My friend said that these are "illegal soviet union pins",are these legit?

my friend said that these are "illegal soviet union pins",are these legit?
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depends on where you live


Then you're fine. If you lived in like Ukraine: then they would be illegal.
Also btw, the badge says "Glory to the Soviet Army"; meaning it is from after 1946.

I have a lenin keychain

Like he said, these aren't illegal in Murka, nor in most of the world for that matter. As to legitimacy, I confess I never saw these designs before, but I figured the ones on the blue cardboard looked like branch insignias, and managed to find some of them, but not all. The rest could belong to other countries, or be older Soviet designs, or be just plain fabrications.

Some of your insignias don't seemt o be in any chart. On the one hand, none of the charts I found seem to be complete – notice how none of them seems to have the tank insignia in the center-right of your 2nd pic, yet it's present in my 5th pic. They might also be older Soviet designs, or belong to other commie countries. on the other hand, the fact that all 9 seems to form a neat set despite maybe being from different epochs and countries, their pristine state and the fact that the one in the center is supposed to be silver, not golden (at least according to my 3rd pic), leads me to think they're not legit. Sorry.

As for the pins, the ones with Lenin and Mao look like decorations to me, tho the Lenin one seems worn out enough and to be a design unusual enough to have been made in the USSR, so there's a good chance it's legit. About the Mao one, pins featuring his profile were ubiquituous back in his China, and they were made in an infinitude of varying details, just GIS "mao badge" and you'll see the variety. I suppose it's possible that yours is legit, as the enamel protects the effigy from wear, but these badges are still manufactured by the ton and sold as knick-knacks, so chances are it's fake. Incidentally, the writing says "serve the people".

The hammer and sickle one looks obviously like a medal, and some searching indicates that it was one of a set of a commemorative anniversary medals awarded to veterans depending on service branch and such.

Between the visible wear on your medal, the rather low amount of its kind I've seen online while searching, and the fact that the chain thing would make it much less likely for it to be reproduced by random manufacturers – if you're going to make a knock-off, it's much easier to make a one-piece pin, after all – makes me think that one is legit.

Oh yes, caveat emptor: I know nothing about militaria beyond what I have gleamed from history books and articles, what I've said here were layman's deductions.

Also, here's a big fan of Mao badges.

just another reason for ukraine to not be an independent country

I have a band directers badge

we could move this thread from Soviet militaria to general Soviet stuff? pic related, my mid 70s (I think) Komandirskie

I have heard that soviet clocks are better than other because they are the fastest. Is that true?

jokes aside mine runs slow, loses about a minute every 2 days, it used to randomly stop until you hit it, but seems to be fine now
but at £30 it was affordable for a mere prole like me, never needs new batteries, and is more fun than a plastic slave child watch

Where'd you get it?

I've got this two little fellas on my backpack

eBay, off a ukranian seller. it came with a nasty fake leather strap but I bought a new NATO strap for it which is a bit ironic i guess

That's pretty slick, where'd you get that?

are you fucking kidding m8? There's a 15 foot tall statue of Lenin in Seattle…

My brother was in the us army and he brought it home for me as a gift. I forget which part of europe its from but it starts with a K and sounds complicated. Maybe Kazakhstan.

I must not fall for obvious bait
I must not fall for obvious bait

What makes you think its bait? My brother is in the army and im a secret closet commie living in texas.

How very American of you

I dont know if it was kazikstan, i forget.

Do you maybe mean Kosovo?
It's the only country in Europe that starts with a K. Kazakhstan is an Asian country. Also Kosovo had a war the amerimutts were involved in.

Or maybe it was a small town, i remember eeki being in the name.