/biz/ is on suicide watch after literally all of their shitcoins crash

/biz/ is on suicide watch after literally all of their shitcoins crash.

beautiful, isn't it?

Let's hope the value keeps going down. Investing in crypto is one of the most bourgeoisie things you can do. If we're lucky we may see some an hero themselves.

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It's not really bourgeois, imore like the desperate middle and lower middle classes clinging for dear life


I bet it's a samefag.

Just how often does it crash

What has caused the crash? Any articles about this?

Last I heard China and South Korea made a move to clamp down on miners and exchanges.


It's a pyramid scheme, the vast majority are definitely getting fleeced. Someone sold a tulip bulb for 5000 guilders back in 17th century holland.

This sounds likely.
The people who I know who have bought any, are working class with a bit of knowledge.
The rich people would never risk any part of their savings in something like this. They would only risk other people's money.

dumb slav

trying to make money and falling for scam, even if you think less of these people, still doesn't make them bourgie any more than them keeping their money on the bank and paying fees while inflation and low interests also eats away on it

I got $1 CAD for it from lord soros (pbuh) himself

I didn't believe you, but then I checked.

someone post marx

buttcoin crashed again? How low did it got?



Imagine being so wagecucked as to not accumulate capital under capitalism
If you were a true socialist you'd understand that it's the only way to survive

imagine being so divorced from reality that you just….


Kim would like to speak to you.


See you at $50,000. Or, about 10 months.


If they don't actually crash hard by the end of this month, I'm probably just going to be disappointed.

Bitcoin has no value, only price

It's just going to die a slow death until the economic crisis which will cause its value to temporarily explode.

tell him i'm busy, i've got Milton Keynes on the line.

See you at Minsky's.

This, if you don't play the game or spend your life abolishing it then you're just a whiny manchild
Fucking brainlets

/biz/ is so dumb though, I can tell you as someone who studied math and CS and works for a tech company that all cryptos currently on the market have a long term value of $0. The technology is the useful part of it, nobody gives a fuck about a particular block chain likes these retards think. But then again they don't even know what LaTeX is so I don't expect them to understand it. They just see joosie percentage points and think with their poorfag dicks

Classic irrational exuberance.

this is a legitimate reason to dislike capitalism,
that and long arduous work periods

Was it some other Coin? BTC is fine.

SK put a ban out on it


Stupid young rich d bags blowing thier money on intangible shit.

it's going to hit five cents and then I'll buy

Why make a thread for this? These retards panic at the slightest fall. I love Schadenfreude too but who cares

The petty bourgeoisie deserve to be mocked.


Sorry to ask, but I know shit all about blockchain. What does LaTeX have to do with anything?


I just don't feel bad for them, sorry. Yeah, if you have plenty of disposable income trying to play the stock market and currencies exchanges like coins makes sense but most of us don't. That's just part of the proletarian condition, frankly, your time and effort are usually better spent trying to increase your skills, getting into a union, or finding a new job.

Retards who spent tens of thousands on coins in the hopes of "going to lambo land" deserve to be mocked.

You forgot to mention only rick and morty, and it would make passable pasta

I have no idea what you guys are talking about checked my portfolio and I'm still in the green. The problem is /biz/ just follows pump and dumps and don't look at the longevity of a coin.

Spooky words there mate.

Whats actually going to crash Bitcoin is the network itself. The network is over saturated with demand causing fees to be extremely high. For example, it cost my friend £12 to move £50 to his computer wallet.

Daily reminder that magic bean farming has a significant negative impact on the environment you fucking idiots

Currently shilling this random shitcoin that I found on page 3 of google. I pulled a bullshit "prediction chart" out of my ass and the retards on /biz/ are putting hundreds of dollars into it.


Not necessarily. Speculation in fiat currencies has accounted for the vast majority of currency exchanges for decades now, and making a fortune in the foreign exchange doesn't even help to advance the real economy, but plenty of people have gotten filthy rich off of it and there isn't much in the way of regulation (unless you use currency futures, which are regulated). Sure, everything crumbles to dust eventually, but I can see crypto thriving for at least the next few decades if it doesn't get banned.

After the IPO is a distant memory, value investing is little different. Trading in stock to sell it at a higher price does nothing to allocate capital at that point, and unless the company pays a dividend it does nothing for whoever holds it unless someone else is willing to take it off their hands eventually.

Am I an idiot for starting mining Ethereum on my gaming PC? Electricity is free and I thought it would be a way to make some cash while I slept, but I'm beginning to have doubts whether I'll get anything worthwhile out of all this noise and heat

You have better chances with smaller coins. Etherium's market cap is over half of Bitcoin's now. A lot of it really is just luck.

The poor porky bastards, they should've sold once it hit 18k.

This. Blockchain technology can be used for a wide variety of functions, but nobody necessarily needs the bitcoin blockchain. Their are better ways to make money using the technology.

Crypto Currency serves zero socially useful function, just outlaw the shit outright already.

It helps us create a currency that isn't controlled by a state or bank.

Wait– memecoin crashed again?
It hasn't even been a month, the fuck?

