Daily News Thread 1/13

Kentucky becomes first U.S. state to impose Medicaid work provisions

Kentucky on Friday became the first U.S. state to require that Medicaid recipients work or get jobs training, after gaining federal approval for the fundamental change to the 50-year-old health insurance program for the poor.

South Africa: EFF supporters attack H&M stores over 'racist jumper advert'

Several stores belonging to Swedish clothing company H&M have been attacked and trashed by members of Economic Freedom Fighters. They were protesting an advert by the firm widely seen as racist.

Pro-Brexit Trump supporters attempt 'citizen's arrest' of London mayor Sadiq Khan

Members of a pro-Brexit group have interrupted a speech by London mayor Sadiq Khan while attempting to make a citizen's arrest.

South Africa's ANC leader Ramaphosa urges unity as Zuma booed

Cyril Ramaphosa, the new leader of South Africa's ruling ANC, has said the party must address the "dysfunction" in its ranks and unite at all levels.

No Grand Coalition! Opponents of Merkel alliance hit the road

Opponents of a renewed German “grand coalition” took to the road on Saturday, hoping to persuade members of their Social Democratic Party (SPD) to vote against governing with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives for another four years.

Zambia Cholera Deaths Rise as Police Arrest 55 After Riots

Zambian police arrested 55 people after a riot erupted in a slum in the capital that authorities say is the epicenter of a deadly cholera outbreak.

U.S. Supreme Court to Review Bid to Collect Internet Sales Tax

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider freeing state and local governments to collect billions of dollars in sales taxes from online retailers, agreeing to revisit a 26-year-old ruling that has made much of the internet a tax-free zone.

Czech election: Zeman faces presidential run-off against Drahos

The Czech presidential election will go to a run-off after incumbent Milos Zeman led the first round but did not secure enough votes to win outright.

A Unified Korea? South and North Korea to Discuss Joint Women's Ice Hockey Team for Winter Olympics

The idea for a unified women's hockey team comes only days following Pyongyang's promise to send a large sports delegation to the Games.

‘CIA friends’ asked Moby to spread word of Trump-Russia collusion on social media

In a recent interview, Moby said his friends at the CIA asked him to take advantage of a greater “social media following” to spread rumors about President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

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Vigilante paedophile-hunters can 'undermine police'

Police have been urged to tackle the growing problem surrounding vigilante paedophile hunters.

Mnuchin Warns Against Bitcoin Becoming the Next ‘Swiss Bank Account’

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he will work with the Group of 20 nations to prevent cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin from becoming the digital equivalent of an anonymous Swiss bank account.

Islamic State affiliate claims deadly attack on U.S. troops in Niger

The leader of Islamic State’s affiliate in West Africa has claimed responsibility for an attack that killed four U.S. special forces and four soldiers from Niger in October, Mauritania’s independent Nouakchott News Agency (ANI) reported on Saturday.

Texas Gets U.S. Supreme Court Review on Voided Voting Districts

The U.S. Supreme Court will weigh putting new curbs on voting-discrimination lawsuits, agreeing to hear Texas’s defense of Republican-drawn election district lines that a lower court said were the product of intentional racial discrimination.



Told you all that EFF is based.

the EFF is starting to gain support from white proles, the world revolution will start in Africa it's gonna be so cool

I called this shit over a year ago. Malema and Shivambu are phenoms.


Oh dude, the war's gonna be fought on both sides of Africa, the EFF in ZA and the Green Resistance in Libya, they'll link and bring us world revolution.


Trump’s Gift to the Climate Movement

How Trump's climate change denialism helps activists.

Interview with J20 Defendants: 188 Still Face Decades In Prison For Trump Inauguration Protest


Jacksonville Sheriff Criticizes Our Reporting. We Respond.

ProPublica and the Florida Times-Union have spent several months reporting on the issuing of pedestrian tickets in Jacksonville and in other parts of Florida. The reporting has shown that disproportionate numbers of the tickets in Jacksonville and elsewhere have gone to blacks, and that the seemingly minor infractions — jaywalking, walking on the side of the road — can have significant repercussions for people unable or unwilling to pay the resulting fines.

False alarm 'missile threat' sends Hawaiians into panic

People across the US state of Hawaii received a text on Saturday morning, warning of an impending missile strike.

very based.


