Chelsea Manning to run for US Senate on whistle blowers, because she's transgender or whatever. Back up your accusation.)

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Despook me on Manning. The only thing I know about is that whole leaking classified data thing.

Chelsea "we live in a police state ACAB" Manning is not a psyop lad.

Even if she were a psyop, what does it matter? Oh no, the CIA is going to trick us into… voting on election day in Maryland???

Chelsea Manning is the perfect woman

There's only one problem: she's American.

You have to be accommodating for their kind; they didn't choose to be born that way.

Nah, the prob is that she's running as a Dem

I worry that there won't be enough emojis on her twitter feed to appeal to the kids.

Good to see Baboon poster take a principled stance against FGM.

i cant see her winning.
Will probably piss off neocons, the alt right, and clinton hold outs all at the same time.

She should be supported. She will weaken American Imperialism from the inside out.

How quaint.
Now that's just ridiculous.


Yeah, she's not going to get anywhere with this

Like you can run as anything else in this fucking country


Don't you have some tea and crumpets to be eating?

How is this not something we should be supporting?

Shitting on whistleblowers veracity has historically gotten you a tap on the wrist.

I hear Yanks say "quaint" all the time.

The logic behind OP shouldn't be defended because she was an enemy of the state, she's a comrade for what she did. Broiling distrust in ACTUAL enemies of the US state as acting in favor of the US state, is and always will be ridiculous.

Bollocks revealed that you were a brit, quaint revealed that you were a jerkoff. Now you get jerkoff brit jokes for the rest of time.

There's nowhere to run my baboon boy. You will be banned before anyone sees you screech for help.

Also MKULTRA was a failure:The Unabomber was hardly some agent of US Imperialism.

And the government has always been trying to yank her back into prison in outrage since she was released prematurely. This whole "CHELSEA IS A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE 4D CHESS" bullshit is so fake

Who knows, maybe she will win because of the under 30 population of voters. They did a significant number on Roy Moore.

Chelsea slander will not be tolerated >:(

i was wondering about the banreason as well since i saw no mention of her being trans but yeah, the whole "psyop" meme gives it away
good catch

just not sure what to think of her
it's really hard to respect cuckdems/demcucks, but she actually did something to deserve it
if only she'd turn to ML…

doesn't she regularly post shit like "fuck the police" on her twitter
i seem to remember her having an interaction with catgirl drawgirl once

i think she used a cgdf image drawn for her on her twitter

You're not remembering wrong. She did.

just went and checked and it's her background

Absolute STATE of the mods

If you needed more proof Manning was /ourcomrade/

This. What are we being tricked into?


Spotted the recent Holla Forums convert

Can't feel that bad if your gonna misgender her for no reason

Even if that's were true, what's wrong with that?

Based. Chelsea is 100% /ourgal/

Even if I thought transgenderism was total bullshit and insanity, I'd still give Chelsea the respect of calling her whatever name or pronoun she wants to be called.

It's about respecting someone who is both a comrade and a hero.

fuck back off into your shithole, faggot

Am I a bad person if I think that Chelsea getting elected just for being a tranny is kinda dumb and not really socialist

t r i g g e r e d ?

Manning has done more to fight US imperialism than anyone on this fucking board.

that would be a good point if it were true

Nah she is standing against a democrat incumbent, the libs will find a reason to hate her.

Who really gives a fuck if she gets elected for retarded spooked reasons. All that matters is that she gets elected.

yeah you're probably right

damn I'm a succdem and even I'm not this opportunistic

Getting a prisoner of the US into office might be good enough as a figure of Fuck You than a legitimate victory. But it would still be a fuck you.

Look if her idea of socialism is more than just an earned income tax credit and a higher minimum wage than sure, it's likely she can primary another unreliable centrist who will wimp out on M4A. I just don't want to see the left fall back into the same trance that they got caught up in back in 2008

Manning would likely prove unable to affect meaningful change even if elected. Furthermore, its election would likely only serve to embolden the utter idpol cancer that have tied themselves to its cause. Good as a PR stunt to attract attention from a news media that has moved on to other matters, though.

Chelsea Manning is awesome and the people who pick on her for dumb shit like being a furry or using emojis are invariably lame.

So what is there to lose, exactly?

I mean you could make a valid argument that being a tranny will be a much bigger deal in the election, but that is her fault


The increased attention on Manning will likely mean that the idpol morons screaming about "white people" being the font of all evil and not sucking off tranny cock means you are literally Hitler also grab the spotlight. Ultimately, that's self defeating given that the aim is quite clearly outreach to the masses.


