The Polish Operation

Apparently polish communists were ordered to be killed just because they were polish. Unfortunately the polish operation a cant be disproven by it sounding ridiculous and illogical. Are there any statistics of the polish population in the USSR? Are there any nonfalsified orders.

Currently this "crime" is one of the strongest and most frequent arguments among eastern europeans against stalinists while stalinists aren't adressing it. This has to stop.

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Wew just found out about this. Thanks for adding to the list of Insane Things ☭TANKIE☭s Actually Did.

The entirety of the Great Purge was a mistake.

Even with Tukhachevsky's confession still being a state secret, I don't put any stock in confessions given under duress.


Except its most likely polish propaganda

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Where’s the evidence the confessions were given under duress?

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Even if you dismiss every account given as "propaganda", 1) Yezhov was still nuts, 2) it's 1930's and nobody knows how to extract information otherwise, yet, as the proper studies have not been conducted.

Also Yezhov himself claimed that torture was used against him to get a confession. It was standard practice.

So yezhov really tried to genocide every pole in the USSR

never happened

Upon his arrest by the NKVD, his wife and daughter were sent into internal exile, where his wife Julia was forced to support their daughter by finding odd jobs, which she would lose when it was discovered that her husband had been arrested as a "traitor".[9]

V. V. Rachesky, a cell mate of Rokossovsky, wrote in his memoirs that Rokossovsky blamed the persecution of innocent people on the NKVD and was "naive", refusing to acknowledge Stalin's role in creating the treacherous environment. He described Rokossovsky's refusal to sign a false confession:

"Those who refused to sign a false statement were beaten up, as long as the false statement was not signed. There were steadfast people who stubbornly did not sign. But there were relatively few. K. K. Rokossovsky, as he sat with me in the same cell did not sign a false statement. But he was a brave and strong man, tall and broad-shouldered. He too was beaten."[14]

His grandson Colonel Konstantin Rokossovsky Vilevich says that his grandfather escaped the fate of so many other officers because he refused to sign a false statement and by proving to the court that the officer who his NKVD accusers claimed had denounced him had been killed in 1920 during the civil war;

"The evidence was based on the testimony of Adolph Yushkevich, a colleague of my grandfather in the Civil War. But my grandfather knew very well that Yushkevich died in Perekop. He said that he would sign [a confession] if Adolph was brought for a confrontation. They looked for Yushkevich and found that he had died long before."[16]

Kresty Prison, where Rokossovsky was imprisoned in Leningrad, today Saint Petersburg

Alexander Solzhenitsyn reports that Rokossovksy endured two mock shooting ceremonies where he was taken out at night by a firing squad, but then returned to prison.[17] Living relatives say that Svetlana Pavlovna, wife of Marshal Kazakov, confirmed that he sustained injuries including broken and denailed fingers and cracked ribs on top of enduring mock shooting ceremonies. Rokossovsky never discussed his trial and imprisonment with his family, only telling his daughter Ariadne that he always wore a revolver because he would not surrender alive if they came to arrest him again.[9]


Holy shit that's actually so fucked up. Imagine trying to live in such a paranoid atmosphere.

Fair point, also vishinsky was spared. However, there was a supposed minority of poles in soviet ukraineand belarus(before 1939), and siberia, and all of them were rounded up in gulags and left to starve. Is there any demographic evidence to the contrary? Also, stalin supposedly told yezhov to keep rooting out the "polish scum" and that there are NKVD documents labeling poles as bourgeois traitors.

A good ☭TANKIE☭ isn't one who felates Stalin and USSR, but one who learns from what the did right and wrong, and improves upon it.

Failures when dealing with the market (Titoism), and successes (Kadarism).

Failures like not antagonizing the libertarian socialists into the arms of the liberals.

Failures like peaceful coexistence, and not launching the missiles.