You would think they would all learn how to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Oh I'm a dumbass somebody made a thing and Holla Forums won't let me delete previous post


For real? Any evidence of this?



please oh please make this happen Maryland

Betting at least one or two dudes committed suicide after seeing this. What the fuck were they thinking?

I can't tell which is more pathetic: American Trump supporters or British Trump supporters.

british trump supporters because they're so cucked by Trump they support him despite living in a different country.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I do believe sales tax revenue needs to be collected on Internet sales. On the other hand, I know the states pushing for this are red ones that have done fuck all to adapt to this new economy. The money will be going into pockets of farmers and Republicans instead of building schools or encouraging business.

Only Washington and California have truly "adapted" to the so-called "new economy."

why the fuck would they do this?

I'm personally curious as how the fuck that happens. Did some BASED PEDE XDDDD who was trying to false flag the US into doing a first strike on N. Korea or if this was a complete accident or even an error.

Shock Doctrine
trivialize emotional trauma enough and people will be clueless and confused enough to support anything
test your large-scale operations on a smaller scale first


Isn't Hawaii one of those states with leftover Cold War laws that ban you from working with the government if you're a commie

I bet in 30 years they'll reveal this was an attempt at drumming up war support for Korea, some hawaiin congressperson is already calling on people to "get trump to 'do something' about this (being the fear of nuclear war from korea)"

I'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks this

When will Merkel leave? Seriously Merkel has some US leaves of corruption going on.

Finally, some good news.

Police are more concerned about fighting Justice than fighting pedophiles.

Reminder there’s also Canadian Trump supporters.

It'll never happen, but I wish it would. MD is just north Virginia with some hicks and blacks thrown in. Everyone there probably thinks she's a commie or a faggot.

They shouldn’t. The “new economy” is extremely anti-prol. It’s leading to a very high wealth inequality, and is causing communities across the country to collapse due to online sales replacing brick and motor business. I’m no fan of any business, but it’s better when it employees people vs. when it doesn’t.

Arlington native here, there'd be a somewhat decent chance that she'd win if there weren't so many military and government officials living there. Don't be so sure m8, she'll probably end up doing better than you'd expect.

As someone who comes from the farming class, this shift was inevitable. Farmers have a hard time finding the tools they need for repairs and maintenance in these areas. The fact that you can buy what you need online and get it at a decent time is simply better than hoping that the local store, which could be more than thirty miles away, has what you need.

Who do you mean by “farmers” Do you mean peasants or agribusiness pokies?

I doubt it's the same people who say these things.

oh well

Ah what a fantastic timeline. Dickgirls being State Senators.

pic related

As a MDfag that cannot be further from the truth. With the exception of Frederick and other western counties, MD is incredibly liberal/left.

Although it is also densely populated with hood trash who are allergic to trannies, esp in baltimore city and county, the other third of MD's population are liberal college students and none of them will miss an opportunity to vote in a tranny. Esp to spite trump.

It worked in VA with Danica.

Once again the right fails to gaslight themselves

Prometheus ascending.

I'm from Montgomery county myself, probably 10 miles tops from where Chelsea lives now. MD isn't full of liberal college students, it's packed with wealthy liberals who work for the government directly or tangentially. They would never look past her politics regardless of how much they love idpol.

nice a bunch of low wage store workers are forced to clean all that shit up

This is silly. Of all the things wrong with fast fashion, this is what is getting people to torch these chains?
Well duh, what took him so long?
In related more disconcerting news, the US have moved two B-2 stealth strategic bombers to Guam:
These are the kinds of planes that would be used to open a preventive strike on the DPRK, with decapitating strikes, as happened during the Iraq invasion.

I'd vote for her. She's already proven she willing to take a blow when it comes to fighting the elite.

JVPITER moves to protect the bread of the gods.

We're getting a government shutdown.

Is it fair to say a lotta Mayor Khan's critiques hate him cuz he's Pakistani? People are quick to accuse you of "pulling the race card" when you say this, but honestly I think the internet's non-stop apocalyptical fear mongering bout London having a Muslim mayor and the fact that Boris Johnson got away with being a borderline retard for his term in office speaks volumes.

The irony is Khan deserves flack for being a backstabbing blairite.

