28 Year Old Alt Righter Matthew Nicholson Arrested After Shooting Mother For "Breaking Game Headset"


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What Did OP Mean ByThis?


That on its own does not mean anything because how the fuck do we know what his political stance was?
Sure he could have been an Alt-Rightist but he could have been anything else under the fucking sun as well

I think the case is closed as a casket

Lots of people spend all day whining about Politics especially "New-Rightists" and Trumpists and Lolbergs and shit
Its not necessarily a thing that just Aut-Rightists do
Means nothing
Means nothing

Same shit to me.


I don't think the alt right just refers to fascists.

Alt-Right is basically one notch down the radicalism scale from Outright Neo-Fascist/Nazi LARPing idiots but one notch above Right-Wing Populist's and LOLbergs

The Alt-Right doesn't consist solely of "fascists", they're a ragtag bunch of "rightists" from neo-cons to neo-nazis whose only common component is rabid anti-leftism and anti-establishment posturing.

just OP


Ah yes, that's totally the reaction someone would have to that poster.

Imagine having such an intensely autistic victim complex

Gamers and incels to the wall!

Oh come on, you know the guy who shot his mother cause he lost at League was a Nazi

She wasn't even the one who broke it, he did it himself and then blamed her (presumably for distracting him or whatever)


He's a soyboy, definitely not one of us. Definitely a Bernie cuck just look at him he probably listened to Chapo trap cuck


Uh huh

Stop posting like weird mike sounds


putting away the "alt-right" tag this is still fucking disgusting. He literally shot HIS OWN mother in the fucking head. For breaking a headset that probably costed him no more than 60 bucks. Think about that. This is how low we've gotten. I just can't imagine what the fuck could be going on inside this guy's head.

so videogames really WERE fascist…

shit like that happens when you don't slap your kid straight and feed it with drugs before it becomes an autistic right wing faggot

Slapping your kid is probably more likely to turn them alt right but idk.

Some people are just born shitty, that's the sad truth I guess

classic westerners taking pills for everything

He's a hardcore GAMER. I know theres leftist gamers, but from what ive seen, theyre mostly reactionary.

I think you need some milk



i don't consider them people so it's ok
when it comes to the question whether to put them to sleep with a bullet or medication it's probably more humane to spare them, before they cry over another gorillion bodies

it's not slapping your kids, it's slapping a piece of shit that disrespects the people

Matt Christman was completely right about gamers as an identity being completely reactionary. Everyone should go listen to his No Cartridge Audio podcast

If he was a decent human being he would have shot himself in the head.

What if I told you anti gamer hysteria is reactionary?

There's no evidence to suggest that he "identified" as a gamer though.

How about no?

Isn't this like the fourth one by now?

fucking cringe>>2357410


So is this guy alt right or nah?

He did the right thing by shooting his mom in the head for shitting him out but he should of shot himself as well.

The Spetactical

I doubt it. Reading the other reports, it sounds like he was well adjusted till about a year ago when his mental health took a turn and became a basement dweller. Guy seems pretty normie and I think op is blowing things out of proportion



god damn, what a phukking retard

also, isn't this basically proof that gamers are shitty people? fuck, its not like i kill people if they touch my guitar or something. nope. this shit is always the gamer fucks. god damn

Drawing conclusions about large groups of people from lurid crime stories is Holla Forums-tier behavior.


Altism as an actual memetic virus?

Didn't we JUST have a train hijacking not even a month ago

Not sure if satire.