Which country is better?

Which country is better?

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The one that still exists.

Hard to believe the DPRK has existed for longer than the USSR.
But really, life in Leningrad/Moscow/the Baltic states was much better than life in the DPRK.

The one that won the space race

So…the USSR?

Yes, after all they were the first to put man and woman in space along with nearly everything else. Shame they didn't make it to the moon given that buran was much better.

The one without a gulag or concentration camp system and that's tolerant of dissent
Probably the USSR though if you really have to pick one

Doesn't make it better. Quality of life was better in USSR. NK, however, has the best literacy.

Gulags aren't as bad as they are made out to be, and the labor was majorly easy-medium toil.

source for above.

Well if "was" was used then yeah the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was better.

Of course it is that way; the DPRK since the fall of the USSR has been barely surviving against global capitalism, it's pretty much a miracle they still exist.

depends on what time period we're speaking. at it's highest the SU was far beyond anything mankind has achieved yet, and the DPRK did some dumb shit too like supporting pol pot, currently however it's outperforming the SU in many ways, considering it's relative power and possibilities

Life was more open and vibrant in the DPRK as well when the USSR still existed. They are under siege since 1991 and that obviously takes a toll. For example, before 1991 you could travel to the DPRK and walk arround without a guide and go anywhere.

However, the USSR arguably was the most socially liberal out of all the socialist countries after Stalin. You could go drink in a bar and then go to a punk concert as a young adult in 80s USSR. You also could pretty much say anything you wanted. The USSR in the 80s was more socially liberal than modern Russia, and if it existed today, it would have been even more laid back.

Additionally, watch this video about a North Korean dance group performing in Moscow in the 70s to a German pop song. It's pretty cool.

at least one of them had workplace democracy

wtf im so redpilled now let's bring mccarthyism back

the one that isn't a monarchy

my vote

my vote

yeah i know, they're basically in permanent siege mode. but still, even back in the 50s-80s, i'd rather live in the ussr

The ussr was the mother of existing early-stage socialism. The dprk managed to survive the internal contradictions of early-stage socialism that killed the revolution in so many countries, plus hold it's own against the NATO imperialist machine.

Trying to tally up their achievements is retarded though

They did

And that one is the DPRK.


the article he links is very good and includes a lot of sources

Sorry, let me clarify. It's sad that they hadn't been able to put a man on the moon when they were so close to doing so.

its a monarchy