That's the socialist critique of Khan, not the reactionary 'muh Mooselamb mayor" autism burgers and Holla Forumsflakes alike showcase.


The Lord Mayor is the person who holds the real power in London anyways.

Wait, this is still about the fucking monkey shirt?

It was a popular action.

hahahahaha he who does not work, neither shall he see a doctor hahahaha

I have a feeling I know the answer, but does this requirement apply t retirees and disabled people too?

That's at least 300 megazizeks.


South African politics is so depressing. ANC is unbelievaly incompetent, and there's absolutely no alternative.

Looks like the SPD want to stop playing second fiddle. And their government will be undistinguishable from Merkel's.


Did the nitwits who tried to arrost London's mayor even bother giving a cause? I can't find anything about that.

Help! Police! I'm being deadnamed!

What's wrong with having people work for federal and state assistance?

yeah we should also require people on unemployment benefits to have a job in order to qualify

People on the dole are in distress and vulnerable, demanding them to have a job in order to qualify defeats the whole damn point of assistance. Much like drug testing for benefit recipients, it's just another way for reactionaries to punish people they perceive as "moochers" and/or niggers.


So what are your parameters?

Medicaid for all?
Unemployment for anyone not wanting to work, regardless of your physical capabilities?

At some point it becomes self-defeating.
It's OK to ask people with a handout WHY they have their hand out.


twitter owns oh boy

Something about tweets like this make me irrationally angry. The fact it's an anime profile just adds to it.

Yes, it's called universal healthcare and it's several decades past due.

Of course not. This is akin to people who argued against UHC by saying that people will no longer care for their health since treatment would be free. Cut the strawman.

They already do that. There are public servants whose whole job is to check on welfare recipients and demand an update. Besides, this issue is oblique to the one at hand, where people with already compromised health must keep working, unlike the "regardless of your physical capabilities" you say.

All South African Parties (Except the Outright Ethnonationalist ones) have one

Show me one instance where a disabled man/woman is forced to work for state/federal benefits.

Universal health-care:

I'm not saying this isn't a fanciful dream. I'm saying it's not possible yet.
I'm saying it will take the US leading the world in pharmaceuticals, surgeries, medical technology, and medical education to achieve this.

In it's current state, it would be like demanding Karl Benz produce his first vehicle for mass consumption.
The Left and Right have to accept this as true if we want a transition that truly represents the caliber/quality that the US has become known for.

That's just a worse UBI.


It most definitely isn't unachievable yet. We don't need to make sure everyone gets Johns Hopskins-tier treatment. Cuba barely has two pesos to rub together, yet it has the same average quality of care as America and its state-of-the-art facilities. Proper investment due to UHC can only improve that average, and doesn't have to harm the advanced researches and treatments at all. The solution was provided by Bernie Sanders' plan: slash at leat a bit of the military budget, tax speculative capital and tax the shit out of the idle rich. That would be enough. It's absurd how much revenue would be increased with those, you have no idea how undertaxed the rich and the corporations are.

As for surgeries cancelled, well the system isn't perfect and doesn't have an unlimited budget, especially given that scrapping public services in order to privatize them is a rightwing and neoliberal pasttime. But bourgeois democracy is designed to, among other things, insulate those pricks from the consequences of their policies.

This but unironically.

I'm 100% certain this exists solely so states don't have to admit they're too broke/economically stagnant to pay for boomer healthcare.

Just found an interesting related read: jacobinmag.com/2018/01/targeted-social-programs-make-easy-targets
inb4 Girondin

The fuck is that? The super mayor?

Total health care, basic pay for all, no need to work whatso ever.

Working should only be voluntary.

We can just have AI do the rest.

In ten years AI will manage everything so we won’t need to work and instead can focus on beig craftsmen and artisians again.

It depends on the program. If we're talking about healthcare for poor people who can't afford healthcare, maybe even unemployed poor people, then a work requirement can just be a way to make sure you don't have to pay for as many people's healthcare because their whole problem may hinge on not being able to find work.

But I don't know the specifics of those Kentucky provisions or how you qualify for medicaid in Kentucky, or who is collecting benefits. Either way though, I think most leftists would just want free healthcare benefits anyways because it is wealth redistribution, which means an attack on class power of the rich.

No, it's common sense.