Radical feminists hate female gender traditional roles

and I just realized TERF despise transmales, but now trans males are getting lesbians expelled from college.

What's leftypol opinions on this?

Like, we're starting to see a schim between trans males who are joining women sports and female sports who can't compete with biological males.

Both views are contradictory and you can't try to destroy traditional gender roles while at the same time having a population that engage in traditional gender roles.

You don't have to engage in gender roles to be trans???? Personally, we just want to watch transmen (isn't it women?) wrestling, this is the official Holla Forums position.
This is the closest I've seen.

TERFS are the female equivalent of an MRA, they hate men to the point of insanity/stupidity

From what i have gathered they hate mtf trans people because they see them as male infiltrators.

most transgender males engage in more traditional gender roles than cisgender women.

TERFs don't hate MtFs because they are men, they hate them because they take a cock out of the pool available to women, and increase competition for TERFs. Same deal with sexbots.

They're better at being women than women, since men are better than women at everything they aspire to do. Even when the men are mentally ill transfags.


This is very serious, most traditional roles (and this is the main problem with the ideology), are very much not for women's wrestling. Does this mean female wrestling is revolutionary?

Wow, polygamy really didn't work out for them. Nice job on his part, doesn't really back up what you're saying though.
What, if he wanted women like you he would fuck you, dumbass. This reads like what Holla Forums thinks a polygamous relationship looks like haha. I need more.

trans women are women, tho?

Gender shit is meaningless liberal crap and devoting any serious thought to it is just as ridiculous as spending time worrying about identity shit. Gender is a fantasy and identity is an illusion and assigning characteristics to people based on biology is part and parcel to the sort of racialist thinking that socialists should not only intolerate, but working to dispel. People should be treated as individuals instead of members of some imaginary group possessing inherent characteristics because of the accidents of their birth.

Woman is the kulak of the world. Fuck women.

It's only partly true, very few will admit to feeling personally threatened by transsexuals. What they WILL admit is that they are engaging in anti-universalist and essentialist identity politics, i.e. contemporary liberal feminism. Which is counter-revolutionary.

wow, I love to deny evolution.
evolution is a fairy tale.

Look, if Socialism can't support trans-wrestlers, then Socialism is against human nature, end of story. This is the problem with ☭TANKIE☭s, a bunch of larpers hanging on to failed revolutions, with ZERO theoretical developement. Sad
None of that has anything to do with the fact that gender roles are spooks. Stop trying to justify state mandated dresses.

Transwomen use the term "TERF" like a lot of liberals use "fascist." It basically just means "a cis female who disagrees with me." Gender is unimportant as an identity. Just because you identify as a woman doesn't mean that you will be exploited like one. Read pic related.


Angela Negal doesn’t hate men and she’s a TERF.

Who said it can't? Can you even read? First wave feminism, best wave, only wave.

Okay, we're completely in agreement then. Officially a ☭TANKIE☭ now.

Trans sportspeople either compete in their physiological category or in a separate category determined by their original physiology and their transition to. Trans boxers (m-f) are wiping the floor with actual woman boxers due to this fucking reason. Fuck liberals and their shit ideology

gender roles evolve from the phycological diference between genders.

there's more female engineers from totalitarian shitholes like india than the egalitarian sweden.

when people is free from social dogma, they tend to fall into more traditional roles and ocupations (males going for STEM, females going for nursing).

So, the more egalitarian a culture is, the more gender inequal becomes, because, wow, gender stems from biology.


Is this the hottest take?

Gender roles arise not just from physiological difference between genders, though that is the biggest component, but also from cultural and historical traditions, to a lesser degree.

the arise trought the dycotomy between males being hunters and females being gatherers raising the kids.

males literally suffer depression because they feel useless in their role of being a provider (neet depression) while females rather work part time and have time to raise their kids than reaching a position of power.

I see a lot of recent Holla Forums converts have learned that you can justify miso-gyny by replacing "slut/whore/etc" with "TERF." Pretty pathetic honestly.

Meanwhile, women demand equal pay as men in the same positions. Even though they never work any overtime and ask off an extra day per week (or more) for taking care of their kids.

Better than plebbit visitors defending liberal feminism by accusing others of being Holla Forums and misogynist.


How dare they ask for the same amount of pay as those who do.

women work less time than males, this is a fact.

most employeers hire women because they're cheaper because they rather keep working 20 years on the same wage because they're unable to confront their bosses and ask for a pay rise, like male does.

Damn. Women BTFO.

Why do people keep saying this? Other than speaking favorably about Greer, I haven't seen any evidence of this.

Preventive sage because these topics always end in shit shows


so a women should be paid more for working less?

women in some professions make more than males (models, porn stars, actresses).

Have you considered increasing your dosage?

source for that?