Why do people on the left think that human genetic diversity has no impact in the geopolitical world?

Why do people on the left think that human genetic diversity has no impact in the geopolitical world?

Does Holla Forums really thinks a population with higher blood pressure and testosterone is going to commit the same amount of crime as a population with the testosterone of a 100yo man? Does Holla Forums thinks there's no meaningful difference between a population with a 80 point average Autism Level and a population with 110 point Autism Level? Or are you people on a level of denial that you reject GWAS and even the idea of a g-factor?

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Okay sure.

This uses data that is basically unreliable on purpose.

Poor inhertitability of intelligence. Lower intelligence groups grow up faster and there is less intelligence gap in childhoiod.
That's a school grade test which does not correlate with Autism Level

The Alternative Hypothesis already went on this.

As well as JFG

I agree, we need to purge society of the clearly genetically inferior stormweenies.

What's your opinion on the interitability of intelligence and its relation to race? Are you a race denier? Let's not just spam, let's try to reach the truth here.

Actually yes, I do reject genome wide association studies as a total crock of shit. They turn up meaningless correlations that are hardly controlled for at all, unless you are taking hundreds of thousands or millions samples to finally get a handle on variation between individuals. Besides, pathological variants aren't nearly as clustered as was assumed by the more parsimonious studies, calling anything based off of that assumption into question. Concern that an experimental method that's been around for only a decade is misunderstood and not as enlightening as people think isn't science denial, it's an important part of academic science.

Of course a group of genius communists can't live side by side with retarded nazis. We aren't saying we should, though.

To be fair, most socialists on here recognize the importance of genetics in the development of a healthy socialist state. It's only the Marxists and other dogmatic extremists who disagree.

Looking at the literature that way is how you come up with a hypothesis, not a conclusion.


┬┐What? Elaborate.

Can you please not slide a honest direct point? Do you think races exist? Do you think intelligence is defined by genes and gene clusters?

That would be a pretty contrarian and poorly supported view. GWAS are very, very conservative studies that only search for effects that are overwhelmingly clear from very few single point mutations and exclude all polygenetic possibilities. Their results tend to be overwhelmingly supported, you wouldn't find a correlation between a single mutation in millions being correlated to something peculiar like stabbing and anti-social behavior if that wasn't really the cause of it.

I think you are a minority here. 90% of the people here are race deniers and will call you a shill.

Hey Holla Forums, what'cha doin'?

Yes. It has been clearly shown that Nazis are genetically inferior to class-conscious proletarians. They must be eradicated for the good of the gene pool.


I think any honest socialist here can see perfectly well that there's a reason socialism took hold well in Europe, while never sticking around in places like Africa or the Middle East. Can you guess why?

So, do you believe that blacks and whites do not have the same g-factor potential? Or do you believe brains evolved identically?

Why not? These aren't knockout studies. You aren't just changing one variable to see what happens. You're piling on data until the money runs out and then sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting "la, la, la" when anyone points out that the control for your observational study is a mess. And all this for a complex trait, my god!

Do I think races exist? Not in the way nazis understand race, no. Nazis attribute all sorts of behavior to race have nothing to do with genetics.
Is intelligence defined by genetics? Maybe some aspects of our extremely ideological notions of intelligence are defined by genetics. But ffs, right wingers consider people like Trump, Stephan Molyneux and Jordan Peterson to be intelligent. Intelligence for me is mostly about being able to recognise ideology.

I'm sorry you did poorly on your test, OP

"Nazis"? Last time I checked, behavioral genetics is a thing and people who work on this field aren't exactly "nazis".

I don't even know what that means. Just like my first post stated, you are taking the route of denying g-factor as a whole.

You would almost have some sort of argument if socialism did indeed take a hold in Europe. Try again, subhuman.

I recognize your posting style. You're the one who was talking about how people in the "north" are smarter than people in the "south" because it's harder to farm or something like that?

To be honest with you, I don't think it fucking matters even slightly. Human behavior is molded primarily by their social and material conditions, that there might be some minuscule propensity towards this or that is effectively meaningless, especially in the context of a free capitalist society.



*free socialist society
Fuck me dude.


oooh, looks like someone has a little replication problem

Man you are quite dumb

Height varies between men and women, does that mean that eventually women will be taller or at the same height as men and that the gap between the populations is explained by environmental factors?

Again, we already know what this thing is stating, and we already looked at data that tries to explain whether the variances of certain populations are genetic or environmental. You are not harming the race realist view by stating the flynn effect exists.

Same as the previous one.
Not a g-factor test, biased samples, done on minors where inheritance of intelligence is already known to be lower.

By the way, it is noteworthy that you cherrypick data that is completely irrelevant to this field when there are actually studies that were made specifically in order to answer these questions, oh, that's right, they don't confirm what you believe in, that's why you cherry pick some british grade school shit.

They didn't.

All done with children bellow 15; sometimes in children bellow 10.

And what did the Minnesota study found? That children have a lower inheritance of intelligence. Meaning, they match the data. There's less inheritance of intelligence and more race equality during childhood. That's far from a "contradiction", it's a perfect match.

The 3 repeat variant occurs in over half of Taiwanese males. Are the Taiwanese over-represented in the prison system? Really makes me think. sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0278584601002883?via=ihub

Yeah, the USSR which was, in geographical and ethical terms only part european. Germany and Italy obviously did not become socialist, you moron.

gotta stop those dangerous, criminal Chinese!

Mussolini and Hitler were originally part of Marxist socialist groups before becoming disillusioned with their corruption of socialism. Try again.

In short, I want you guy to keep this as a reminder: People will go through great lengths to gaslight you on race. Don't fall for it.

Don't adopt this creationist argument logic that if you nitpick a position that means your side of the argument comes without saying. If you think there's little evidence for racial differences I have bad news for you, there's even less for race equality. In fact, there's almost none. Meaning, your belief is based entirely on faith and was not reached through a rational though process.

So what is your point? Germany and Italy were not socialist

Violence in Southeast Asia is legitimately higher than in northern asia.

Yes my fellow white man, we must not be fooled by the Hibernian lies! The Ir*sh have been shown by science to be criminals and layabouts!

Yes, they were. Volkish socialism is different from Marxist socialism, but that doesn't mean it's not socialism.


what are your criteria for 'socialist'?

Also, good thing you brought this up. The "italians and irish weren't even considered white LOLZ!!" you leftists keep bringing up; it's completely not true.

You are just incapable of distinguishing between country rivalries and actual biological consensus. Your image is from a comedic magazine to insult the Irish, not an actual biological consensus, and it never was.

The traditional, natural definition of socialism, namely the organization of the economy along lines to service the people. Volkish socialism simply recognizes that the race is the nation, and that the nation is an organic life form in its own right.

No, they are not socialism. Changing the meaning of words does not make you right

How ya doing OP?