Is it possible to have anarcho-bolshevism? Everyone gets to be Stalin

Is it possible to have anarcho-bolshevism? Everyone gets to be Stalin.


I prefer national anarchism

"0% Racism 100% Identity" still manages to make me laugh every time.

sounds like a right-wing ideology that was made on a budget.

We can have anarcho-Jucheism

stop shilling nazan poster

read State and Revolution

There can only be one Best Korea though.


I prefer Anarcho-Fascism, where everyone is the absolute dictator of their own personal authoritarian regime, and everyone forms voluntary Axes to achieve their goals.

Sounds good to me comrade!

A bunch of bolshevik parties claiming to be the legitimate one and attacking each other, what could go wrong? The conflict keeps the megalomania in check.

Why don't you just join the ayncraps along with all the other fake anarchist trash?

You can be an anarcho-communist who takes inspiration from bolsheviks, but that's about it. I don't see what significant bolshevism could add to it without changing what it is while at the same time changing it enough to warrant a new label.

Is that the sharingan?

That flag is shit, it looks nazboly which makes no sense at all.


Because they're not free market shills

That flag says

Sounds like a god-tier political system to me

This isn't the anarcho-capitalism flag.

i was referring to

Stalin was neither a dictator nor genocidal so I don't see how it applies.

Gotta love ☭TANKIE☭s.
The Holodomor may be somewhat debatable, but what are your thoughts about the Great Purge and the gulag system? All a big CIA lie right? Or totally justifiable?

New flag, what do you think?

The outcome of a long internal political struggle, it was full of excesses
Not worse than any other penal system at the time

So what is your point? Didn't a whole bunch of innocent people get executed/imprisoned at the hands of Stalin? I don't think this was inevitable. But a source on what you're saying would be welcome.
Might be true, although it's hard to quantify stuff like that and I do think an exceptional number of horror stories from gulag survivers exist. And even then, I see it as a major failure of the regime that they were unable to form a more humane and democratic system or guarantee basic freedoms so that the slightest dissent couldn't already get you imprisoned.

Yes, of course Stalin had some guilt but many others did too. Also I doubt there are any MLs or ☭TANKIE☭s who think the great purge was a good thing, stop acting like there are only 2 narratives where Stalin either killed 50 trillion people or did nothing wrong. I haven't read a lot on the Yezhovshchina, but I'd recommend The Road to Terror by J. Arch Getty and the biography Stalin Man and Ruler by Robert McNeal
I get you, but it's difficult to imagine that when you consider the material conditions and circumstances surrounding Russia after the revolution and prior to WWII. Like I said, gulags were as bad as any other prison system in the 1930s.


source: guys that blew up factories, sabotaged railroads, …
dindu nuffins

there were cultural programs in the "gulag"
tell me about the cultural programs proles had in the US prisons besides raping each other

let me guess what happened according to your mind:

Stalin was evil but what can you do, he should totally have gotten killed and the party purged of his followers, this brutal scum.
maybe put these violent fucks into… prison… or camps? yeah, that'd have done it.
but there was nobody who'd actually have wanted to do that. Stalin was just paranoid because that's what evil people like him are. nobody ever did anything. except Stalin and the evil dudes around him.
and even if they did, which they clearly didn't, they'd be innocent, because you'd like that.

that's just how things are after overthrowing the most backward reactionary shithole leadership in europe, people become compliant with one evil tyrant because why bother, right? that's clearly the mindset of all these honorable trotskyites and "old bolsheviks" that just wanted to do more NEP… but whatever, guess it was Stalins turn and as revolutionaries that's what they'd do, let him have a go with industrialization and collectivization.

I like your position and nuance, but that kind of ☭TANKIE☭s is definitely a thing. See the guy who replied to you, for example.
will check em out

I don't see what you are getting at honestly. So you're saying every tyrant immediately gets overthrown? It's impossible for them to stay in power even when they are tyrants or when a considerable part of the population thinks so? How are dictatorships even possible at all then?
As for that overly simplistic view, those are your words, not mine.

That is the most Metal thing I've ever heard.

Anarcho-Stalin here. you suck.

are you really pretending to be illiterate?
i'll just repeat one word and you try to re-think, if you still cannot comprehend what i'm "hinting at" than you really need to kill yourself.

those are good things, they didn't belong to the workers

Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay!
It busted up one day!

Those who were not behind him or too opportunistic to criticize him got imprisoned. That was the point in the first place. The fact that some old trotskyists didn't stand up against him doesn't prove shit. And undoubtedly not 100% of his policies were bad either, so there were reasons to actually support him, but you're just naive if you think his opponents didn't get purged into oblivion.

You, go to gulag.