So, is it wrong to employ leftist theory to market predictions to make profit?

I mean…
If you were in a society where murder was allowed, but you knew it was bad, would you do it?

I just checked their catalog, and it's worse that I thought, it's 90% anchored threads.

Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón…

Stooping to their level isn't morally just, but it also isn't a bad thing per se.

No, but wouldn't it be lifestylist to not engage in capitalism in a capitalist society? Even if you felt murder was wrong in a society where it was allowed, you would still have to murder to survive and defend yourself. I don't exist outside of the system.

And you don't have to participate in the society.

is bitcoin crashing again?

Hell YES, another comrade is karenpos-

We want currency to be abolished. This is an anti-capitalist board.

bitcoin value's improving, not sure what this thread is claiming


Fresh, just for you.

Yes! We have reached the new normal. Everyone stay calm. Things can only get better now!

This Thread is low energy.
I’m a avid Cross-boarder and le autist whisper. I hear and listen to murmurs of the hive-mind. The Chan’s are inherently tech savvy and when you filter to the upper strata it’s Cutting Edge. The top elite of Channers will get filithy rich off this. There’s no doubts that state machine smart-contracts will change the world. And if you don’t listen you just get to sit back and watch a class of /fit/ Holla Forums /biz/ /sci/ /lit/ crossboarders ascend the plebs and become a whole new elite economic and intellectual caste. A collective autistic crucible pushing to new heights. I would head and listen to the hive mind

Marx theory of surplus value has to be extended through the functoning of cryptocurrencies and his theory of the emergence of money has been falsified.
Natural economy:
Capitalistic economy:
Post-materialistic economy:
Greetings from Lacan and Zizek.
We are now in a post-materialistic society with other historical conditions, especially thanks to the internet. In order to not get fragmentated, better lookout for sustainable projects.

Don't forget that FIAT is cancer and hinders revolution.
So the question for the left is how can cryptocurrencies serve ecological and prosocial goals.

There are cryptocoins without mining or where processing of mining is used for good purposes like climate research.
I struggled to invest due to environmental reasons but I just go for the ethical justifiable coins.

8ch erased my smybols. Picture related.

Doesn't look that serious to be honest.

what the fuck am I reading
the atuthor managed to fuck up a fucking collage


nigga, we have all used 4chan regularly at one point. no matter how hard you try it's not going to sound like enough of a sekrit klub to fund your pyramid scheme.

Cryptocurrencies are the first genuinely digital commodities, even if they have zero use-value. But what really sets it apart I think is that it doesn't exactly use up labor in order to be created, but electrical energy in the form of watts or joules. Maybe it can provide some sort of bridge for an objective measure of labor?

y tho

Admittedly, I'm just a layman as far as cryptocurrencies goal, but buttcoin's immense waste of energy isn't a purely arbitrary obstacle in the way of generating more buttcoins. It's used to calculate some crap that verifies the transations made in the block chain, and the person wasting that energy and shit receives buttcoin for it. This very scheme precludes a cryptocurrency from using anything other than electricity in order to power its economy, even if it somehow serves a noble goal like climate research. You would have to invent a whole new scheme where good actions in the real world factor into the cryptocurrency's economy, and good luck with that. The only thing that strikes me as maybe usable is to use home electricity generation as the mining method, if that's even possible.

Ready for an argument? Let's go.
In MEW 23, 62 Marx states again that commodities have only societal value and only have value objectivity when they represent labour. In MEW 23, 65 he says equating of different commodities reveals the specific value of labour by reducing them to the commong ground: human labour.
A common misunderstanding of Marx is to neglect the extension from commodity fetishism to labour fetishism which is a heavy symptom of the current social left. Communism is about abolishing human labour. Marx agrees to that statement in spots. So how can there be such thing as value objectivity? We just can approximate the value and are prisoners of value subjectivity through the dialectic of reason and drives. Marx underestimated psychology. He was too oldfashioned for the paradigm shift since he is a child of biologism and was coined by Darwin. The last financial is partly accounted by psychic flaws (cf. Gärling, Kirchler, Lewis, & Van Raaij, 2009).

Let's return to Marx. In MEW 23, 82 he describes the transition from the relative shape of value which emerges through trading commodities indirectly to a general shape of value. There is a need for an equivalent to mediate commodities' values. This commodity is materialized by any other commodity. In MEW 23, 83f. Marx defines money as this specific commodity type. Through history gold became this commodity.

And here comes the twist. We lost the naturalistic materialized equivalent. Bretton Woods system from 1944 changed it. Money is virtualized now. FIAT money works different. It is creatio ex nihilo. It is independent from value objectivity and doesn't represent human labour. Just like some cryptocurrencies. Other crpytocurrencies emerge differently like through prosocial or proecological labour.

I'm not an idealist faggot but a true communist in terms of naturalistic humanism (cf. MEW 40, 535). Update your theory, bro. Read some Fromm.

PS: I didn't even mentioned AI labour yet. FALCO all the way.

FIAT isn't anonymous and is controlled by the power elite who have strong interests in hindering the revolution. It's cancer because it needs exponential growth.

