Flake: Trump is like Stalin, Republicans are like Stalin's enablers

Flake: Trump is like Stalin, Republicans are like Stalin's enablers



Can you help us poorfags who don't want to make Bezos any richer if we don't have to.

Trump is like another thing I don't like or understand. >:[





Which Holla Forums am I on?

Saying he's like Stalin is obviously stupid.

I wish Trump were like Stalin.

not on libpol or "leftpol" as these cripple brainlets call themself

Stalin was way better than Trump

Can you actually imagine if Trump went as ballistic on the military establishment as Stalin did?

>>>Holla Forums
Nice subversion techniques.


Flake is retarded.
And every time he fucking goes on television he isn't introduced as a person who voted for the AUMF.
I'm glad that giving Trump the ability to commit ultimate war doesn't count to WaPo as normalization!
Fuck these retards, everyone in the republican party who criticizes Trump all voted for the AUMF and I think they all voted to increase the DoD budget higher than the astronomical figure Trump wanted.

Its Literally just a place for people who got on BOs bad side to wait off their bans
Calm down


Everyone with talent or smarts has got on BO's bad side. This place is a fucking tip, even the stickied propaganda thread hasn't received any major contributions.
This board is the containment board, a place for the reddit trash to reside and bask in the branding of a once decent place to post, as redditors do.


Well he was good for waking up a lot of burgers to How Neo-Liberalism and Conservatism are both two sides of the same Porky coin
And he seemingly continues to accidentally sabotage the US empire so…thats cool


Why do you think groups like D.S.A Have begin to become more popular in recent months?
I Hope trump keeps doing his thing
And i hope the democrats keep acting like Idiots
It will open a few more peoples eyes


Amerisharts btfo, and nothing of value was lost

This but for real

True but still, once the damage is done the remaining 30% of the world that hasn't gotten fucked thanks to America the fact that it could have been prevented stands out.

K I'm going to bed.

If only.

It took 2 World Wars to destroy the monarchies, and it will take no less than 2 to destroy the liberal democracies.

Stalin was fairly intelligent, extremely calculating, and very well-read.

Trump is brain dead, extraordinarily impulsive, and probably hasn't read a book in his life.

Can confirm
Am one.