Chelsea Manning is anticommunist (equates USSR to Nazi Germany, see pic) and shills constantly for the Democratic Cops of America. Ironically she also shits on actual democratic socialism in Venezuela. Her leaks (while important) resulted in extensive promotion of Julian Assange, who is a blatant crypto-fascist. She served in the 10th Mountain Division, which a number of other miraculous "leftist converts" in the military did as well (see pics, extremely suspect). She is actually still on active duty, meaning anything she says right now is tacitly approved by the US military (

Make up your own mind, but at least know the facts. Whistleblower worship is a liberal mind disease. We have an abundance of facts about capitalist crimes, we need to use them to expose capitalism, not just dump stuff on the internet and let the MSM report on it as a bunch of disconnected, meaningless events. As well, WL-style whistleblowers are a very small minority of the people who are actually bringing us these facts. Investigative journalism as a profession is more important in many ways, and it is under intense assault by the porkies.


Thanks BO
Anyway, to explain myself: While leaking the documents was good, can any Manning supporters here give a plausible explanation of why Obama would pardon an actual risk to the state like that, if she weren't going to be used as an asset? Like, what does the state have to gain by releasing a person of that character into the wild? I can't say I blame her for taking a deal (if I had to choose between that and being tortured in solitary confinement for the rest of my life I'd sell out without a second thought), but that doesn't mean I can't call her out for what she is.

This guy is right too

All of this is more L's so I hope she quits it. You've got your reactionaries, your liberals, and if what user posted above she might still be on active duty.
Let's not get into Venezuela but an oil based economy did really fuck the common people over. Let's save that disk horse for another time.

Yes, the deal is also suspect. It's perfectly likely she really was tortured, and she broke under the torture and brainwashing (like most human beings would) and cut a deal to do some kind of fucked up PSYOP.

This is stupid

OK, why are you posting with your trip?

oh no

I'm willing to countenance she is a bit of a dunce when it comes to theory and eats a lot of the mainstream narratives about various stripes of leftism. Nevertheless, she has appeal among the liberal idpolyps and also supports a basket of policies that are commendable and will make easier actual leftist organizing more possible (namely her opposition to police power), and that's about as good as you'll get in the states.

The rest of that post frankly sounds like CT. Ex-soldiers acting as sleeper cells is the stuff of novels; actual COINTELPRO infiltrators tend not to carry it on their sleeve like that.

Nah the libs will hate her because she is running against a democrat incumbent and thus "OMG HELPING TRUMP YOU FUCKING BERNIEBRO".

He's probably going to lose tbqh; then again, it wouldn't be the first time Americans have elected an obviously mentally unstable individual.

So what, it’s her or a neoliberal who get’s elected. She’s a best case scenario.

No he isn’t. A crypto-fascist wouldn’t be against shit like surveillance.


I don't actually think she's unstable but come on now

Most of the liberals I've seen have literally been calling her a traitor.

Seriously doubt that he has a chance
But the same was also said about Trump, so I'm not sure

I don't think anyone on this site has a good understanding of American politics.

A Holla Forums is still a Holla Forums even if it's lefty.

It makes sense if you were already an incredibly unintelligent board owner taking hormone pills that make you lash out in uncontrolled fits of autism

There's burgers here who think Trump is indicative of a stable government

Then they're idiots, the American Empire is collapsing before our eyes and its is glorious.

Could also be that the 10th Mountain Division is a shit place to work and has been dragged around the most hellish warzones of Iraq and Afghanistan for 16 years running. That sort of thing would tend to make even the most deranged troops think twice, and from all reports it's a spectacularly horrible work environment all on its own. Plenty of push for people to rethink America's role in the world.

So I need a summary, are we supporting her or not? I unironically want her to win just because of how big of a "fuck you" it would be to the CIA and the Democrats, but I want to know your guys thoughts.

I'm in the same place as you, Maryland is full of federal intelligence agents so I think it'd burn a little extra just for them to see their "muh russia" Senator kicked off his seat.

No, "we" are not supporting opportunist emoji socdems and possible agents to run in irrelevant elections.

Michael Prysner is a Marxist Leninist and member of the PSL. So fucking what if he's a veteran?

He was a CIA torturer, do you hear him calling for his own trial and imprisonment? No? Just whining about his own PTSD. He is a black mark on the PSL and part of a program to extend soldier/veteran worship into "socialist" circles.

We are free to disagree.

