Merkel's Fate Left to Social Democrats

SPD leaders will have to convince members to approve the coalition at a Jan. 21 party congress and again in a postal vote at the conclusion of formal coalition negotiations.

succdems being classcuck bitches again, what's new. Merkel is fucked either way.

end her you cowards

Should the succdems throw out the coalition and cause another election?

Yes but they won't because they're all neoliberal pozzed cowards.

If the SPD abandons Merkel she will be coup'd by the Bavarian wing of her own party. the new CDU will very likely enter some coalition with the AfD (and the Liberals, who have already indicated their crypto-fashism), with or without the new elections. The left has nothing to gain from finishing off Merkel.



What happened to Schulz last year?

Was there any other possible outcome to begin with? Let's say the SPD won the election, what would have changed? Coalition with the Greens isn't mathematically possible due to the new influx of the AfD, and the SPD would rather go beneath 15% before even considering making a coalition with Die Linke.

Even if Merkel finally resigns in four years, the situation wouldn't change at all. Congratulations Merkel, you managed to make the country absolutely fucking ungovernable after 12 years of reign, and I predict it's going to end up with three possible scenarios in four years:

- minority government of the conservatives

- coalition with the AfD (Austria 2.0)

- actual leftists get purged in Die Linke and a coalition between SPD, Green and Linke

Considering that none of these options are going to change anything, let alone the upcoming "GroKo", this country is in for a massive dumpsterfire in 2026 at least, if the current trend isn't stopped, which is: Stagnating low wages, skyrocketing rents, child poverty, elderly poverty, infrastructural decay, decrease of economic power due to low investment and absent innovation. By mid-2020s, we also get a whole new generation entering retirement age which is going to be a complete welfare case and will have to collect bottles to even get food to eat.

Don't be misled by the weird article headline, the exact opposite happened today: The SPD agreed to coalition talks, Merkel has them completely cucked, Merkel's fate doesn't "hinge" on the SPD. They are her lapdogs.

No idea why Reuters would choose such a misleading headline.

>(pre-election(!)) polls

Are you fucking serious? After what she did to Europe? Who cares if she gets couped, that's her problem.

Same retarded rhetoric that allowed Macron free reign over France. Let them get into power and start fucking things up like Trump is doing. Voters will get sick of them and will radicalize to the left.

The SPD membership has to vote on approving the coalition.



Unlikely that they are going to vote against it. They are going to be ideologically conditioned for weeks before that approval vote, there will be lots of talks about "responsibility", "the voter must be respected" or "better than the CDU alone". I personally know a few SPD members, and they are all 45-60 year old teachers who can't stop talking about "responsibility" and "reason" (codewords for supporting neoliberalism and austerity). They weren't necessarily opposed to a Merkel coalition as well because muh AfD and muh left-extremists.

The only faction in the SPD that is probably against the coalition are the JusSos. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd love to see that Merkel bitch burn and the SPD base putting their leadership im place, but experience with this horrible party makes me disillusioned. Remember the last time the SPD base had to vote for something? They fucking approved CETA. It's better to have to expectations at all.

It's in 9 days, but yes they will be spooked to hell.

Trump is literally retarded tho. You guys legitimately have semi competent neo nazi's.

Who dat? AfD?

AfD aren't Nazis. They are lukewarm national liberals, like the DVP in Weimar. Their leader is a lesbian Goldman-Sachs banker, for God's sake.

Didn't Schultz lately tweeted that he wants to build European Federation, ergo Fourth Reich?

Their ads in 2017 were kinda fucked in the head tho

sounds hot tbh; would hatefuck

Right-wing populists are cucks.

They were pretty consistent with an ethnonationalist message, even if it was watered down
(Though to be honest I think that probably cost them seats. If they were straight civnats they would probably be north of 17%)

I forgot to ask, is "nazischlampe" the german equivalent of "drumpf" in that it's an impotent, feeble insult liberals use or is it actually edgy

Siri what is a cordon sanitaire

female equivalent to drumpf? What do you mean? Its a slur for Nazi women, most used in punk rock, I guess.

I've never heard anyone calling Merkel a Nazischlampe.