The TRUTH about the Red Scare By Alex's Jones

So one of Alex Jones's Lackeys (Not PJW) made a Video on the Red Scare Periods

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This is why authoritarian socialism is required. We will need to exterminate these people, both publicly and brutally. They need to realize that their time is over. God (through his dialectic) has made it so.


It's a variation of pic related

I love how right-wingers are now brazenly parroting fascist propaganda.

The petite bourgeoisie are shrinking in size and relevance in the west. This shit is only going to get worse.

We just need SuccDems to court them, and we're officially back at square one.

this but unironically

The first one is my favorite paul


I'll listen to it and type my thoughts.
I already want to die.
He is literally Imperialist
I fuckin' wish
Pure Ideology
I don't understand how they still believe this entry level rightist propaganda without someone telling them it's BS
this, but ironically
I don't see a problem with that
I hate PJW's voice so much.

I can't wait for my suggested videos feed to be filled with this garbage.


Who is this guy anyway?


I can barely make it through 2 minutes of this video because of the way this guy speaks.
Same thing with prison paul it's as if his audience is made up of children and they need to slow down there speaking time and say everything overly loudly.

Some British cuckold who appears on the Alex Jones show.

use incognito mode. These garbage videos probably aren't age restricted.
Watching one caused me to see Crowder, on my feed for a fucking week. It's absurd how many videos they produce. All while not saying anything new other than: "MUH BIIIG GUBBERMIND XDDD" and "LIBRULZ ARE GOMMIEZ XDDD".

I really wish I lived in this guy's fantasy world, where Markcist-Gommunizt-Sochalizm is the leading world ideology, and Markcist-Gommunizt-Sochializts controll all media, and every single University.

Use youtube+ or greasemonkey script iridium, they both feature a blacklisting function which makes youtube a much less cancerous site to use.


if the OP isn't using hooktube, you should sage

Saying that people who have different ideas than you have a "virus" is more Orwellian than most things I can think of.

And then they'll whine about libs disagreeing with them and call it "wrongthink" or something (instead of thoughtcrime because they're fucking illiterate imbeciles)

Low hanging fruit, the man is a retard. I think people only watch him for entertainment value.

Considering Alex Jones his 'thoughts' he means to say that communism is a globalist plot for a world government where a small globalist elite have all the wealth and might. The proletariat would just be equalized and kept under control.

The people who believe the above paragraph can't understand that communism means that the workers should own the means of production. Thus the above vision would never be correct. Communist Russia never adhered much to communist ideology itself, it called itself a 'dictatorship of the proletariat', yet it was just a plain dictatorship that kept everyone on the same barely livable salary.

I personally don't use cookies and don't save browser history.

This is definitely not true, read a book. The Soviet Union had stratified pay scales, sometimes worse than that in the west, it's a meme and outright falsehood that the Soviet Union paid everybody the same.

Every suburban small business tyrant in America takes his basic ideas as gospel, if you don't think Alex Jones is a material force in America you're completely mistaken. Fucking Fox News has been trying to jack his style to get their viewerbase back.