Yes, so stop with this "we" BS.

this new REEEEEEing about anyone who's ever had any contact with the military/intelligence sector ever is completely divorced from any meaningful theory

the reason we don't allow cops to join our parties isnt because we think policing is wrong, it's because we don't want to get arrested. obsessing over the histories of people is bourgeois moralizing. if you're so opposed to veterans joining socialist formations, justify it on tactical or theoretical grounds rather than "muh feels".

ps don't say class enemies can't theoretically join socialist orgs because i guarantee you almost every poster here is pb

I'm a different poster than the one you were responding too.

This doesn't apply to spies and soldiers suddenly?

It's the only way to know if someone is trustworthy. If they were your enemy in the past, they better have a really good explanation and renunciation for why they want to work with you now. And even then must be kept at arm's length/compartmentalized. None of these miraculous socialist soldier converts from the 10th Mountain Division have given the proper and needed renunciation, and Rapone for instance is still in fucking West Point. They should not be trusted or promoted. One of the US empire's greatest ideological weapons today is worship of soldiers, spies, and cops, and socialists must fight it.

if you get arrested by a veteran fucking let me know lol

as far as the cult of soldier-worship goes, its not like people who support manning support her because she was a soldier. i support her because she endangered and possibly ended the lives of US soldiers and intelligence assets

as far as trustworthiness goes, sure i wouldn't want her or prysner in my ultra-underground revolutionary ML sect or whatever (though i think those are fucking stupid and any org that doesnt massively base-build is useless imo)

How do you know they're a vet though?

I'm referring more to Prysner and Rapone (as well as others such as Democratic Cops of America's Lee Carter who got elected). However there is a lot of vet/soldier worship rhetoric around Manning as well actually.

You should get your story straight, all her activists say this wasn't the case. And how could it be? Most US soldiers are in no real danger regardless, they are just colonial occupiers, not real warriors.

OK, well have fun getting shot/arrested/blacklisted ten or twenty years from now when the new Red Scare starts. That'll surely bring us communism.


the best way to combat a red scare is by making socialism popular, not by confining ourselves to tiny cells with impossibly high barriers to entry.

if there's another red scare, there's nothing for us to do, the population would be anti-communist and we couldn't organize. the only sane way to take that into consideration is via mass progressive base building with clandestine, implied relationships between groups, like with PSL-DSA

You don't need to embarrass yourself by admitting you get political theory from video games.

So now are we arguing that Chelsea is a fucking spy after being tortured by the US government in maximum security prison for FIVE PLUS STRAIGHT FUCKING YEARS IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, for JUST leaking information about the fucking Iraq War?

Is she the spy? Why, she decided to join the military, or she was in solitary and is trans now so she's the Manchurian Candidate?

This is all so bloody ridiculous because we have no fucking proof of any god damn double dealing, and it's in my best interest some left candidate in whatever capacity gets in the US government instead of a fucking Russia Conspiracy pushing Clintonite.

Show evidence or stop arguing. It's that simple. All you have is speculation and finger twiddling.

Once again, not the person you were responding too.

Can't take a joke?

Socialism was "popular" and gaining popularity when the red scares were initiated. Didn't protect the CPUSA.

This is necessary to continue popularizing socialism past a certain point, because you can't popularize socialism when you're dead or in prison.

You are arguing from a totally ahistorical standpoint.

Again, I was talking about Prysner, but why exactly is it so ridiculous to think Chelsea's pardon had conditions? Why is she acting in ways that benefit empire? It's no "Manchurian candidate," she is openly anticommunist and running in elections on a vague socdem platform.

Well, first of all because we have no evidence so this is the equivalent of speculating on Russiagate bullshit. I'm tired of it, it's fruitless, it's stupid, it's counter intuitive, and it's based on idiocy.

Stop playing Eric Garland.

1) no, socialism was never, ever popular in this country lol

2) if we have another red scare we're fucked

3) a popular socialist movement cannot, by definition, be subject to the insane barriers of entry that you propose

lmfao, guess what, in order to act as communists we must make guesses and protect against possibilities. We use Marxism to make our guesses and predictions more accurate. Now think, what exactly have I said here?
1. Chelsea is acting in ways that benefit empire now.
2. This is possibly because she was tortured and forced to make a deal.
These are both perfectly reasonable and evidence-based assertions.


It's not your job to act like Eric Garland unfortunately, I disagree.

It was at its most popular in history before and during the Red Scare, THAT'S WHY THE RED SCARE HAPPENED. It is impossible to have communist revolution in the USA without having an organization that can ENDURE the inevitable state repression.