I totally agree on Bitcoin's desastrous ecological effects. This is why it has to crash, even when the algorithm makes fees less energy consuming, there are still other cryptocurrencies which work more efficiently. I don't hold any BTCs and don't transfer that shit because it's ethically not tenable. Other coins work differently. They doesn't somehow serve research, the Economic Value Added is created just by analyzing data.
Other cryptocurrencies try different prosocial approaches, e.g. adopting the theory of unconditional basic income. Economic Value Added isn't done by mining but by a monthly gift for every user. And we're just getting started. I can imagine several good approaches which are ethically justifiable.

This was a whole lot of nothing. Got to say your rambling sounded spooky but, I'm in no way convinced. I can't even argue with this because it is such a rambling hodge-podge. Jesus.

Revolution is a long ways off. And you need currency to fund a revolution anyway. Preferably the least traceable possible.

You mean cash?

Good luck making online purchases with paper.

That is seriously one of the worst, most difficult to read pictures I've ever seen. Probably not the worst, but definitely up there in the top 10.

What's the point of holding it forever, you are not getting dividends.

Yes it does. There is gradual decay in the mining equipment and the electrical consumption which you pointed out, both of which need a great deal of labor to produce. The value of these items is transferred to the crypto.

drink petrol imageboards are gay.

this is like saying a mudpie machine creates value because it needs repairs.

This is shit analysis but I think the US loves bitcoin so much because it's the closest thing they've got to easy online gambling. Not only is it legal but it makes you feel superior because it's marketed as "investing."

Fiat also isn't an acronym and bitcoin isn't actually anonymous. All of your transactions are recorded publicly in the blockchain. The reason it's "anonymous" is that you can create a new wallet for every transaction, adding a lot of junk data. (i.e. "a sent money to b, c sent money to d", where actually only a-and-b exist and send money back and forth.) The NSA will undoubtedly figure out a way to track bitcoin transactions to a greater degree of accuracy than tracking paper currency flows, even if that method is giving people a holiday in Diego Garcia courtesy of the CIA until they squeal like porky in 1917.

If fiat is an effective anti-revolutionary tool, it's bizarre to hypothesise that the bourgeoisie would let it be displaced.
(final pedantic note: bitcoin is also a fiat currency since it's not backed by any commodity. arbitrary money supply rules don't stop a currency being fiat, even if they introduce most of the disadvantages of linking the currency to a commodity. If instead you argue that bitcoin is a commodity, then it's not a fiat currency - because it's not a currency.)

This is something I never understood. Why the heck is """trading""" allowed on my phone, but gambling with real money is not? Why the heck 'muricans hate gambling so much, but are OK with """trading"""?

Because protestant morality, gambling as a game is a sin, but "investing is work therefore virtuous, nevermind if it's actually speculation.

That and I'm assuming the fact the brick & mortar casinos don't want profit taken from them.

That's not how one uses the terms "to coin" and "financial". Are you a Markov chain?
What two goods are exchanged for relative to another doesn't seem to be affected by whether the money system is based on gold or not, so I don't think that changes much.



Lol it's down even more now.


just trade in actual real life gold then lol

Half of those posts are people memeing because it's funny. People are getting into cryptocurrencies because it's a way out of wage cuckery. It's redundant to point out declines when it has historically recovered into ATH. Also, let me remind you blockchain technology will pave the way for our decentralized future.

Every time I do, it makes me laugh.

Crypto currency is just another way for the petty bourg to make money. I see no reason to not laugh at their suffering.

this is like saying networking technology will pave the way for our AOL future.

So are ((they)) liquidating all the assets and telling people the coins crashed and keeping everyone's investment? That would be pretty funny tbh. The whole bitcoin thing was an elaborate way to scheme a huge swath of wealth from a portion of the world… hahahahaha

FFS you absolute cretins can't see the cocking wood for the trees.

cryptos are useless crap and any money made from them is from crime or commodity speculataion on autism bucks.

It was a joke jeeze. Everyone knows this site isnt legit anymore. ITs all satire. LOL reddit is more based than Holla Forums. I dont give one shit about politics anymore. Only about me and what I can get from life.

tbh it took a long time for me to realize I never cared about politics, I just was angry. Now life is much more simple, my reality is my own and I can shape it as I see fit. Other people only exist when they see you. Punishment only comes from other people and there is no right or wrong. I just want to be a tyrant, I dont need an excuse anymore and it feels good to be this honest.

I was abused as a kid and caught a taste for it. I always hid behind "reasons" to be mean so it seemed justified but honestly I dont need to justify it to myself. In my core I want to be mean. YOu only live once, why should I risk never being who I want to be?

lol faggot, nihilism is for cucks

That isnt nihilism, get your head out of isms. Its time to just live and do what you feel you want to do. The universe wont punish you for doing something "wrong" only people will.

both Holla Forums and Holla Forums are satire that contributed to the breakdown and line blurring of all politics. Im not saying woe is me everything is meaningless, im saying I was lying to myself about caring about politics. I simply want to hurt someone, I just felt I had to justify it. Now I feel free because I can look at myself for the first time without delusion and recognize who I am.