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Never forget, that he was right.

no signs of torture, trotsky even came up with the retarded claim that Stalin had invented a super drug that lead to all the confessions
we have foreign witnesses such as Joseph E. Davies and Lion Feuchtwanger that confirmed that were was no signs of torture and that the accused were in proper mental condition while making remarks about the foreign press talking complete shit that had nothing to do with what actually happened at court
yezhov was dealt with later, mistakes were made but they were corrected pretty much right away, don't have it on me now but there was already a great deal of revisions of wrong sentences in due time


So, the best evidence they could come up with was the word of a defector to the US who was literally working for the FBI. Suffice it to say that he died way before any archival material surfaced that might've challenged his claims and the book this is sourced from isn't even a biography but a fucking memoir lmao 😂

I would also point out that according to wikipedia he was working abroad on behalf of the Soviet government from 1926 onwards and was, in fact, abroad in 1938 what a convenient year to defect when he was ordered to return to the USSR but defected to the US instead. His opinions on what was really happening inside the USSR during the purges have no relevance because there's no way he would have had direct knowledge on-the-ground knowledge of what was happening. It's not like his opinions on the USSR have any relevance post-1939 anyways.


Can we go back to the original question of wether the Soviet genocide of Poles is true or polish propaganda?

>It was propaganda. Furr debunks Snyder at length on this point–who is basing himself off the work of Polish nationalists primarily. He works in the Hololdomor meem when its convenient but ignores it when conflicts with the Polish nat narrative such as when OUN soldiers committed genocide against ethnic poles in Ukraine

The issue of Polish imperialism/colonialism and the fact that its government was pretty much fascist itself is ignored by most mainstream historians as well.


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I'm not talking about the holodomor(its been debunked ad nauseum) but the "Polish Operation" of the NKVD in 1938

Does grover furr have any good works debunking the inhumanity of soviet deportations of volga . germans and Lithuanians?

The one thing that Hitler was right about was that Slavs were subhumans who needed to be purged from the face of the planet.

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I know I'm the one making the claim but could it have really hurt you to look at the table of contents of the book I provided? There's also a fair bit in that book about Katyn which seems to be a cri de coeur of reactionaries everywhere these days. Also dealt with are the Polish nat narratives about the Warsaw uprising. And also facts that I guarantee you didn't know about how the Polish government-in-exile planned for a fascist anti-semitic government should they come to power after WWII

They deserved it for 1920

All the useful things that Slavs did, they did despite being Slavs.




Stalin did what was necessary to get socialism going
He was also a mass murderer
It worked

the invasion of Poland was fucked up but Poland was a run by a military Junta and most Poles supported the holocaust until it started happening to non-Jews. Poland got what it deserved imo.

Oh, I see, this is why the Poles risked their own lifes to hide Jews and today are the most awarded nation in doing so. You write lies and you should feeel ashamed. Here is a quote from Emanuel Ringelblum, a Jew, who was living in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation



The absolute state of this place


Im not talking about the invasion of poland in this thread

Its seems to say here that the NKVD did want to genocide people of specific nationalities, just that they labelled people who weren't these nationalities as them in order to have an excuse to kill them.

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Feel free to explain how to deal with the service industry in a planned, centralized manner, that doesn't result in a black market.

You measure supply and demand of services and consumer goods and plan accordingly? You can study consumer behavior at every university.

It seems like everyone save a few are ignoring the issue of the polish operation. I still cannot believe that NKVD would kill people based on their ethnicities, but I need proof that they never did, apart from deportations.

Jesus Christ, what a mess of apologism. And I can't even tell real fanatics from trolls.

Why in blue blazes would they ever paint putative gommies as victims, even if it's to smear other gommies? They can just have the gommies as the perps and the victims as poor innocent Nazi collaborators common everyday people who did nothing outside of the ordinary.

Stalin was a micromanager. Chances are that nothing Yezhov did didn't have Stalin literal signature on it. Moshe Lewin, a historian you ☭TANKIE☭s really should get acquainted with, wrote in The Soviet Century:
Not to mention that Stalin obviously kept an eye on Yezhov all the time, given his ultimate fate. He was Stalin's flunkie and then his scapegoat.

The problem is the veracity of the information, and in this case, the fact that it didn't matter. And lets not forget Tukhachevsky's confession document had fucking blood stains on it.