Porky's gonna pork.

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., the yam farmers of " greece " , athens , are the problems , deny them yams throughout the island and catch the bad cats the orange females , the humans horizon orange , and victory always alone and only to Θε Δελτα-Διφινιτυ , θε ονε τρυε φριενΔ , ψλεασε σταυ ψεαχεφυλ φιρτυουσ ασ γυιΔεΔ ονλυ αλονε φρομ Θε Δελτα-Διφινιτυ ,.

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have some proky

It's cool

and some more



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pls no hurty apu ;_;


Is Mr. Monopoly his sidekick?

It seems so

Jew - Rothschild Banks of London
Jew - Rothschild Banks of Berlin
Jew - Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
Jew - Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
Jew - Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany
Jew - Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Jew - Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
Jew - Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
Jew - Goldman Sachs (Obamas biggest corporate donor in 2008/2012) CEO Lloyd Blankfein
Jew - The Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yelen (before, Ben Shalom Bernanke and Alan Greenspan) including top shareholders Goldman Sachs (Jewish), J.P. Morgan Chase (Jewish) and the Rothschilds banking cartel (Jewish)
Jew - Citigroup Chairman Stanford Weil and Co Chief Executive Robert Diamond
Jew - Wells Fargo Chairman John Stumpf
Jew - Bank of America Chief Executive Charles Noski
Jew - Barclays Chief Executive Robert Diamond
Jew - J.P. Morgan Chase Chairman and Chief Executive Jamie Diamond
Jew - Morgan Stanley President and Chief Executive James Gorman
Jew - USB AG Chief Executive Oswal Gurbel
Jew - CFTC Chariman Gary G. Gensler
Jew - SEC Chariwoman Mary Schapiro
Jew - NFA President Daniel Roth
Jew - FINRA Chairman Richard Ketchum
Jew - NYSE Euronext President Duncan Niederauer
Jew - NASDAQ OMZ Group Chief Executive Robert Greifield

s-stop bullying him, guys!

I dont get it

personal favourites

tim 2 dy porki

fug :DDD nod so fas, my fren ronan regen wil safe me!

It is from the Leninist period: the bourgeoisie are happy when workers in socialist states don't work, but every bit of socialist labour is an act against the bourgeoisie.


"blue lives matter"

Porky doesn't have a single race/ethnicity. Obsessing over bourg jews is idpol. Here, have a jewish porky for your time.






Is there an Elon Musk porky? There should be.

wow I have a lot of these Ill start saging my dump


The rarest Porky of them all.



Wish he was the meme Holla Forums would direct all it's hate towards. Monopoly guy's literally the mascot for capitalism.



and final

Yeah okay

There isn't a philosophy in existence a pork wont try to hide his actions behind

Can't believe nobody's posted "Hello, fellow communists…" Porky yet.