This whole Bitcoin bubble thing is a classical example of how the petite bourgeoisie can never match the might of the actual bourgeoisie.


There is a bug going around, a bug where we want to see someone punished for something, that's what fueled the general demagoguery. Both sides of the partisan curtain caught it. We all want violence in our cores, you dont need to justify it because you dont need to feel guilty about it. Thats a fake emotion that was pounded into us.

Cheers for that Geoff.

r/cryptocurrency has suicide hotline as their top post


take some brain meds

Really makes me think.

why are you such a disgusting piece of shit who hates your fellow prole? why are you celebrating the FED flexing it's muscles?

Medication makes you someone you are not.


If you have enough liquid assets to play day trader then you are a labor aristocrat at best.

Now I remember why I stopped posting here.

No, it's not. The point is, if you're progressive, and not a delusional utopian who expects communism overnight, you should be in favor of cryptocurrencies taking over fiat. Like the USD, which you know controls the world's economy and is backed by the same country that actively suppresses socialists states? Why do you think Venezuela is experimenting with it?

Fiat is also useless crap what's your point?

turns out the crash was stopped by an exchange putting $160m of another crypto into buttcoin when it dipped below $10k. lol

Because everyone has violence and spite in their heart even for their comrades. We want violence, stop denying it. All your politics are just justification so you can commit violence without the guilt. Guess what, guilt isnt a real emotion, it was pounded into you. Remember, it didnt happen if nobody saw it.

I can buy $20 pizza for $20. If I try to buy that pizza with Bitcoin I have to pay a $30 fee and wait an hour for the transaction to go through. Fiat is far from useless.

complete bullshit, I know a guy in his 30's who has no job because of his fucked back from working in the alberta steel trade, he barely scrapes by on disability and he bought bitcoins hoping he could make some money off it, I feel really sorry for him.

what school are you going to shoot up?

I can't guy a gallon of gas with bitcoin

I don't psycho, see a psychiatrist

So now Bitcoin ownership is even more concentrated?

Why shoot up a school? A rampage is beyond retarded. Stretch your fun out over decades.

Oh you do, its just justified so you see it as something other than plain ugly hate.

Or you could use an altcoin that's faster than credit cards and the transaction fees are a fraction of a penny.

Because at the moment crypto aren't widely accepted by porky.

yes and they don't even have $160m so it's even more unsatble because said crypto is the internel equivalent of silver certificates.

sounds like desperate rationalization for your inability to control your shitty behavior

Its truly an intoxicating feeling, realizing the past and present dont exist. Realizing laws and morals arent real. Knowing in your heart that having lived and tasted true fruit is as close to godly as man can be. Free from all chains, physical and mental.

Im just dropping the front. You should too. Analyze your thoughts and ask yourself why you would be violent to further your "cause". Were all just "looking for a reason"


Lets look at the movements and causes in history that have been built with violence and have survived the test of time
oh wait, there aren't any

I would say go back but reddit and 8ch are the same thing. People looking for a reason to do the next thing.

why would something as unstable as cryptocurrency be accepted by anyone? with the exception of criminal activity, state backed currencies are better in every way.

Our entire global society is the product of thousands of years of violence.

No, there's a dip every year around this time because of Chinese new year and people cashing out.

In 1884, meridian time personnel met
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First words said was that only 1 day
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The bible time was wrong then and it
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No man on Earth has no belly-button,
it proves every believer on Earth a liar.

Do you know the difference between a slave and a free man? The free man creates his reality and shapes it to his liking, the slave inherits the reality handed down to him.

Chinese New year is in February.

Children will be blessed for
Killing Of Educated Adults
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Practicing Evil ONEness -
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timecube is more coherent that your ramblings

Not true in the slightest, Christianity was accepted in japan by sending martyrs and refusing to fight back when they were attacked, they won through peaceful means and exploiting their enemies extremist views

Did you just play bioshock for the first time and think it was really deep or something?

love to horde currency that loses %20 of it's currency overnight

Reminder that based China banned bitcoin for good reason

No, this dip was caused by the South Koreans:

of its value*

I dont play video games

I stand by my statements

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war never solved anything besides slavery, oppression, genocide…

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On it's last legs? A pyramid scheme that it's owners can barely keep running?

War is the cause and solution.

and it also causes them

I like the violence in your heart, you want to see your fellow country men robbed blind by the very capitalists you hate because they dared engage with them on their terms. I like it.

looks like this retard is educated stupid and doesn't understand the truth of the 4 day. everything is a lie to support biblical educated stupid rejection of the 4 day timecube

countries aren't real retard. they are a lie to chain mankind into subservience to the 1 day. pull the wool from your eyes

Your wasting your breath with whatever it is you are doing but I welcome you to continue, please, tell me about this timecube. Is it a movie?

No violence in my statement, just speaking the truth that their system is destroying itself, I don't need to raise my hand against it.

Belly-Button Logic Works.

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Kim Jong Un wins again

No you just take joy in seeing your countrymen robbed so you can be there to point and say I told you so. I love that you want to see your fellow man suffer because he participated in something you dont agree with.

