Daily News Thread 1/15

Socialists Beat Moderates in Battle for U.K. Labour's Soul

In the battle for the future direction of the Britain’s main opposition Labour Party, the socialist wing took the crown.

Erdogan Accuses U.S. of Creating `Army of Terror' on Turk Border

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Washington of establishing an “army of terror” along the Turkish border, as his country drew closer to open confrontation with U.S.-backed Kurdish troops in neighboring Syria.

Palestinians to 'Slap Back' for Trump Jerusalem Move, Abbas Says

Palestinians will “slap back” for the humiliation they’ve suffered from the Trump administration and seek to replace the U.S. with other international players in future peace negotiations with Israel, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said.

Huge oil spill left after burning tanker sinks off China

Chinese ships are racing to clean up a giant oil spill after an Iranian tanker sank in the East China Sea.

Government-by-Skype: Catalonia Tries to Dodge Madrid Control

Catalonia has seen an illegal referendum, a rebel president and a takeover by Madrid in recent months. The next twist could be government-by-Skype.

Missing Sheikh and `Intercepted' Planes Reignite Gulf Arab Row

Mysterious goings-on allegedly involving the forcible detention of a Qatari royal and intercepted Bahrain-bound planes have escalated the feud straining ties among Gulf Arab monarchies.

Israel: Anti-Netanyahu, 'StripperGate' Protesters Flood Tel Aviv

For the seventh-consecutive Saturday, central Rothschild Boulevard was flooded with crowds of people participating in anti-Netanyahu protests.

Iraq: Twin Suicide Bombings Killed 38, Injured Over 100

Iraq's interior ministry said the death toll will likely rise as more bodies are recovered.

Carillion Collapses After U.K. Government Refuses Bailout

Carillion Plc, a U.K. construction company with government contracts in everything from hospitals to the HS2 high-speed rail project, filed for compulsory liquidation after failing in a last-ditch effort to shore up finances and get a government bailout.

White House spent 22 minutes trying to mute conference call with reporters

The White House spent nearly half an hour struggling to enable the "listening only" feature on a conference call with reporters on Thursday, 11 January. Senior White House officials were supposed to announce US President Donald Trump's decision to continue waiving nuclear programme-related sanctions on Iran during the call, CBS reported.

1,000 teens face child porn charges after sharing video of 15-year-old couple in sex act on Facebook

Police in Denmark have charged more than 1,000 children and young people with child pornograpy offences after they used Facebook to share footage of a 15-year-old couple having sex.

Pregnant teen who sued over abortion leaves federal custody

A pregnant immigrant teenager who told a judge that she was being prevented from having an abortion while in federal custody has been released, giving her the ability to obtain the procedure.

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Union busting, Russian-style

ON JANUARY 10, the St. Petersburg City Court issued a ruling to dissolve the Worker's Association Interregional Trade Union (MPRA), known for its high-profile strikes at a Ford plant. This is the first time a 2012 law about non-governmental organizations acting as "foreign agents" has been applied to a workers' organization; unions were previously untouched by it.

Resistance is life: Mehmet Aksoy’s last letter to his family

Power to our beloved comrade and friend, Mehmet Aksoy, a hero of Kurdistan and the internationalist struggles against capitalism, colonialism and fascism.

Ink It Onto Your Knuckles – Carillion Is How Neoliberalism Lives and Breathes

When right-wing economists tell me there is no such thing as neoliberalism – that it is a figment of the left’s imagination, a meaningless insult or a catch-all phrase – from now I’m just going say the word Carillion. In fact, if it would fit, I would get the word tattooed across my knuckles.



inb4 thread becomes another warzone about age of consent

What the fuck is wrong with people

The cartoon president strikes again.

The internet and social media makes such things easily possible.
Meanwhile I'm still a virgin my mid 20s lol

Absolute top #lads

Sexist pig.


Feels good to be ==superior==

I fuck up red letters I am inferior after all.

First of the dominoes to fall?

What the fuck is Russia anymore


There's so many nuances with this clusterfuck I don't know where to start.


This WH can't even take responsibility for fucking up a conference call. This would literally be a non issue if it happened under Bush or Obama. What the fuck?

This conference call is ILLEGITIMATE and FAKE NEWS

I am honestly shocked that a staffer used such language for a goddamn conference call. It's like they have autistic Holla Forumstards running this shit.

You mean to tell me the current administration is incompetent???

The government shutdown drama is fascinating. I feel we're truly at the breaking point.

I won't do that but I will say it's a douche move the guy who posted a vid of him with his gf which probably was his ex at the time in the first place which is probably how it started.

>Meanwhile I'm still a virgin my mid 20s lol
you ain't the only one user

this is not >>>Holla Forums

no, but it's Holla Forums

When did most of y'all first get laid? I was 15. I didn't have good sex until I was 17 though.

First time at 15. First good sex was at 16. Didn't actually get somewhat good at sex until 16 or 17 though.

This isn't even about age of consent (15 is legal in Denmark), but rather about insane pre-internet "child" pornography laws that set the age limit higher than age of consent itself.

Yeah I guess I had some fun when I was 16. I was pretty trash though. The sex I had at 15 wasn't even worth it though. Cringy as fuck to think back on.

Comrade Corbyn will lead the vanguard and bring about world wide Anglo Communism

Chinese ratings agency Dagong downgrades US on political ‘deficiencies’

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to death i hope

Soon, comrades lads.

An underage person taking a naked selfie is literally a child pornography producer. What a world.

It's started, hasn't it?..