Ok then, stay indoors and give up. Because we will have another, and another, and another until revolution succeeds. Otherwise, get with the program and read some fucking books, and help build a party that can survive repression.

They're not insane and yes it can.

Me, edglord leftist : all cops and soldiers are bastards because they have an interest in upholding the law of the oppressive state

you, genius demsucc : you're just making things up sweaty. Just because we know she's a soldier who is still technically on active duty doesn't mean she's still imperialist.

To do what? This is fucking Russiagate tier

Who the fuck is Eric Garland? Why do you think I give a shit about liberal pundits? Get your head out of the punditland gutter.

You are. There is 0 evidence of anything you're saying. And you admit it.

Someone as insane as you.


Ah, the old "you're insane" argument, really good shit.


first of all I'm not OP. second of all have you not read this thread? Why are you trusting soldiers now? What is your rational?

The evidence you have is bad mouthing the USSR? What the fuck kind of evidence of a deal is that? What deal is it? Again, nothing.

It's tried and true.

Because they went to federal prison for five years over leaking top secret information about the US military killing civilians?

See, I have evidence that this happened.

We all do.

You have speculation and gossip.

Yes, and aiding the Democratic Cops of America, objectively an imperialist Democrat organization. The fact that she served in the 10th Mountain Division and is still on active duty is basically just supplementary info.

So, she shat on the USSR and joined a socialist org in America that's attatched to the hip with the democratic party.

That's not looking good, but it's not evidence of any "deal making" this is pulled straight out of your ass. Stop pulling ideas out of your ass, it doesn't look attractive. Conspiracy theorist.

Whoopty dooo she went to prison. Millions of people go to prison but that doesn't make them allies. Also, she repeatedly talks about being a proud veteran. She hasn't even renounced her allegiance to the state.

basically, muh feels. I don't think I'm demonizing Chelsea, who is almost certainly a victim. I'm saying that her public facing behavior is suspect and not trustworthy, and probably doesn't represent what she actually thinks or wants.

You're not getting my point, and you're acting erratically.

No I'm saying "This happened" "There is no evidence of this happening"

Which is…correct

Conspiracy theories are good and necessary. Stop acting like an emotional child.

I bet you're one of the people who said people were conspiracy theorists for saying the democratic primary was rigged.

No, they are not. They are peddling uncited and unspecific bullshit. Children act without evidence before acting on their decision making. Mentally ill people do this as well.

If I'm a child, you're a vegetable.

So you're against theory? Ok, go to >>>/liberalpol/.

No, I'm not. I've just said that peddling this is the equivalent of peddling that.

There is no evidence.

Do you confuse conspiracy theory with socialist theory?

Is this sentence redundant?

Marxist theory has long been denounced as "conspiracy theory," because it necessarily posits that the bourgeoisie and their secret organizations do conspire against the proletariat. Moreover, Marxists base their theory on history, and history is rife with proof of conspiracies that were at the time dismissed as "mere conspiracy theories." Yes, Marxists must theorize about conspiracy theories, if they don't, they are total failures as Marxists.


Backpedal Backpedal Backpedal Backpedal Backpedal

What are you even saying? Total brain mush. Just log off and read a book.

This would be an argument if there was anything rooted in Marx in accusing a former enemy of the state of making secret deals with the Obama administration like a boomer confused about Russia watching MSNBC.

I'm saying that you're steering the argument away from the lack of evidence of your accusations

Me: Russiagate is bullshit
Also me: I have no evidence, but time for some game theory. What if Chelsea Manning sucked Obama's dick to get out of prison/ #StayWoke

lmao, Marxists like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, and Castro (the list goes on) all famously denounced various "enemies of capitalism" as spies.

go back to twitter turing police

What is this garbage? You are spamming to drown out argument at this point.

And? What's your point? I'm asking for evidence

People mocking you

seriously go back to your twitter torture chamber. this website is for people who think there are alternative forms of organization to the underground cult worth discussing

You're going in circles, I will respond to new/real arguments that haven't already been addressed.

Yes I am. I'm going in circles asking you for evidence to back up your claim to which you reply "YOU'RE A CHILD! OAF! YOU CIRCLER!"