Cryptocurrencies are unstable because it's tied to fiat. If cryptos were widely accepted as a form payment it would be as stable as fiat and the price of goods would fluctuate like they do with fiat.

Yes, and February is in two weeks, people are preparing to spend.

No, the Chinese own vastly more crypto than South Koreans. SK regulations is old news from months ago.

cryptos are fiat you fucking rube.

Fraudulent ONEness of religious
academia has retarded your opposite
rationale brain to a half brain slave.

Cryptocurrencies aren't printed on paper and controlled by a small group of elites.

Objectivity wrong.

How's it like posting with the hammer and sickle and indirectly supporting the CIA and their petrodollar?


Mock me all you want, its you who is a slave to other people's ideology.

Like I said, most people on this site dont truly care about the politics they preach. Its just justification for actions. Simple as that.

I mean, do you think Holla Forums would even exist if true blue leftys existed? No way, a true anti capitalist would never own a piece of tech like a computer since it couldn't exist without minerals mined by slaves in africa. Its such a joke.

And dont think im picking on Holla Forums, Holla Forums is filled with the exact same delusion. They dont believe in what they preach either, its just an excuse to fantasize about violence "day of the rope"

What even is your argument?

I wish people would be more honest, everyone yells virtue signaling while doing the same with their in group. Everyone is a reiteration of each other recycled from our environments.

why pick this thread for your bullshit dude, please make a new thread and let me post pink wojak in peace.

you're right they are printed in 1s and 0s and they and the value of cryptos are controlled by the exchanges and the early adopters who have the most 'tism bucks. that's so better somehow.

lol saying state backed currency is better is somehow imperialist.

he's a 14 year old nihilist who thinks he understands the world.

Just that everyone talking about politics is completely full of shit

then stop posting on a politics board and do your homework kiddo.

Wow dod that is so deep. you undersantd a lots of stuff. i hop i can be cool like you someday.

I would rather people think im a 14 year old kid than a grown man pretending to care about politics while posting from a machine that isnt possible without literal slave labor.

Im not trying to offend you im trying to get you to see how stupid you look posting about anti capitalism while using the fruits of it.

I'm 12 years old and this is fucking deep

Its as if if someone thinks different you simply try to make fun of it. Interesting for sure.


At least you are aware from the outside looking in you look misinformed at best.


I have to give it too you though, Holla Forums isnt nearly as ban happy as Holla Forums


I'm the OG leftypol Karenposter nigga.

For once I'm disappointed in Holla Forums

Were not living under feudalism, also I dont feel like a slave in the system we live in for one reason. If I decided to save or build credit and take out a loan I could become a business owner and be a boss. We arent stuck as labor our whole life unless we dont show initiative.

You shouldnt support banning on any platform

This. Hotpocketing is for fags.

Don’t worry I’m on my way home now. There will be bans.

So CP shouldn't be banned?

Why don't you then




Also you are free to join a commune, they are completely legal and are full of people who are against the idea of working for a "boss". You would be required to help around the commune to earn your keep, anyone can do that.

that's not materially possible for 90% of people and the reason you don't feel like a slave under this current system is because you obviously benefit from living in it. fuck off with your bourgeois idealism.

the timecube shit was a joke plz no ban

Banning is a way to preserve the echochamber.

You’re getting banned and you’re getting banned

And everyone here is getting banned


Yes it is. You don’t fit in.

Have you ever been in an anechoic chamber it drives most people insane.


Thats not true at all, anyone is capable of saving money if they make the right decisions in life. Also you can put things up as collateral if you cant save for a loan. Dont place 90% of the population in a box of victim-hood just because you think YOU cant open a business.

“Make the right decisions in life” hahahahaha yeah man sure if you don’t fuck up you’ll be rich!!!


Well I cant argue with you when you say it like that. IF preserving your echo chamber is what you guys are all about then it makes sense to ban people. At least your honest about this. Now if only we could peel back the facade of being political

You’re getting banned by the way I’m around 5 minutes or less from my place now.

What savings can you do paycheck to paycheck? What collateral could you have paycheck to paycheck?

Everyone they try to fix Bitcoin coin holders throw a huge fucking tantrum because they are worried about improvements making it easier to spend them. It's pretty ironic in a way.

BO pls

Boohoohooo I’m getting banned for being a shitposter boohoohoohoohoo

Nobody cares

90% of people don't have the credit or time to open a small business because they live paycheck to paycheck. it tisn't about feelings or other idealistic trash it's about material reality. if they could become small business owners they would.

Because trying to win a ticket out of poverty is the only thing people would spend money on and the consumer industry would collapse.

Because 1/2 of all americans make less than $30k a year and 70% less thank 20k

For reference, the poverty level is the ludicrously low $12,000 a year.

because most people have to work to survive unlike you. many people have to take 2 or more jobs to make ends meet.

unironically kys

Fiat is also digital currency, how do you think banks manage it? And your problem with cryptos isn't really cryptos itself, but how it's implemented in a capitalist society with privatization.

It still is better, it's more decentralized and more accessible than say the Federal Reserve and Wall St.

