Hikikomori: Japanese youth do not want to leave their rooms, so their mother needs to come and leave food by their door...

hikikomori: Japanese youth do not want to leave their rooms, so their mother needs to come and leave food by their door. They feel that they can maintain their independence better by relying on their parents than by joining the 'market' as a cog in the capitalist machine.

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What the fuck is even Japan's problem? The country seems so messed up

Lmao no, they are just lazy pieces of shit

When your society has a general sense of Social Alienation and over the top capitalism that tops even burgerstan i wouldnt blame people for just becoming full time NEETs at that point tbh

It's not to late too change your hikikomori ways.

The hikikomori and NEET question is a paradox.

On one hand i have seen arguments that by dropping out of society its actually anti capitalist. You see some anarchists arguing this.

On the other hand they are basically what marx called lumpenprole.

It would have been illegal to be a neet in the soviet union

Drop two atomic bombs on yourself and see how you feel after.

A brief history of Japan to see why they're so messed up.

capitalism + honor culture = mega alienation

Because the Soviet Union, being state-capitalist, was mostly concerned with enacting their very own primitive accumulation and work-ethic hegemony. That's why employment was a duty even though it was a counter-productive — "in Soviet department stores it took three clerks to sell a piece of meat" (Graeber).

The USSR didn't engage in primitive accumulation, it vastly expanding wage labor to the point of dominance.


Also having a child will kill your career and your finances, the costs of a family in Japan are literally destroying them.

I wish Logan Paul did a video where he broke into a hikikomori's house and laughed at him

isn't that just the plot of Welcome to the NHK?

So this is what happens when capitalism doesnt use idpol to manipulate the masses?

If Japan is so educated, how can they be swindled into having such an oxymoronic reason for being a NEET?

Worlds most related pic

Not at all, read the light novel.

How so?

They're actually freer in their rooms shitposting on the internet than working literally their whole life for the company with mandatory unpaid overtime, mandatory dinner with their boss, and zero days off.

So glad you asked, friendo.

It is oxymoronic because in order for one to be independent, they need to acquire skills that will make them self reliant. In other words, having no need to rely on parents, anti-union workplaces, any shill of porky which "gives you a fish rather than teaches you how to"', so-to speak.

They may FEEL free in their rooms shitposting, however who is giving their freedom to do that? They cant even feed themselves without mommy and daddy.

Yes we all understand that no one is independent from society.

They have the freedom, the fact that it comes from external benefactors and is only for a limited time is not really relevant to the question on being free.

On material contraposition, becoming salarymen can't offer similar freedom and little life skills beyond office politics.

You should look up "Junior Idols".

The Japs truly are sick.

3d idols were a mistake.

wow. when I searched that google linked me to a cp website that was blocked behind my country's police firewall. Am I in any trouble if I clicked it not knowing what it was?

I don't even want to know what kind of source that is, but you do realize by increasing the amount of laborers you increase leisure time for everybody? I guess anarchists want a society where a portion of the population is breaking their backs at work and the rest just smokes weed

What's your argument for that?

confucianism + being the US's bitch + nihilistic consumerism being the alternative to the broken nationalist sense of identity + capitalism, enough said

There can be no autonomy either way, which is one of the main reason this insane degree of alienation even exists. Read Kaczynski.

reading chapter titles rather than the chapter
Chapter 33. Wages in Socialist Economy

Is this even a chan anymore?

Actually yes.

For the most part, these people aren't getting endless job offers and benefits, though. The USSR, as far as I know, provided both (a limited array of) job opportunities and citizens' benefits. In contrast a NEET in today's society has a couple choices here - beat the pavement in order to get a job with no benefits that only pays enough for them to continue living with their parents who got their jobs and skills in an easier economy, or just live with their parents. It's basically the same shit publicly funded welfare is allegedly guilty of causing.

how was I supposed to know it was a cp term if I was googling it to define it? Junior Idols sounds like a fucking game show I thought.

Damn you basically described where I’m at.