I am asking for some concrete fucking evidence

All you have to do, is give it to me. It's not that difficult.

good job you have a twiiter account how cool of you

You'll probably respond until hell freezes over let's be real here



i just want the fucking t*nkie twitter ML circlejerk retards to go back to their own website. like we get it, you think the only viable socialist organization is a hyper-sectarian ultra-underground microsect that also thinks china is socialist for some reason.

its pointless debating you because you refuse to confront the LITERAL REALITY that groups other than that will exist, and that treating them as enemies and distractions from your True Revolutionary Path is why we never win anything. its only you fucking faggots. its literally only you guys. MLMs dont care. anarchists dont care. nobody but you dumb xi jinping worshippers gives a fucking shit about this!!!!

so you think Obama let her out because of the… goodness of his heart?

Because it's bad PR to other nations to have someone who whistleblew on the killing of civilians to be tortured in prison.

go re-read my posts:

I have addressed all your major points and you have stooped to random insults.

Post evidence first.

So why didn't Obama pardon her immediately? …also bad PR?

I addressed that in my posts.

Because there wasn't as much international pressure at the time. It's a blatantly transparent move.

If there was a """"""""deal""""""""" why are they working to get her back in prison?

You did not post any evidence, no

youre responding to two separate people but you need to accept the fact that a *mass socialsit movement will exist* and you will *not* be able to exert your will over it to forbid veterans from joining.

the ball is literally in your court. you can take it and go home, or you can develop principled way of dealing with people who dont feel like organizing revolutionary microcells

lol, "international pressure" is a joke.

If they're hounding her (perfectly likely), then that would actually them enforce their deal if one was made.

Wew lads, the next few years are truly going to be fucking insane

2018 is already 1914 2.0

All it would take is one bullet in the wrong person.

I wish tbh

If you’re going to astroturf, atleast our sims effort in to it.

He should be walled for serving ub the military

Nah, fuck off.

feel like a very important piece of information is missing... hmmm

There's literally nothing wrong with leaking US government documents. They are an vile empire and have no right to exist, let alone exploit the entire fucking planet.

He was like this waaaaay before he leaked anything fuck off


Alright edgelord, settle down.

How else are leftists meant to get military experience for the revolution? Books can only teach you so much. Besides, serving in the military can be a great opportunity for entryism. Which fucking works, in Chelsea's case.

Christ, you sound like a shill.

Through training and through the practical experience of engaging in legal and illegal work. At a certain stage, a revolutionary party should also seek training and assistance from existing communist or resistance countries, such as the training and assistance that Hezbollah operators received from the DPRK, Syria, Iran, etc.

That's not even entryism, you are a braindead idiot who needs to read a book.

Forgot to add this: American soldiers are trained to DISMANTLE insurgencies, while communist revolutionaries must learn to BUILD them. The overlap in skills needed for these two opposing skills is actually not very significant.

It'd be useful to know what they're going to do to you to take down your insurgency.

That's not some kind of great secret, and again, comrades in anti-imperialist countries can help fill in the gaps. In an advanced stage of capitalist crisis, American revolutionaries, for instance, could probably receive Cuban and Chinese assistance (provided they had already proven themselves somewhat).

Likewise, the counter-insurgency theory draws heavily from military theory from guerrilla warfare. And make no mistake, basic modern military training skills are largely the same whether you were trained in the US army or by the NVA.

Good to know the revolution is dependent on whether Chinese social imperialism desires it then.

I say the overlap is "not significant" not because there is not a lot of overlap, but because much of the overlap IS BASIC TRAINING, which is rock-stupid. If any dumbass petty-booj American grunt can learn it, it is not a great secret that communists "NEED veterans" to teach it to them.

Yeah but that doesn't translate to the training. The training is opposed to insurgency and resistance, period. It can't magically be turned around and used for resistance.

MANDELA: One of the mistakes which some political analysts make is to think their enemies should be our enemies. Our attitude towards any country is determined by the attitude of that country to our struggle. Yasser Arafat, Colonel Gaddafi [and] Fidel Castro support our struggle to the hilt. There is no reason whatsoever why we should have any hesitation about hailing their commitment to human rights as they’re being demanded in South Africa… They do not support [the anti-apartheid struggle] only in rhetoric; they are placing resources at our disposal for us to win the struggle. That is the position.


Bruv are you seriously arguing that being a "conspiracy theorist" is bad? Like it's one thing if you don't accept this particular conspiracy theory, but if you actually think believing in government conspiracies is bad then yeah you should probably fuck off back to /liberalpol/.


Sorry which on of them was running china in the 1980s again?