Well, you're making arguments for imperialist.

I would love to make less than 30k and have all that, where do you live and how much do your parents support your slumming?

So you are saying that you live in the middle of nowhere? No one cares then.

Yea and extreme poverty is living on less than $2 a day doesnt mean if you are livin on $3 your fine

Im a manager for pizza hut and only make $9.
Im lucky I even have it that 'good'

why would we have a currency system like ours in a socialist society?

in what way is having currency controlled by online exchanges and a handful of well off anonymous people any better or any different?

again, how?

The Secret isn't real dude.

Every Bitcoinfag who hates Wall Street only does so because they aren't part of it. These petty bourg and nouveau riche faggots are not to be trusted.


You have no idea what the "good decision" is going to be.

I could have bought 10,000 bitcounts in 2009. At their height that would have netted me a cool $180,000,000.

But that doesn't pay off until nearly a decade after I buy them. Instead, I used the money I could have spent on a made up internet currency to buy a car to get me to the job where I make significantly less than $180M.

Millions of people lost their whole lives' savings in the 08 crash, and they were all making the "good decision" to put their nest eggs into financial commodities that were safe, reliable, and good investments–or so they were told by pretty much every single authority on the matter.

So do all the kids that die of cancer die because they aren't trying hard enough to live?

Its like you denounce anything that will open the door to you needing to take responsibility for your own life. Its a shame grown men are so childish and self victimized. I thought it was the hallmark of the stupid, I never thought Holla Forums was that hapless. You are like a baby, unable to do for yourself and crying out.

Communist is another word for lazy

Every self titled communist is only a communist so they dont kill themselves under the weight of their own failure. This way they can blame a boogey man for keeping them poor.

looks like this thread got linked in some shithole in 4cuck

Every time I suggest saving money, living below your means etc one of you chirps up with "but its not possible!" You dumb faggots I make less than 30K a year but can afford an apartment a car and always have a full fridge. You guys are boys.

The only autism are the people crying out that its impossible for them to support themselves. I mean if you live paycheck to paycheck how did you buy a laptop? Shouldn't you have save the money LMAO bad life choices



could've been better but I'm still gonna check 'em


You are extremely sheltered if you think "just save money lol" is a viable solution for people living in poverty. I don't think of myself as a victim at all, I am quite privileged. Unlike you I have empathy for my fellow human beings who aren't so lucky.

Most people I know use the shitty straighttalk phones that cost less than $100


top lel

Evergreen meme

Back on topic. What is dikcoin down to now?

What's that user? sounds like ameriburger aspergers from what I gathered from google search.

Because you need to make a transition to a socialist society? Even unions during Revolutionary Catalonia had their own form of currency. Blockchain technology and it being open and public by design would make easier for revolutionaries. I believe it's pretty much a precursor to labor vouchers/cybernetics.

Exchanges don't control the currency, they merely profit of the trades being made.

It's better because you don't need to work at the federal reserve, a bank, or Wall St. to be involved. Again though, your problem isn't with cryptocurrency, but with capitalist privatization which results in wealth concentration.

Imagine a world were trillions of taxpayer money weren't suddenly missing. Or, where porky tax havens, couldn't easily exist. Don't you think we would be slightly better off and on our way to socialism if more people could control money?

I'm not too fond of fetishization of violence and LARPing as a 20th-century revolutionary, but dude, come on. Liberalism didn't become the dominant paradigm in the West after peaceful protests.

Stay out of Holla Forums lad

forgot to answer
Because imperial forces would very much like to keep fiat alive.

How? Why not just have socialist states/confederation/what ever org issue their own cash like a government does today? What do cryptos bring to the table besides lmao no state?

Exchanges most certainly do control the currencies. They are the banks of the cryptocurrency world. the recent bitcoin crash was stopped when an exchange dumped $160m worth of tether into bitcoin to keep bitcoin above $10k

Wealth concentration is gonna happen with any currency doubly so with private funny money.

Sounds like a capitalism problem dude. tax havens exist to escape the state. I guess in that regard cryptos are good because everyone is in a tax haven. The people musttcontrol their currency democratically through their government not some ancap wild west show.

Imperialist powers also want to avoid nulcear war. Is anything imperialists dislike suddenly good?

That's bullshit, and you know it.


Because it's the groundwork for a decentralized economy: w2.blockchain-tec.net/blockchain/blockchain-by-melanie-swan.pdf

Because for example, you need to convert to USD when you trade on the global market, what if countries opted for a cryptocurrency instead to avoid US imperialism?

Just read a wikipedia article or something, why is it hard for you understand why it has advantages over fiat?

No, they do not.

No, they're not.

That's called market manipulation, that's completely different to how the Federal Reserve controls money. Now imagine if something similar happened with fiat, you would never have known unless there was a whistleblower.

You're missing the point, everything bad you've come up about cryptocurrency is only the case because we live in a capitalist society.

Money and nuclear war are two completely different things.

