fucked up was that I didn't know that I had to right click project name->new [something]->[something]. To hell with this shit.

I had internet acess. I was googling like never before.


Well OP it just looks like not being able to keep calm didn't allow you to think straight which is pretty normal. At least you must have learned something.



Why leave out that detail and instead lie and say no experience? This is why I don't listen to people when they give me advice, they take so much of their own shit for granted.

Yes, I have learned a lot actually. It will help me to find another job, but I'm still down for not having this one.

I had profs that had a reputation for being absolute motherfuckers, turns out in most cases students just like to blame their teachers for their own faults.

Universities are for education, not training.

The best programmers I know in person don't have CS degrees.

I don't have a CS degree.

It's just what gets you past HR at most places - but if you can show that you've worked on some tangible product in the past that will put you ahead of a lot of people in the queue. Depends on where you're applying.

I've heard of people who will circumvent HR's qualification filters by learning the IT director or CTO's company email (because they usually follow a pretty standard convention and you can find their name on Linkedin) and will basically send them their resume saying that they expect to be filtered out by HR because of not having a degree despite having the experience needed to do the job. Something to keep in mind for the future because those HR filters are harsh for people who dropped out for whatever reason.

I didn't lie. I would rather work in factory than continue working with PHP.

PHD student which haven't done a day of useful labor in his life

Enjoy becoming obsolete in less than a decade.

That is interesting tip, thank you comrade!

The absolute state of phd students. but I would probably turn into same mothefucker like you if I stayed there

OP you need to post three (3) more tomokos before you can receive Holla Forums's sympathy

I'm not a PhD student, though. They wanted me to stay but I refused.


The family already controlled so much capital the government tells them to spend money so they don't lose money on tax and our family had to struggle with mortgages and actually living and medical costs and going off and dying in ww2, where as they just get rent off of everything and huge amounts of surplus profit.

Come on user, CS is like the easiest professional field to get a job without a degree. You literally can't step foot a chem lab or an areospace lab without one in their respective fields. If you're as good a programmer as you're saying, go contribute to some github projects and make some stupid self-writing database and put them on your resume. Either spend all your time learning a hot new meme language (Go, Rust) that are in demand or learn a legacy language (COBOL, FORTRAN) and try to vulture out a cushy maintenance job from some retiring boomer. If you're really desperate get an A+ cert and get a job pretending to get rid of viruses at your local stripmall computer store.

tfw mathematics

how fitting…

What family?


OP, just follow the advice in

I have, and it's no excuse to fail a course.

You don't need to be a PhD student (I'm still doing undergrad myself) to know what the purpose of an university is and always has been: an institution for education and research, and not a degree expending machine as many people see it these days - even if it's due to the family's expectations, or because pretty much any decent job asks for higher education. It is of course an institution currently in hands of the bourgeoisie, just as it always has been in hands of the dominant classes, but the knowledge that results from academic activity is as important to us, as leftist intellectuals are important for the revolution, meaning that even PhDs who have never worked a day in their lives shouldn't be immediately shit on.

Any user currently in education should strive to learn as best as possible because the revolution will need us eventually.

Some rich one, their not famous by any means.

Read the job spec next time. If C# wasn't in the spec then be glad you didn't get it.

Feels bad man

This isn't /wagecuck/ general?

Anyways, who else here's too dumb for Uni, precariously employed, and suicidal?

I got through Uni but now I got the debt.
If my boss knew how much I shitpost I'd probably be fired, so that's a little bit precarious.
Suicidal? Not too much, at least not today. I don't hate life, I hate the fact that I'm forced to waste most of it in an office just for the privilege of not starving to death or being killed on the streets for my shoes.

This is true even if you're homesteading or self-employed, user. You can't just sit on a couch and shitpost and have people expend their labor to provide you with food.

it is. I just managed to bait every coder on Holla Forums

What the hell have they expected from junior? Senior-level skills with payment expectations of junior?

