Prison Abolition

What do you guys think about prison? I'm not just talking about the fucked-up prison system as it exists today in the US but more of prison as a concept, as a way to deal with crime in general.

There are a shit ton of articles out there, some of them written by people who aren't even that radical, that argue prison is essentially useless. They say it doesn't deter or solve crime, and actually exacerbates social ills.

Should socialists argue for prison abolition, not just under socialism but right now? What should we support in its place to deal with crime?

Crime happens for three reasons: a result of a combination of need, income inequality and capitalist thinking that your value as a human is directly tied to how many possessions you own and what their value is, mental instability and illness, or crimes of passion.

Abolition of private property (and capitalism) will take care of the first reason, second reason has to be dealt with medically through mental health professionals and institutions and third, well, I have no answer to the third. Two drunk guys get into a fight, it results in death, or a man walks in on his wife cheating on him kills both the wife and the guy, I guess a commune tribunal/council can decide appropriate punishment. A tribunal made up of people who know the person and people who don't know the person who committed a crime.

Prisoners are locked away for their own protection from reprisal killings and the general chaos that would follow from a lack of a formal punitive justice system.

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I thought it was a retarded idea until I read some article arguing that the point isn't to literally abolish prisons as soon as possible but to starve prisons of inmates by treating social ills in other ways, with the ultimate goal of making prisons useless

Whatever Norway is doing it's doing it well.

What do you guys think about prison?
I think it is a great idea but the way the prison guard handled it isn't good because it doesn't stop them from committing the crimes when they are out of prisons. Most of them came back because they can't stop committing the crimes or suffering from maladjustments.

Yes and no. Some of them need to be in prison for life but others shouldn't be in prison.

Should socialists argue for prison abolition, not just under socialism but right now?
Bad idea because there is too many bad people roaming free and hurting the people. We can't let them do whatever they please.

What should we support in its place to deal with crime?
Execution for the usurers, rapists, murderers, traitors, pedos, thieves, spies, habitual or dangerous criminals. Other crimes that doesn't endanger people lives should be treated with physical punishments, fines, sterilization, retreatment centre, community service, education, military school, homes for the people with disabilities. I doubt some of the ideas will happen because of the capitalist system that prevent it from happening. The court system in my country is so broken as a result, no one have little or no faith in the court system. It's sad.

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Things like whippings, public humiliation, and public executions should be revived, since they increase people's fear of committing crimes, while in reality not causing any more suffering than current punishments.

t. 15th-century executioner

There are/were prisons or some equivalent in the USSR, China, Cuba, DPRK, DDR, Yugoslavia… and even fucking Catalonia. There absolutely won't be prison abolition in the next stage of society, socialism. HOWEVER, we will abolish mass incarceration, and we will change to a form of restorative justice. Prisons will be integrated with their communities, prisoners will be able to work for an equal wage, and prisoners will have full access to education, healthcare, counseling, etc.

There would be fewer criminals that are manageable to deal with. Prison is meant to hold the people who cannot be trusted to stay behave well. Private prisons should be illegal because they increase the crimes in order to reap the profits like pigs. We need less crimes, not more crimes.

Hey, if we just kill everyone who's suspected of a crime, we'll have very manageable prisons!


And fewer prisons so thay means less money to spend on and more money to spend on medical science.


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Not bad in theory. But it's a gigantic meme and no one seems to know what abolishing prisons would entail. ☭TANKIE☭s and run of the mill idpol leftists often lapse into violent fantasies of executing people they don't like, which I don't think is much better. Avoid the meme language of 'prison abolition' for something more concrete.

Abolishing prison is a project for like, way, waaaaay into a socialist State. Prison is an institution that existed for virtually all of human civilization, and other forms of punishment are far older. You can't dismantle a monster that old and powerful that quickly, doubly so because it is ingrained in the fabric of capitalist society. First you'd have to completely change society (i.e. socialism), then create the material (and ideological too, because many people want prisons simply because they're spooked) conditions so that prison isn't necessary or possible. But while Porky's in charge, don't count on it, because it's one of his most basic instruments of social control.

Brainwashing rehab centers that mold you into good citizen


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I think the prisons need to be abolished and make every crimes a death punishment to reduce the population.

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Prisons will obviously be used to contain counter revolutionary elements in general, but prisons should always be centered around rehabilitation rather than punishment.

More prisons and cops but make them SOCIALIST prisons and cops

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Why more prisons and cops?

Until capitalism is destroyed imperialism and sabotage will be a gigantic threat to any socialist society. Without cops or prisons you are left defenseless against the international bourgeoisie and the hordes of mercenaries and spies they can call up against up.

I see nothing wrong with prisons as long as they are used correctly.

prison abolition is utterly retarded, some people simply do not deserve to be free in society

Death penalty a wastefull shit, every prisoner you execute is one less gulag worker.