Decentralization is bad. Stop trying to drag that utopian shit into the 21st century. It's dead. It failed before when it was all about muh small time farmers, and again with basically every anarchist experiment ever, and it will always do so. Decentralization is incredibly inefficient and is easily disrupted by powerful actors (as we see with bitcoin.) Just stop.


Nocoiners BTFO

I put $6,000 in when it was hovering around $17,000. Kill me.

Banter since the ban is caused by the boys in best Korea raiding SK servers and taking that booty

Visa can do more than ~200,000 transactions per second if required (they usually do way less than that apparently) and have been able to do so for some time. You are solving a problem that doesn't exist for anyone that isn't a petite bourgeoisie piece of filth.

Capitalists cuck themselves once again.

Visa has also been developing their network for over half a decade, funded purely off the back of proles. And a ragtag group of open software engineers are coming in hot. We're building communist infrastructure, what are you doing other than laughing at proles trying to escape wage-cuckery whilst defending CIA paper?

how do you escape wage cuckery by daisy chaining videocards together to make autism kroner?

crypto currency seems like regular currency with extra steps but people are super into it for some reason

Because it's deflationary so labor aristocrats and petite bourg can throw their excess money into it. It's basically stock speculation for idiots who don't have enough money or intelligence/education to fuck with securities.

Well, you see; if bought a non-mining coin like stellar lumens when they were 0.002 USD in 2016 you would have made x200 investment if you sold them now, you stupid nocoiner.

buying internet beanie babies and sitting on them until they are rare is the most internet libertarian thing i can think off
outside of childporn


Bitcoin is a joke. Crypto (as a medium of exchange) is not though.

get Litecoin

this is unironically a good course of action.

Your chances at actually making it as a boss are roughly comparable to your chances of saving your lord's life on the battlefield and getting made one of his Men At Arms

Possibly greater:

class traitors deserve the bullet before the bourgeoisie.

1. Nothing you have said is relevant to my point. We're not talking about cryptocurrencies but about bitcoin in particular. The value of the underlying blockchain technology is completely irrelevant to the value of the proof-of-concept. Similarly, despite an early lead as an ISP the underlying success of the WWW did nothing to save AOL from becoming irrelevant.
2. to say again, bitcoin is either a fiat currency or a commodity, it is NOT a commodity backed currency. Fiat-baiting is laughable.
3. The only way crypto replacing real money would help communists is by rendering macroeconomic management all but impossible*, and that's just as likely to yield fascism as it is to yield the collapse of capitalism.
*actually that probably isn't even true, provided the government can control a reasonable % of bitcoin it could, to my understanding, hijack the network. And with everyone trying to cash out…

because you're the kind of brainlet who invests in a pyramid scheme and expects others to feel sympathy for you?

Do me a favour and send all that useless crap to my PO-box, eh?

example pls.
(also, are credit card transaction times really a burden? big brain time…)

truly, the mark of a stable currency.
don't you love how in the real economy, there's a massive crisis every christmas?

A disadvantage if ever there was one.
Dubious, given some of the statistics floating about. Nonetheless, guess what? A currency not controllable by their elites is also not controllable by our elites.
ah yes i love this proof very good yes i do believe i will mortgage my kidneys and buy the magic beans HODL HODL HODL haha I'M BUYING THE DIP!!!
I love the smell of lifestylism in the morning.
(also, dollars are funny money, give me sterling or give me death.)

disagree in theory tbh, the insufferable should be banned as widely as possible. on the internet, quality of discussion matters more than quantity.
the problem is maintaining an effective moderation team, which will possibly lead to cyclical abandonment of boards - but that's better than having sheer numbers of idiots drag discussion into the gutter. (within reason, you don't want a board too slow for anyone to remember to use it, and quality doesn't mean boring, you can have quality shitposting.)

"CIA paper" is even more tedious than "fiat"
I'll have you know I'm a proud user of GCHQ paper and critically support MSS-paper that's Chinese Renminbi
We have a name for people who try to make their living without performing labour, ultimately profiting from the labour of others without contributing. Do you know who those people are? I'll give you a clue, it starts with a "B"

ah yes, that was certainly labour and not speculation.

Holy shit, you flying retard, go learn something and stop being a nitpicking faggot.



shan't be clicking your utopian virus link either.

but property should be abolished.

You're making money in a bourgeois way. If you are living on unearned income, you are by definition not a proletarian.
I wonder whether you're strawmanning, or just brainless?
the proper "counter" is "Yes, it's bourgeois but it's in my self interest", to which I respond "yes, but the dispute was over whether it was bourgeois, you little class-traitor."


when pigs shit outside we keep walking
when people shit outside, then we're disgusted.
(and yes, yes they are.)

That would make the walmart wagies on food stamps not proletarian. Being a prole is a matter of whether your labor power is exploited. Minor propertarian income like you see in small scale investments doesn't give these people enough wealth to allow them to stop selling their labor power to capitalists. They're only petty bourgies if they do well enough to no longer need to sell their labor.

