I voted for Trump. Ask me anything

Not shitposting. Actual Trump voter who is open to questions. I know 8ch is often too hostile one way or another for discussions like this but i figure you all might appreciate an opportunity to interface rationally with a real life Trump supporter.

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Do you know that there are people on this board who actually voted for Trump just to fuck shit up?

I'm curious as to how many actually voted for trump just to watch things burn. To be honest, it's a big reason why I voted for him.

This. Trump was the accelerationist candidate, literally all of Holla Forums except for assblasted leftcoms were behind him.

who cares? you're not special, you are autistic actually.

Why did you vote at all?

You get banned on Holla Forums's Holla Forums for criticizing Trump, what are you talking about?

That's correct. I'm just one out of 61million Americans who voted for Trump.
why else do you think i'm on 8ch?

I usually don't. Sometimes there are local people running who I like and generally support. Sometimes I support meme candidates just for the purpose of supporting people who put themselves out there. I just felt like America deserved Trump as president, for the better and worse. It just seemed appropriate and hilarious so I couldn't miss the opportunity.

I've have VPNs banned on Holla Forums for unironically defending Trump. it goes in every direction, though the Holla Forums anons are a little more open to discussion though I can't say the same for the mods

Why should anyone care though? Hereally I'll help you out.
He's a bad president, and you're an idiot.
He's a racist, fuck drumpf, and you're a nazi.
He's super based, good job pede, library's owned.
He was the acceleration is candidate, he will bring Socialism to us.
I have given you all of the takes you will get here, deeply consider leaving.

Omfg we finally have the opportunity to talk to one of the 150 million retards who voted for a retard.



sounds good feel free to fuck off at any time then. filter the thread from your catalog and report it if you don't like it you whiny faggots.

how bout you fuck off to reddit instead?

Say something interesting then, do you actually have any good points for why you voted for Trump? He's a le funni maymay doesn't count


Nah I'll stay here and make you assmad.

Trump was not the accelerationist candidate. He was the reactionary candidate.
Hillary with more trade deals, global trade etc was accelerationist.
Either way, accelerationism is stoopid.

In terms of things I actually wanted to get out of Trump winning, it's mostly economic. Lower taxes. Easier business and mortgage lending. Etc. Immigration was a small part, mostly reducing the mass importation of muslims from Somalia and the ME/NorAf countries Obama bombed to shit.
I also wanted to push someone in front of Hillary, since she was basically the female Dick Cheney.
In a more philosophical sense, Trump seems more appropriate as a representative of modern America than a serious politician. We have devolved into a meme society and I think we deserve a meme president. This ties into the accelerationism, which is probably the other half of the reason I love his IRL shitposting so much.

It depends on what you're accelerating towards and to whom you're being reactionary

I aspire to this level of sociopathy.

Accelerationism is retarded, and the "let's vote as authoritarian as possible to accelerate towards revolution" version of "accelerationism" is even more retarded than the neoliberal "full speed ahead with max capitalism" one. At least the latter is rooted in (idiotic) economic assumptions about the stages of capitalism. The former is just "lol make shit worse so it gets better" without any real consideration for what resources will be left and how an acceleration of authoritarian state power will affect any potential for revolution.

I mean, a lot of us knew guys who voted for Trump, but eh.

Trump is more about cultural, not political, accelerationism imo

On who, you tard? CEOs already pay lower taxes then regular workers.

everyone, including businesses. The new tax plan cuts small business tax rates even more than it cuts corporate tax rates. But moving the corporate tax rate from the 35+% to 25% was massive as well. That's good for productivity, wages, and hiring - and the extra productivity and purchasing power usually translates to more tax revenue anyways.

I didn't vote, but I agree with this. Trump is the most honest president we've had in a long time in every way except the ones libs care about.

Sorry, I didn't realize you were from a parallel universe.

A distant planet called earth

o im laffin

This hasn't really convinced me that you know anything. I mean it makes no sense to think that Trump's policies will be good yet also say he's an accelerationist choice, it's almost like you're a politically illiterate memelord like most of the_donald but that couldn't be true right?

What confuses me about Trump voters is how they regard Trump. The man's a genuine idiot, and yet his supporters won't shut up about his mastery of 4D chess. How does this work?

Like Isaac Asimov said: any sufficiently intelligent man is indistinguishable from an idiot.

ok. I'm not trying to, I'm just answering questions
my support of Trump is economic and cultural, not overly political

Well, this way I can vote as the true face of an America that doesn't read anything but the Doritos price tag.

Does this mean the possibility exists that Trump is secretly a super-genius?


Wait, so you're saying that you can't tell the difference between, say, Einstein and Trump, or just any idiot on the street and a Nobel laureate? Or even that Trump is much smarter than the smartest people on the planet, since none of them act stupid in any capacity?
Fuck, I need to cool my brain down. You've just melted it.

Based on this you have no real problem with regular Dick Cheney so whatever

Everyone knew he was accelerationist in the sense that his plans would fuck up the system. Also did you see the tax plan he passed? Hillary would've had a hard time throwing capital a bone like that given her base and the reputation of the dems as the "left" party.

He's odd because he's been very successful in business overall, ran a popular show that did 15 seasons, and then won the presidency on his first serious go. Its stupid-like-a-fox stupid. When it comes to Trump, i take what he says seriously but not literally.
I'm sick of this meme too. its just grandstanding and knowing how to seed ideas by being controversial

Im not like Dick bc i don't want to nation build and bomb Africans for Israel. I just want to keep religious fundamentalists out


No, he's stupid. "Odd" businessmen are nothing new, they all do it because it's good for publicity. Trump isn't "odd", he's fucking mentally stunted. That's the thing. Stupid people, though having obvious problems with estimating their own and other people's intelligence, can easily tell the difference between an idiot and an intelligent person. Trump's obviously an idiot and not a cunning strategist playing the long game, as any smart person will tell you, not just the cultural Bolshevist sjew academic special snowflake whatever whatever rightist bogeyman type, and it should be obvious even to stupid people, and it is obvious for stupid people who don't hold sympathies for fascist ideas (and no, I'm not saying that Trump is literally Hitler, calm down). You have to deliberately delude yourself into thinking that there's more to him than meets the eye, and it's this part I don't get.
That's because he was riding the wave of the right response to the current global capitalist crisis. That's the reason he got elected. And it's not even relevant, since he had to win the election first.
Ah, I get you. You're of _those_. Have a nice day, I guess.
Is that what they call lying about being a racist in public nowadays?

I didn't say you were like him I said you had no apparent problems with his policies since Trump's foreign policy is indistinguishable from any establishment neocon and that the problems you listed are the direct result of those policies and barely merit a stronger response than "do they HAVE to come here after we fuck them up?" from you.

Double connective

Einstein sounded like an unhinged lunatic, and if you don't think he did, you haven't thought about the implications of his work hard enough. I've sat down and done the math myself and the idea that light can orbit around an object because space and time curve into each other still sounds insane. Trump is what Einstein would have been if he'd never learned about tensors.

Yeah, cuz Trump shure shows us a good cultural example!

I agree, Trumps foreign policy is dog shit. the most I'm asking for is to mitigate the influx, which we know Hillary wouldn't have done

Oh, mind if I check your math?

Are you shitting me? He's a conman who inherited his father's wealth and almost completely spoiled it several times.

What's your opinion on Trump University, for instance? Or him being a reality TV celebrity? Are these examples of success in your book?