"Look a state capitalist regime with an integrated bourgeois class engaging in economic exploitation of third world countries is not imperialism because they have red flags and shiet"

Sorry you are an infantile idiot who can't engage an argument in good faith.

literally like clockwork. what is it about not knowing what socialism is that also makes you a paranoid cultist?

lmao I didn't even say china is socialist and you're triggered as fuck.

WTF leftypol I expected better from you

*licks paws*

Well, it is a step towards the left. Fucking Bernie was too radical for them, so shorter steps might be needed.

is china socialist


Cardin and McCain were the two primary sponsors for Global Magitsky. Wikileaks is a Russian friendly. Manning offloaded intel to Wikileaks. Is Manning running to a) get back at the establishment and b) to move the Democrats further to the left and make them less appealing in national elections?

this is an embarassment



What does no one remember this, really?

more epic video game references

Your bitching is ceaseless. It really is spectacular.




Let me guess, all those members of the literal bourgeoisie are in fact revolutionary comrades?

rethink your life user

What the fuck does this even mean at this point

focus on humanities mostly.


that's just about it, I don't know why you're so focused on that detail it was just flavor text.

Also two things
1) I am not a bloody yank
2) I am at a uni with a fucktonne of Chinese students; they are mostly the sons and daughters of porkies.

Yes, CIA CIA CIA. The USA controls over half the planet and the CIA is one of their most important tools. They (or Mi5 or whoever) control your college too.

Criticizing the humanities for little reason in a post is a tired and annoying tell.

I, and nobody else, is denying that. I am simply saying you argue like a chump and you're stupid.

I'm not criticizing it, why would I be critical of liberal arts when I go to a liberal arts college?

Don't go to college. Don't go outside. Don't read books. Listen to my posts, they will set you free. Chelsea Manning PsyOp CONFIRMED, RUSSIA!

Fuck off shitposter. Go to college, go outside, read books, and be critical and realistic about everything.

Good advice, you should follow it.

Back to gradeschool-level insults.

Ad Hominass

< what does it mean that she is on active duty?
< how close is she really to DemCops?
the dialectics are in motion.
< please do not entertain the idea that electoral politics are an arena for political gain.
< you will not achieve dual power by voting in a state run election.

Sounds like a good story desu. Why are people against this again? It's not enough to just say "CIA" - what, concretely, would the CIA gain by her running for office they wouldn't get with slime like Ben Cardin? (and probably losing by 60 points, let's be honest, though I'd love if she won.)

It distracts leftish people who could be doing something that's actually subversive
Same as the Democrat Cops of America

Nah, you're just a retarded ☭TANKIE☭.


Why are you a reformist? Have the Democrats ever given you hope? Why is being skeptical about joining the enemy something only a ☭TANKIE☭ would do?


She's a regular hero

Chelsea is fit

how will /idpol/ react?

Only the toppest of keks

ahahahhahah fuck this shit


The Roo has spoken. The debate is now over:
his analysis was more nuanced and fair-minded than I expected

Just got this while going there. Porky is scared of the Roo I think.

Because pacifists are all dead.

Wow this was an amazing thread, I honestly can’t say I’ve ever seen such a vicious exchange on Holla Forums.

I don’t think Chelsea is definitely a gov plant (I guess she could be but idk what they’d gain from running her in Maryland) but I really don’t think her positions are really very developed or worth supporting.

transgendered individuals are a product of the free market
Relevant, it is basically the last screeches of a mainstream right that doesn't know how to handle the rise of the red left. The irony is that meme culture has killed red baiting: one of the running YTP themes is blasting the anthem of the USSR over shit and people don't give a shit. Heck I have a матрёшка from Russia that has Stalin on it: not one gives a flying fuck about it (the fact this was a gift from someone who is 100% not a communist says even more). So, what does the mainstream do? Resort to cold war rhetoric. Except as the article points out: communism isn't stopping people from getting a home, from working with a living wage, from having a decent existence. It is like things have been reset back to 1900. People forget that prior to Lenin the red scare was just as real, it was just that there was an existential threat hanging the world in the form of the ebul society from about the 5th of March 1946-1990. Now that threat is gone, things lay bare.

Legitimately I am impressed by Unruhe, he makes a decent argument. I would say the one flaw in the video is he offers very little alternative.

Holla Forums is a psyop confirmed

One big gripe with his talk: he says that Manning is "not qualified" for the job. Yet he doesn't explain this any further than making reference to Trump also being unqualified. What does he mean, is he being a credentialist here? This is a terrible point to make; professional politicians and bureaucrats are just as "unqualified" re: changing the system, more so even. The current professional political class is almost entirely corrupted, and we should be fishing outside of it for better representatives.