I knew someone would bring this up.
Food stamps and unemployment benefit are distinct because they only act to support proletarians in their primary task, which is labouring. They aren't "unearned income" in the sense that property speculation is. (Perhaps most acutely because they aren't property income, whether that be from asset speculation, or leveraging your legal ownership of a factory.)

isn't the point of petit bourg that you don't do well enough to stop working yourself, but still exploit the labour of others? (i.e. a plumbing company owner who also fixes pipes.)

yes, and who ever heard of lying on the internet?


Today is gona be a good day.


This isn't fucking funny holy shit.

It all returns to nothing.
It just keeps.




In part. To a certain extent it's also a question of scale.

thread theme:

Stahp. Please.

Lol all the nerds on hacker news are trying to bury this.

Well while I was searching for stuff on buttcoin's price I found this article. Not gonna spoil it. Just be warned it's kinda ass

Eh that is shit but he actually gets some basic concepts of marxism rather than "communism is when the state does stuff".


A lot of these guys bought at $1000. They have little reason to sell.


this character looks cute, where is this from?

The irony is that the people who actually mined the coin instead of just buying are probs fine: they can wait it out and let it return to about $1000 or so.

the revolutionary act is bookkeeping with typewriters, the NSA can't do shit about print media.

Made in Abyss

what the fuck dude
is this in the series?

Can't remember exactly but it is a pretty good show

It's hilarious

tempted to set up a paypal to request people send me their worthless fiat money to dispose of since it's worthless.

print media.. on CIA PAPER.

what if I support Belorussian KGB paper? am I still imperialist?

*consults map*
Nah you're good.

so a worker that has papers of any sort and making some money that he hopes to finance his pension with is a bourgeoise?


if you lost money on bitcoin today target is giving away $5 giftcards to anyone that gets a flu shot. on my 8th shot today. feel great. fuck a 9-5

Why is this happening?

This was always going to be an Icarus plunge. A swan dive into shit.

would say technically yes, although given the lack of individual control or understanding over how pensions work the responsibility is far more split than with bitcoin or individual shareholding.
Actually, I don't know the law around ownership here. Possibly, the pensioner doesn't own the shares, etc, the pension fund holds, instead just being recorded as a liability to the pension fund, which then records the shares as assets, which are technically owned by the fund, and if the thing collapses presumably they liquidate the shares and then give the pensioners money, rather than saying "okay, here are the shares we bought on your behalf."


ah yes the famous social democratic revolutions

In short, the same thing with every bubble: normies got involved. You see at the start of 2017, Bitcoin was used by nerds or actual financial investors: both knew what the fuck they were doing. The nerds knew what the mining means and what they could spend it on, the financial investors know how stocks actually work; thus they know how to trade bitcoin. However, when the normies got on board, they fell into the old trap of not knowing you need someone to SELL to. As such, they try offloading their coins the moment the price crashes and boom, they can't. This and the fact that most of these people bought their coins rather than mined them meant the thing was doomed the moment it gained traction.

the Weimar Republic was literally the result of a SocDem revolution

I miss being able to buy stuff online with Bitcoin without feeling like I was somehow missing out on big gains. All I want is just a way to buy stuff without being data mined.




t. fbi

You can track Bitcoin now. Ironically this is only because the HODLers refuse to permit any changes to Bitcoin block size (among other things.) Turns out making a coin extremely difficult to use is quite profitable and overrides any privacy concerns.

Good job

Nah it's just stock trading for the average joe: it's the 1920s all over again…

Bitcoin back up to 11k: I imagine because some people are trying to buy because they realise when this fall is over they will still ave something of /some/ value.

how many kWh do you consume in shitposting alone?

Absolute garbage, when the author says he """read""" Marx he must have been referring to his Wikipedia page.

Tether is the only thing stopping it from tanking further. Wall Street has Bitcoin by the balls here.

i like how tether reinvented fractal reserve banking and buyer of last resort

Well I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only comrade who realizes that Karen votes Labour

Wow. Just checked in on reddit's crypto communities and there has been barely any mention of tether. Hilarious. These idiots are going to get raped.

Wait who? For some reason this post is hidden for me.

for now

so what do other semi-leftist imageboards like lainchan and 420chan think of Holla Forums
are we too extreme for them?

And now it's back at 11k. Dodged a bullet on that one.

It's the tripfag Space

Does anyone have a good live chart?

So is it safe to say that your average buttcoiner is no longer a libertarian ideologue? I mean just look at this shit. No way an anti-fed crusader would unironically post this.

>You see, sweetie, fractional reserve banking is good when a private company does it
I'd say, you're right but most libertarians are retards. They don't realize that central banks do the things they do because they have hundreds of years of experience in trying (not always successfully…) to manage capitalism.

Libertarians don't seem to realize that things turned out this way because the evolution of capital demanded. There are reasons that central banks exist, here is a good test-case in the US there were dozens of banking panics in the 19th century where thousands of banks would get JUSTed every round just because they didn't have a central banking system. Meanwhile, European would go decades without a major bank failing or having a serious currency crisis because their central banks were actually fairly well-managed for the time.

Libertarians seem to be in the process of molting into either 1. fascists 2. basic bitch vanilla normalfag capitalists who vote R or D every election based on their personal interests.

watching internet libertarians experience why their ideology is retarded in real time has been p cool imo