I know, I was just trying to insult that guy. I always recognized importance of theoretical research, which is why I attended best uni in my republic and failed. On other hand, now doors to almost every university in europe are opened to me, or I can get degree in a year in some less prestigious one, which is what I will probably do.

w-what is this?
We used Go a little back in school, but I don't even write it into my resume because I never seen company in my city which would ask for it.
Yes, this is what I will learn for the sole purpose to act superior in front of friends. But I doubt I would be able to find job with that stuff.Just like haskell, which sent me into very deep depressions when I was trying to learn it, and now it is good only for
What is this?
This sounds like job for highscholers or 50+ proles.

Yesterday I sent my CV to 5 more companies, I have one interview next week thanks to that so far, I might get more tomorrow. And big guy also sent me an email. He told me that despite my failure back at Tuesday I can recreate an app as I had to in office and show it to him on Wednesday and he will reconsider my application. Is this bourgeois with human face Zizkek keeps talking about?
>tfw big guy ask you to create an app which might get you low-paying job in return

That's a fair point. I have done some gardening and a fair amount of hunting and it would be an ass-load of work to do enough of that to survive all year on that.

That being said, being in an office doing abstract computer work while sitting down all day takes a physical and mental toll on a person. It's why a lot of tech people burn out, I think.

The unfortunate reality is that it will take me years to get to the point where I'm actually able to start homesteading, though that is an end-goal of mine. Between student loans and acquiring property I'm looking at what will probably be almost two decades of office work just have my own place with a plot large enough to grow food.

Time spent working hard on your own land to feed yourself and your family doesn't feel 'wasted' in the same way that sitting through a meeting (that everyone knows is pointless and an intentional waste of time) at work, I guess was my main point here.

That's the actual expectation. The ideal is of course expert-level skills and no payment :^)


That is how I call very inefficient food growing.

In which part of the world do you live in? Living completely off the land is not easy, and require you to basically became kulak. It might be easier in US, I have seen some youtuber which makes nice income from land thanks to high price of food there.

It's also my plan btw. I plan to plant about two dozen fast growing trees on my parent's estate this spring so I would know if it's really possible to turn them into free heating in a few years. I also plan to invest most money I earn from wageslaving into some land and plant fruit trees there, so I would have year-round free supply of fruits for myself.

It's a community garded so every patch is for a different person

I wouldn't do it, they'll probably not really reconsider and if they do they'll certainly lowball you on payment

highly depends where you live, decent farmland and regions for growing are mostly bought up by Agribusiness or groups of farmers that band together and rent their land out to said Agribusinesses

Looking to get into programming and coding, what are good beginner sources, anons?

I'm in the semi-rural northern US. I'd move a bit further into the woods when I can finally get some land.

There are some people around here who don't do too badly selling their farmed goods locally. We're in a place that actually has a small local honey scene and a bunch of community gardens, which is kinda' cool to see. But yeah, jams and other preserves sell pretty well to tourists I hear - and fresh produce always sells decently at farmers markets.

My hope is that after the next economic crash in the US that I'll be able to get some property at a lower price. If things get bad enough here I'll just live in a van or camper or something on the property, but getting away from high-ass rent is a big priority for me right now.

I hope your future fruit trees are healthy and bountiful!

user, what do you know of the life and works of Ted Kaczynski?

Literally in the same boat tbh
Spent 4 years at an out of state school (wanting to see more than rural pennsylvania) and graduated with a BS in Psych.

About as useless as a philosophy degree, unless you get a masters and even then, its useless to comparable masters.

Only jobs Im eligible for are non-profit group homes, rehab centers and day programs. 50% of the day is spent in the office while the other 50% is spent care-taking for actual retards.

Pay is ridiculously horrible. Legal responsibility is relatively high (shit-ton of regulations). Can't strike or effectively unionize because no one would watch the retards and that would constitute "abuse and neglect".

