Muh Haitian wage slaves

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Who is in the right here? Unironically Trump. At least he's honest about (his views on) Haitians. Didn't the Clinton family fuck them over last time they were involved in a national disaster there?

I heard that the Clinton Foundation basically squandered a lot of the aid money that was meant for Haitians. This could just be a Trumptard conspiracy theory though.

Never dismiss conspiracy theories as "just conspiracy theories". Don't politicize them either. Porky has many faces, and doesn't always tell the truth either.

Baboonposter, you are great and i appreciate your work.

keep it up

Oh look, yet another reason to fucking despise hillary clinton
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But Didnt the Earthquake completely annihilate Haiti Economically?
And because of all the Aid Money being wasted it hasnt improved at all to this day?

Yes, basically it killed 25% of the government civil service, and the relief efforts were fucked by the fact that all the civil servants in an area. It was also fucked by a massive cholera outbreak v soon after the earthquake.

And iirc arent most of the population to this day internally displaced?
And all still live in those camps set up by the UN scattered around Port au prince

obviously neither are, it is better to have an open racist as president I suppose though

and the red cross only succeeded in building 6 homes total with all the money they raised. Haiti was fucked hard.

Hmmm… Really makes me think. I wonder where the REST of the money went?
Hint: it involved the Clinton Foundation.

Unless the Red Cross built 6 bitchass $83 million LA style mansions there was clearly some corruption here.

Are you implying that Hillary Clinton has been BLACKED?

It isn't


No, blacks have been Clintoned.

Legit a lot of the rebuilding money was spent on trying to fight the massive cholera outbreak after the earthquake (accidentally started by a UN worker who had it and had brought it over might I add).

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maybe she should talk to her husband about haiti


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and then the Clintons go around telling poor countries they're poor because their government is corrupt

sad but true

source pls