We're outside, come out with your hands up, kiddie-tiddler.

It's not just that either

in Japan women become full-time Moms after the first child is born. That means no more being a couple, little to no sex, etc. This is why hostess bars, pink salons, etc are so popular. I don't really blame japanese men because who the hell would want to come home to a frigid boring wife after a 12 hour work day? that would alienate the fuck out of anyone

Japan is what happens when you try to maintain 1950s era gender roles in contemporary society. Shit gets fucked up.

Nice trips, do you have any proof of this?

check out yoko tokuhiro's "marriage in contemporary japan". it's a little dry at parts, but it's an all-encompassing view of marriage in japan from the pre-WW2 era up until fairly recently (late 2000s)


The desired effect was to make everyone employed with positive results of that, the goal was achieved. "That plane doesnt work as a submarine, fail"

Now i understand why they have a suicide forest

I get the impression hiki's are a phenomenon of the post 80's Japanese economic stagnation more than anything else. This has put a pressure on the lower orders of an immense magnitude, which is often obscured because of blinding nature of cultural differences.

The labour market for young people entering is extremely competitive, so mediocre achievers face daunting prospects. At the same time, what wealth their is in society is mostly concentrated in the previous generation, a boomer-equivalent. Absent a strong social safety-net, a lot of the under-achieving children become entirely reliant on the wealth of their parents for extended periods of time. Cut of from school and work, the default focal points of social interaction in capitalism, and you get a recipe for isolation on top of it all.

Now that the West is undergoing a like period of naked stagnation, expect the phenomenon to increasingly start popping up here as well


It's not really about shock, it's common knowledge there are countless men around the globe who would love nothing more than to kidnap, drug, and rape 8 year old girls. It's the fact that the Japan allows girls at such a ridiculous age to be blatantly sexually exploited. It's obvious that these girls are being sexually abused behind the scenes. The pictures and videos of these so called "Jr. Idols" tell all. It's obvious what the true purpose of this "modeling" is about. The parents who force their daughters to do this shit need to be hanged. The fact that Japan allows this shit is pretty enraging. Just look at the countless manga decipting girls as young as 7 being prostitutes or being drugged and raped. Literally thousands. And it's all "popular". "Lolicon" and even "toddlercon" are all very popular pornographic genres in Japan. I'd bet the reason why none of this depraved garbage has been banned is because all the higher ups in the Jap government all jack it to Jr. Idols.

Is this even a chan anymore, or leddit?

I don't have any problems with the drawn stuff (because nobody is getting hurt) even though I have less than 0 interest in it, but I agree that the parents willfully putting their children in that situation deserve a one way trip to Bullettown. I fucking hate pedos so god damn much, not because of their fetish which they can't help, but it's just so sick to abuse children for something as unimportant as sex. Goddammit

yeah, y'know, like hollywood, child pageants and child actors in general
only alienated otaku jack off to that shit the fuck are you smoking
honestly i don't get why people even treat japan like it's some sort of incredible exception that must be purged, it's a real country existing in the present whenever you like it or not, and the near future for you if you live in some neoliberal hellhole

Isn't age of consent a spook?

In Japan, you get to pay to view that shit.

In the west, you can't view that shit, only elites get to have them.

and many others
still i don't know why you feel like having a moral panic over drawn child porn and idols when japan has much more severe problems than that, that probably indirectly result in those kinds of fucked up paraphilias, normalized pseudo-prostitution by minors and oversexualized culture, like the ones mentioned in the OP. try doing dialectics for once nerd

Sorry faggot, are we not allowed to be disgusted with borderline child porn?

Quit defending pedophilia you fucking pig.

Isn't the age of consent in some regions of Japan, 10?

I am talking about actual cp in the west, son.

Not on a chan, no.

I dont think theres a problem with the manga stuff tho.

the de-jure age of consent is 13 nationally, but is de-facto 18, see pic related (yellow and orange depend on prefecture)

okay then, dad

Wait if someone who is 21 has sex with somebody who is 19 that can be some kind of violation?

ya, the law considers anyone under 20 to be a minor. you would probably only get in trouble if it was some romeo and juliet style shit however

Ah, that clears it up. Very helpful.