Meanwhile, the board of directors (who are almost always family members of the executive) make 3 figures a year while most everyone is getting a good 10/ hour and we're constantly told that a raise can't happen because of "state funding".

Should also add that everyone is too depressed and burnt out to bother complaining. Finally getting out of the field on Monday though.

I've watched at least two documentaries about him over the years, though I must confess that while I'm aware that there's a Kaczynski thread active right now that I've never sat and read his work.

Dude was brilliant. I can say that much with confidence. One of the docs. I watched went into detail about how the forensic investigators worked to determine the materials he was using for his explosives. They were highly unconventional, if I remember right, which is part of what gave LEO so much trouble - dude was the poster child of unconventionality.

Is there some material of his that you think every homesteader should read, or something?

feels good tbh, even if I'm going to get stuck on in-call for a year

Get into forestry work nerds

shit is peaceful


Yeah I thought about doing that while I was still employed. Are you working as a harvester, a planter, silviculture?

If they did not want to reconsider it, why would they ask me to recreate that app?
I already asked for less (before taxes) than my friend gets wageslaving in factory (after taxes). There is not much room for them to squeeze me.

Can you define "decent farmland"? I have very little experience in farming (gained only from growing up in european village), but it seems like to me that only "problem" you can have with land (if we ignore stuff like weather conditions) is too hard soil and having to buy more fertilizer.

I wish you only the best. But keep in mind that you will still need kapital after economic crash to buy land. And tools. And food to sustain yourself until harvester comes. It's really hard to became a kulak, but it's maybe the most rewarding job you can have.

Pic related is stuff I would like to play with when I became better well-off - my dream is to find a way to maximize production using minimal human labour while looking for ways how to combine permaculture garden with robotic "labour".

I sincerely envy you.

user, did you drink and get laids at-least? Tell me you had a fun time at university?

Probably. Unless you're a writer or something, but then you'd also have to contend with the useless english grads.

Take solace in knowing that nearly all liberal arts degrees are of varying levels of uselessness.

Considering the minimum for PA is $7.25 You have a good deal.

I have a feeling it was to do with the distance since I don't drive and the job was in a town south of the city.

No. Its the sign of a manager who isn't an arse.

A whopping $2.75 more. I should consider myself so blessed.

made an autistic reee liberals argument. other than that he was good.

Try to create a website.



Get the retards to join the picket line

No resources which could not be easier found on web
Actually interesting stuff, will look closer into that. But probably nothing for noob which wants to learn to code
See above. Interesting stuff for a little more experienced person. But thanks for sharing. I will definitely download some of that stuff.

Nobody is too dumb for anything.

They probably gave you another chance because of the recommendation.

My advice would be to just pick a book that looks good and has okay reviews and stick to it until you finish it. Don't try to find the best book or the best programming language for beginners, just choose one that seems attractive. Then work on it every day until you finish it.

My day was good today. Finished my shite programming internship (read "do this project with no guidance or tutoring from the company") and right now basking in the sun on the beach. Going on holiday tomorrow.

This. Maybe the style of reaching just does not suit you. I only really use my bachelor's course for a framework of what to do and to keep a little bit of deadlines and routine in my learning. I have only learned one useful thing in school in the past 1.5 years, the rest is all my own work.

No, I was friendless and no one would talk to me.

Oh yes, I drank heavily and had a lot of weird kinky sex with a few weird kinky people.

I'd probably do it again. Was a great time. Wasn't worth 60k, but it was a good time.

My wife swears by Learn C# The Hard Way as a good starter book for programmers. I don't know about that one but she likes it.

I personally recommend Violent Python. It was the first coding book I really worked with after going through Code Academy's Python modules (python was the first language I learned) and it helped me better understand with what I was actually doing with the language and what I could do with it.

Before you work professionally as a coder it is kinda' hard to visualize WHAT you will actually be DOING with your coding, and Violent Python made that make more sense for me, because I was building some somewhat useful infosec/network analysis tools with it.