We shouldn't be participating in bourgeois politics at all, really. We should only participate in in as part of a larger revolutionary praxis.

Disagree entirely. As far as voting goes, for what little good it might do, it's still only at most an afternoon of work every few years, so you might as well do it. When it comes to political organizing to participate in elections, again, why not? If you're already building a larger movement, you might as well mobilize it a few months ever few years to try get some reliable people in office. If nothing else, they can fleece the expenses and services provided by parliament to support the larger movement.

Actually, I think we basically agree, although the question becomes, just how much of our limited resources should we be devoting to the electoral process. We have to consider our opportunity costs.

Yeah, probably. Mea culpa for ignoring your second sentence.

This but unironically

lol, what? I'm being serious. The liberal msm outlets have had plenty of op-eds accusing her of being a traitor that endangered big mac operatives overseas, and online I've seen tons of people who were pro-hillary calling her a traitor. Just as one example, go to Resetera (replacement board for Neogaf) and look at the Chelsea Manning thread. On the first page is a mod literally calling her a traitor.

Sure, user. Might as well vote Neoliberal/Accelerationist, it's what Marx and Engels would have done.

wtf im a mutualist now

If Chelsea were running on behalf of a Marxist socialist party then I would agree with you.

Guys, Chapo is a psyop! You should stop listening to their shitposting podcast. They have too much money so it must all come from the CIA. No no no don't get out a calculator and type in 5$ times 20k subscribers to see where the money comes from, you silly math nerd! Just listen to me instead! Also, every socialist from Europe the chapos talk to is a psyop as well. You should stop listening to them now.

Guys, Chelsea is a psyop! You should stop reading her random emoji spam. She was pardoned by Obama so she must have made a deal with him, personally, to spread western imperialism across the globe. Also she says nice things about her former colleagues in the military, what a monster! No no no don't read her posts where she states that nationalist fantasies are harmful. Just listen to me, buddy! Also she was tortured so she's probably brainwashed now? Yeah that sounds good. And that laughing emoji pillow she carries around is all part of the CIA brainwashing experiment. You should stop reading her shitposts now.

Chapo wasn't mentioned once until you brought them up, illiterate child. In fact, you could easily be one of the most hysterical posters in this thread.

You don't get it, do you? The exact same psyops psyops psyops screeching happened in the chapo trap house thread and has happened elsewhere. It does not deserve serious replies anymore. It deserves to be mocked into oblivion.

That's a laugh. The tinfoil poster and others like him can go screaming about psyops everywhere, but I'm the hysterical one when I make fun of them?

Maybe you should read the OP again. It was banned, then edited to be "allowed" as in "barely tolerated". Can you guess why?

No one is screeching except for you, you autistic faggot. People have simply drawn attention mainly to two worrying facts: that Manning is at best a reformist socdem, and that her sentence commute/ties to the military are fishy. Trying to downplay these observations by discrediting anyone who talks about them as a conspiracy theorist is liberalism. Read Parenti.

Literally what the fuck are you talking about? No one cares about your board drama.

The USSR was shit tbh, especially after Stalin’s death.

Also Venezuela is a shithole, it’s like the South Africa of Latin America

I bet you thought Hillary’s “health problems” were a problem to, right? Thinly veiled sexism is still sexism, but nice try though.

No one here hates Clinton because she fainted or whatever you absolute dipshit


You're too hopeful. The economy war is more likely, though. That one will be really fun. It all depends on what Perfidious Albion will be up to.

Reminder that unironic Clinton supports are to be shot.

I always pegged Julian as a libertarian.

Hoochie isn't a Volunteer any more, so I'll just reiterate that criticism of Manning/Whistleblowers is allowed. However, don't post TERF shit.

I thought she would be your replacement, now I'm sad.

Yeah he always gave me that impression too.

Chelsea "crashes" a fascist party somehow even though it's invite only and protestors couldn't get inside. Tries to take selfies with the fash??? For what purpose exactly?

I can't get over how fucking awkward that hand looks, it's the wrong way up for it to be the camera man's or Chealsea's but it's perfectly positioned to be so.

I fully agree, so long as it's a revolutionary army.

she's talking about USA mercs you fucking tard

It's her left hand doing a thumbs down

lmfao she says she was gathering intel
either she or her handler is a fucking idiot

No it doesn't. It makes you silly, but that's not even what she did anyway. She just compared them on the basis of their oppressive police, which is fair. You can draw comparisons about specific traits that different things have in common without equating the two. Come on now.

