Mfw this board unironically idolizes Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hoxha...

Reminder that Saddam Hussein was a great leader who only cared about the well-being of his people


You're right, should have be more accurate:


Saddam was a comrade, bite me.

Did he even elaborate on what he wanted instead

he was an anti-imperialist figure at best, come on now

In the pics he looks like a total comrade, but idk man. I prefer my comrades not to develop personality cults and purge me because I don't agree with their regime.

good enough to consider a comrade, as flawed as he was
same for Gadaffi, i would never consider the Jamahiriya something to be promoted but he was a comrade no less
even after he opened up to the west, he learned his lesson - too late but he fought back
same for comrade Allende

Well, at last you did mention a true comrade there.

believe it or not but i actually agree

what do you think that means you nimrod?

Pretty sure he wanted syndicalism but under the loving care of the IMF and world bank :^)

Why did he bully south yemen then.

he did support Sankara

Fair point, I didn't think that part through at all because I focused on the second phrase. (Am stupid)
Still my point was that I've actually seen him defended on this board which I think fits in the tendency to idolize any leader of (formally) commie states and deny their obvious flaws. But I guess he was a bad example.

PJW, is that you?


But Saddam was an Anti-Imperialist in his later years so i he sorta redeemed himself in my eyes

what? Pol pot got invaded after he attacked Vietnam. He your not a victim of imperialism if you attack first, also up until he attacked the viets, the viets left him alone

Was Noriega anti imperial so too? A us invasion does not anti imperialism make

* anti imperialist

Who's "this board", Kemo-Sabe?

That's not what was said. His statement was positive, that Saddam became an anti-imperialist after some time of leadership. You should have concluded that it was why he was taken out.