Everything bad about the internet is because Something Awful and Stormfront, they spawned SJW, aut rightists...

Everything bad about the internet is because Something Awful and Stormfront, they spawned SJW, aut rightists, doxxing and shitposting, the ironic jokes that later become sincere hatred
We need to attack the problem to its roots and put an end to the fights for the people's minds

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You can only win the people's minds by speaking to them in a language they can understand. The only language people understand nowadays is hatred and misery. NazBol is the language to speak.

Image Boards have always been in decline due to the inability of the user base to adapt to successive generations, and conflict erupting from lack of understanding between them.

This is the problem.

No more excuses.

lmao are you serious

what year is this

Ain't Something Awful a pretty lefty message board? I read somewhere they used to raid hate sites like glorious uprising and Niggermania.

no it's a liberal shithole and it always has been - they just raided other websites for lulz

Just eat the forbidden fruit

Somewhat this.
The problem is that the current generation of kids are utterly retarded.

It's doxing with a single x you fucking newfag

but something awful also gave us the simcity board of advisors somethingawful.com/news/simcity-advisors/1/ so on balance we can't say they're all bad.
actually their popularisation of let's plays would outweigh the good they did even if SA singlehandedly re-established the USSR.

it's partially this, but it's also partially the rapidly expanding userbase. (which of course is rooted in expanding amounts of time spent on the internet thanks to smartphones and other mistakes. you can't escape material conditions!)
although whether that could've been resolved on 4chan with more activist moderation (i.e. banning everyone who isn't funny or interesting) remains an open question. The problem with that approach is, of course, that the 4chan mods are probably the very sort of people who need to be banned.

glad i'm not the only person who holds to this although i've long given up mentioning it.


Sorry nobody wants to invest in your bitchfit

Holla Forums is like half goon so you won't find many people will to agree with you here. But you are right.

You ignore the architectures of many relevant parts of the internet themselves and focus on the immediately-discernible motions of groups. These architectures are indeed reflections of the ideology which the architects of the internet had in mind. That is not to put the blame squarely on Berners-Lee; he is only a single man who happened to make the first webpage among other things. What matters is the attitude of the factions of humanity which create, sustain and destroy this gargantuan dumpster of masturbatory content. That includes those who maintain the industrial standards regarding the internet, those who create the philosophy of computing in the relevant fashions and those who design and maintain the spaces on the internet. Instead, you focus on particular groups using a methodology which resembles the echoes of racialist conceptions of history, not even solely because they might share a sort of identity as being part of the communities which use the given spaces.

That's the most terrifying part but also the most telling, shitposters like hoochie admit they're goons

that's Hoochie-mod to you


Goons are good.

t. Someone who supported grifters like Anita "ironically" during GG in order to trigger the conservatives

Interesting times

That wasn't me

Trolling is a cycle of violence, one side empowers the other oblivious of the long term consequences. Laughing at other's expenses is a destructive addiction

Stop typing like a mass effect character

Never played mass effect so I don't know

Fuck off. I wouldn't want to chose between the chans and the Something Awful forums, but if it came down to it I would chose Something Awful. The Hive is my shit.

Well, you should be there if you like it so much

I mean, it's gone to shit at this point. The Hive isn't up any more, and I don't have a computer atm that can run Eve Online so idk what the point would be. chans are better for discussing books and politics imo. I was referring to the overall presence of these sites through time.


I'm always surprised when I hear someone reference the old Something Awful forums. The precursor to 4chan, YTMND, cat memes and all that shit - a very different world, yet one that you can clearly see the 'future internet' from.

To be honest though, I'm somewhat more quick to blame the absolute ubiquity of smart phones and internet-connected-devices that really brought the contemporary internet into the bottom of the gutter. You can kind of see that with the homogenization of internet sites and services post-2007 - the year of the first iPhone.

When you can read and post online whenever you want there's less impetus to 'think' about what you're posting. It's just an average part of what you do, not 'internet time'.

When the internet became part of everyday life it ceased being special, to some degree. When these devices followed us everywhere we never have to think about 'what I'm going to do on the internet tonight'.

I was born in the 80s, and while I don't remember the original Eternal September I do fondly remember the internet of the early 90s. It was a different era. The established culture of the internet came from Usenet and people who were legitimate nerds and geeks. That isn't the case anymore.

I don't believe OP's assertion that we can 'put an end to the fights for the people's minds'. That's art, that's politics, that's human interaction, that's life with humans. We can't return to the internet of the 80s and 90s. It is a fools errand to try. By the same token it is foolish to blame Something Awful and Stormfront for the cultures they have helped generate. This was an inevitable outcome of human interaction amplified by the speed of communication an anonymity of the internet. If it weren't these sites it would have been different ones, but the ultimate outcome was unavoidable.

Best defense for this? Have the better memes. Have a message that appeals to our shared humanity. Same as ever.

Actually, the embarrassing behavior of goons drove all those who would be goons into the alt right, which was less embarrassing. Losers with entitlement issues and ugly narcissists have to go somewhere to mirror one another and get some sort of validation.

Well if it is dead don't speak of it like if it was alive

All of that is truth, seems I just have to wait for the old internet culture to fade away completely
I need plans for the future

That's an interesting point
Still terrifying, knowing psychopaths go up and down between those sides.

Can we at least return to the internet of the early '00s?

I mean, there are still a fuckton of sites, and (for now) hosting and webdesign is still pretty easy. I see people who actually corral away from independent sites and they seem to actually think it's taboo to publish independently - like, they won't recognize something unless I relinquish some of the publishing rights to Facebook or Soundcloud or something… which I don't do anymore. This mentality has to die.

I kinda' doubt that we can return to that era, unfortunately.

The internet is corporate now. It is the largest tool for the dissemination of corporate culture. It has been accepted as a legitimate place for MSM, business, entertainment, banking, retail, everything. It isn't (just) something for first-world nerds to tinker with and banter on anymore - or at least that's the dominant paradigm from my perspective.

This is partly why I still frequent imageboards. They do the best job of maintaining the spirit of the old-internet, but we can't deny the times we live in, where kids are playing on tablets and their parents phones from the age of 1-2. We don't live in the 00s anymore and neither does anyone else. We can't return to that time, but we can boycott, to the best of our abilities, places like Facebook and Instagram. We can support smaller communities where individual voices can still be heard.

I don't know what else there is to do. Open to suggestions anyway.

Well, if capitalism ruined the internet then we need to ponder what should socialism do with the internet, how to make it more accessible, secure and communal. That is whole different topic that also concerns me and maybe its worth its own thread but right now and in this thread my concern is the culture of trolling and how far it has gone.


I don't get it