The Democrat Cops of America sucks, but the sad reality is that they're the most relevant lefty org. It's full of liberals but there are good people there also.

uh huh
The summary she posted and you reposted is pretty good for what you can fit in a tweet.

Assange's politics aside, this is plain bad logic. Just because shitty people benefit from good things that doesn't make them not good things anymore.

Lots of vets turn left after seeing some shit in the military. "She's a vet" is not grounds for revoking comrade status.

From your source:
almond status: activated

Where the fuck do you think you are? Whistleblowers are heroes. Period. And liberals hate Manning.

The significance of Manning's leaks isn't the MSM's reporting, but the availability of the information on the internet. Alternative media (social media and the like) was pretty effective as disseminating the revelations. If you have criticism for what to do with the information, that's who to direct it toward, not the insider who leaked it and had little control of what happened once it was out.

This isn't a criticism of Manning, and it's also a shitty opinion. Investigative journalists will never have the kind of access that insiders do.

I'm not a fan of Manning, but this criticism is fucking forced as shit. This amount of nonsense compelled me to respond point by point.

Anybody who wasn't expecting dubious smears and mudslinging against Manning is a fucking moron. That shit is standard in elections, and her politics only give people more reason to do it.

Anti-communism is one thing, you supporting Chavismo is another comrade. Do not.

Bruh why the fuck would Obama care about that? He was almost done anyway. Besides, even a lot of dems think manning is bad because she endangered muh troops.

fuck off gusano

Another pic of Manning having a great time at this fascist gathering. Again, she had to have a ticket. "Gathering intel" on gullible "leftists" who want to be her friend.

It improves the democrat's image and the more elections the dems win the more opportunities for a former president to make money.

Yes, and…? You noticed the conditional in my sentence?


weird how the libs have shut up now. even anarchists are criticizing manning at this point.

This happens every time
t. ex-anarchist who learned from this experience

lol that word filter
Last word in the fourth line should be "fascistas rojos"


yes, the PSUV is true "dem soc," of the kind D.S.A claim to be for, or what Allende attempted.

I agree Manning got the typical Arendt-style "anti-totalitarianism" position and that's crap.
No, Manning is correct here. Two decades into the "revolution", they still have capitalism (and I don't mean absence of gay space communism, I mean they still have the capitalist class enjoying almost all the same freedoms as everywhere else, aside from some half-assed price controls).
He's a lolbert. I don't recall if he has ever made some "race realist" bs remarks, probably not.

Manning now begging fascist lawyers to help get her war criminal friends out of prison. Her friend, Clint Lorance, was such a bloodthirsty evil fuck that his own imperialist comrades couldn't even stand him and testified against him.

The ☭TANKIE☭ conspiracy nuts were right again, as usual.

it's a "little" more than just "half-assed price controls", you're downplaying the capitalist terror before the social democracy


who is manning dming in the picture you posted?

Tankies have been openly airing their criticisms and suspicions of Chelsea for over a year now, warning people she was going to start promoting fascism and imperialism. Libs and anarkiddies constantly got insanely angry about it, and now they have been BTFO.


It brings us no joy, I assure you.

how is that "conspiracy" tho, of course we were right about this, that's just how bourgie lefties work
radical talk, reactionary action, we see this happen every time with social democrats, they just want imperialism with a human face

"conspiracy" made me think more about her being "broken" in jail to become a tranny, which is more a Holla Forumsack one than ☭TANKIE☭

Because there is a group of people escorting her around and using her for their political purposes, it's a conspiracy/PSYOP. Here's a post from 2015, actually from a sceptical anarchist.
As early as then, it was clear that an imperialist PR firm was running all her communications. If you look at her absurd Mr Robot campaign video, it's clear she's still being used.

oh, i see, you mean the active operators working her
i dont doubt this is happening but she's clearly a willing partner in this

maybe, but it's not really important to our analysis whether she's coerced or not, or to what extent.

Does anyone even believe this? Manning came out as trans before going to jail, even sent crossdressing pictures to a superior officer in a confession of sorts. The entire reason Manning even joined the military in the first place was to try and suppress crossdressing urges, to try and "man up".

Liberals. Disgusting.

Why would the powers that be go through the trouble of propping her up only to reveal her as an imperialist later? They already have a senate, congress, white house and judiciary full of those.

Everyone owes Phil Greaves an apology (another one)

What reveal? To many radlibs, Manning's troo revolutionary status is still unimpeachable, and so she's succeeding in promoting US military propaganda to them now.