MRN Live Stream: Using the N-Word

One of Jason's buddies dropped TWO n-bombs during his livestream, and Jason NEVER called him out for it, yet he'll call out Muke for doing so when it's convenient for him:

30:22 - first n-bomb
52:25 - second n-bomb

Jason Unruhe exposed as a deceitful hypocrite.

Fuck off Muke.

Of all the days to drop an n-bomb, MLK day - really?

Daily reminder Roo continually BTFOs all of his opponents.

Good, we don't need pseudo-intellectual Hegelian drivel. Fuck philosophy, Marxism ended philosophy.

Damn, I gotta admit that the Roo is Trump-tier when it comes to coining insulting nicknames and that's actually a compliment.

Jason isn't consistent? You don't say!

Reported the video for "hateful or abusive content." I advise you all to do the same. This is beyond disgusting and paints the left in a bad light.

Doesn't Roo need only one more flag before his channel gets zucc'd?

All the more reason to flag it down.

Spotted the red liberals. Also stop white knighting for muke. He's saving his loose boy pussy for gay marriage now.

Commie Christ-fag GTFO.


I could almost believe Unruhe actually wrote it.


Jason would be super triggered.

I reported him. You got extra luck on me.

SRS/goons/whatever you people are, please leave.


Moar liek daddy bear and twink.

Who cares?

Put your fucking flag back on Christcom

Yeah, who cares what a bald, obscurantist, aids-infected, PoMo Frenchie thinks?

hahaha all I see on the Unroo article is "nuh-huh nuh-huh". Zero intellectual capacity here.

Who cares about Muke? Both he AND Roo are numbskulls who use ghostwriters.


jason is a faggot. some house negro told him it's cool if he starts calling him nigger, so he thinks he's exempt from being called racist over saying nigger.

that said, xexizy is a faggot fuckboy as well if he thinks he can yell nigger on fucking twitter.
there is a time and place, for example imageboards where there is no personality attached to the posts and everyone is a nigger and a faggot or whatever else.

Also - is this an America thread?
I hate America!

which video?

you and me both my nigga

Jason will only call out someone when it suits him. He has ZERO principles and is gutless.

Any time someone complains about an ML making leftism "look bad" they are almost always an Amerifat.

Please keeps e celebs on /leftytrash/

Almost anytime someone defends Roo it's a European……..

I would pay money to see that porno.

we had threads and comments about "take down X" from the beginning of times, this shit will come up anywhere you go, don't delude yourself into believing otherwise, newfag


i'm slavic, i can say it, don't put your white guilt on me, american slave holder kid
my people were enslaved by yours too, what do you think ww2 was about you twat?


both is just as ridiculous as pretending outrage over someone writing "nigger" on the internet and playing language police, the extend of this faggotry and where it leads to is shown in the OP

words aren't the issue, it's the substance behind it. instead of calling fuckboy a "racist" call him a retard and move on.
fuck that hypocritical bullshit, ya'll niggas can suck my dick, i'm a free slav and don't need no instructions how to be a good boy

Roo's autistic fanboys in a nutshell..

call me crazy (ableism), but I didn't hear anything around those timestamps? what time do they actually say it?

Who are you Fatimah and why should we care about what you have to say?


Fucking really, for what reason? I'm a regular poster here.

i don't get this either

No one said nigger/nigga at those time stamps wtf?

And Muke called the guy "nigga" because his name is literally "JustHugItNigga".
Christ this thread.

The last thing I would call Jason is gutless.

Yeah I didn't hear it at those timestamps either. Fatimah confirmed for being a massive faggot, although that was already pretty obvious.

It's at 30:25. He shouts it.

The video has been removed.

Anal Water the pseud said "nigger" in his Frantz Fanon video.

Of course he was just reading the text but he could have been more subtle.

woke as fuck