We allow basically the same shit in the west, afaik.

As another user said - this stuff is actually really taboo. You could say yaoi or general rape porn were "popular" there, too - all you'd actually be saying is that these things exist and are created. America probably pumps out more furshit, it doesn't mean that it's wildly popular. And, frankly, I don't have a problem with cartoons unless they're using life models to do it.

This is all very spurious. Unless you can show that this causes deviant behavior, there is no reason to assume there is any harm in it.


Sexually exploring 7 year old girls by recording them wearing bikinis with their legs open exposing their crotch while grown "men" film them and take pictures IS deviant behavior.


That's nice and all but you specifically mentioned
2D ain't real people, no matter what weebs try to make you believe.

So, roaming around listening to Johnny Hobo?

I was just bringing up the point of Jr. Idols and using the countless manga out there decipting children being drugged, raped and becoming prostitutes, that reinforces the overall sick pedo culture of Japan. Two nukes wasn't enough.

Yes, truly a Japanese problem.

Japan is probably the most capitalist nation on earth right now.

By that logic Holla Forums is equally as useful and ally.

The one thing Japan does right is pedophilia tbh.
No ban pls, this is seriously related to politics, I'm not encouraging pedophilia.

You obviously no idea what a Japanese "Junior Idol" is. I feel tempted to go search out and post some of the disgusting pictures of what Junior Idol modeling consists of, just so you and everyone else can see how stupid your comparison is.

If you're trying to deflect guilt of being pedo yourself and using your dumb comparison as a way to defend Junior Idols, you might as well just come out and state your true feelings towards them. In the end I won't end up giving two shits, I just know when to point out and call bullshit when I see it.

Fug, my sage. D:

Yeah, I'm sure you feel tempted buddy.

I'm not the pedo apologist here.

so, in japan women over 20 can have sex with boys under 13 and it's not a felony?

Goddamit, is nowhere safe?

Why would that ever happen?

Boy, you should see South Korea, their ruling class sucks American and Japanese dick. It feels like it's Porky's Guinea pig for future late stage capitalism economic and social policies.

Every country has problems with underage prostitution, yet for some ungodly reasons, the West seems fixated on fictional Japanese lolis. This hypocrisy smacks of simple liberalism to me.

it happens a lot everywhere

Porn is not real life.

You'll be fine, it's a chan website with pictures of jap. girls in bikinis and shit. I wouldn't go on it again though.

pururin is still alive? I used to fuck with them until they shut down


Naw, it does tho.
Men are way more aggressive on average, but there are loads of pedo women.

It's not even a Japan only thing, I've met a couple online in the west. Porky doesn't want everyone, even as wagecucks, and the same can be said of society's superstructure. Capitalism breaks people.

Japan has its fair share of problems, and perhaps more so then other 1st world countries. However there exists a market for these, "Japan is a strange alien land" type stories. As others said capitalism plus their culture is really fucking alienating, if I was a Jap I would have killed myself by now. We're gonna get somewhere similar eventually I think.

Not really defending the source but counterproductive or nonproductive labor doesn't reduce the amount of time anyone has to work.

lots of American kids are doing the same it seems.

A single Google search was enough to find lots of cases of this happening but you decided to act retarded instead

underemployed precariat here. That's literally *exactly* my position right now.

Its what happens when degenerate behavior is encouraged.

a broken defeated hyper nationalist warrior culture replaced with cat girls western fun and obsession with white aesthetics and power aesthetics simultaneous hatred of the white American oppressor who nuked humiliated and defeated you with worshiping him his culture and his superior race combined with hyper capitalism as a new expression of nationalism you get Japan. Which is all sorts of fucked up

Hello friends from r/socialism let's go fight the pedo Japanese and assist our feminist allies.

Hoo rah!