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Man, I'm really glad we raised that minimum wage. Has done a lot of fucking good.

That's why you fight for wages being raised with a union.


It's only gone up by 1 this year, your boss is just a cheapskate.

What is the wage now?

Most businesses can handle a graduated increase in the minimum wage

Why should we let porky slowly decrease peoples' wages through inflation?


The tendency for the rate of profit to fall is ruthless. I know some people here have called it a 'meme', but you can't actually stop capitalism from running itself into the ground with minimum wage increases. A lot of people have been complaining about Tim Horton cutting benefits, but think of this: How many employees do they actually employ in Canada, how many of them are on minimum wage, and how much would the minimum wage increase cut into the extracted surplus value?
The end result is people being laid off, or rent hikes and increasing commodity prices eating up earnings, instead of an increase in living standards.

The problem from the beginning was stagnating wages, itself the result from many different factors. Including technological unemployment, as well as women and migrants joining the workforce, which inflated labor markets. Increases in productivity during the last few decades have numbed the effects of wage stagnation somewhat, but that trend too is on the decline.
What we have now is a perfect storm of stagnating productivity increases, stagnated wages from inflated labor markets, technological unemployment and inflation. I predict it will only get worse from here on.

they raised it in Alberta which previously had the lowest wage in the country, and they still are leading the country in job creation. OP is a dweeb falling for the "muh minimum wage costs my employer too much" shit. I mean it cuts into their profits so i get why they use it as an excuse to fire people / get rid of paid overtime but thats why we need to have mechanisms and a society where that shit isn't allowed. For example demanding a wage increase or less working hours through a union.

Another ing typo

Do firings count?

Sure, they can 'handle' it. But not if they intend to maintain profit margins. Which is especially important for public companies, but also 'small' private/family enterprises.

You cut or crack down on unpaid overtime, and you only make the problem worse. At most, you postpone the inevitable.


Pretty much.

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You might notice that the far left talks about seizing the means of production, not begging Porky for more scraps.

Bread is not going to go from $3 to $15. Any price increase won't be enough to prevent workers from making material gains for purchasing food staples.

Literally no evidence for this.

Literally no evidence for this.

Limited to below 100k

If they're laying off people they're not closing you retard.

Seriously, I never thought I'd see the day when I saw unironic Fox News tier arguments on a communist board. Yeah no shit an increase will push the cost of unskilled labor power past its market "value", that's literally the damn point of a minimum wage law. The reality is there's no cost-effective way to substitute/automize the labor done at these jobs, that's why Porky is so scared and spending millions on lobbying and propaganda. Look at the $15 minimum wage increases in Seattle and NYC, the lack of statistical evidence of repercussions has been surprising even to me, Porky has to resort to anecdotal hand wringing while millions of minimum wage workers now have home and food security.

Fucking lol. I live in Seattle and the only impact has been a continuing acceleration in gentrification. The wage increases mean nothing when rent increases alone nullify any gains. Basically wage increases in isolation without rent controls don't mean shit. And rent control has no chance of being passed in the Seattle council.

More importantly read:

There are more fundamental structural changes in the economy that have been going on for decades. The benefits of a wage increase evaporate without going back to how conditions were in 1970.

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I hear this sob story every time wages go up. Baskin Robbins just announced how they will have to let go of their bus boys because of a recent minimum wage hike. Do you really fucking think that the wage rising is busting their balls THAT bad? No. Its just a bluff companies do. Its their version of kicking and screaming on the floor and having a tantrum. You lost a minimum wage job, but now every other minimum wage job also pays 3 more dollars an hour. Your employer knocked you on your ass and fucked you over, but look on the bright side. Your next job will pay more.

And then a year from now they'll quietly hire back their bus boys. because it turns out they need people to bus tables.

I worked at walmart back when they got rid of the door greeter position but didn't actually fire most of them. Our stores now had like 4 old disabled people who wandered around doing nothing and pissing off customers because they couldn't answer any questions on account of their brains being swiss cheese. It took just a week before the store manager made them door greeters again but just kept their record as sales associates.

This is why trying to reform capitalism is stupid, if Porky wants to fuck over workers, you can't force him to do otherwise.

Is this the power of capitalist efficiency?

I sometimes have the impression that were it not for capitalist busywork, we would struggle to find a reason for laboring more than a dozen hours a week.

what the fuck is a "door greeter"



bread at $3 is pretty terrifying to a Brit used to it at 50p tbh

tbh i'm inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt because i remember a thread where someone in similar circumstances was worrying this would happen. even if it's fake, assuming they're the same guy i have to admire the workmanship behind it and reply.


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The minimum wage, at least in the United States of America, was intended to be a living wage. Of course, Capitol Hill hasn't raised the federal minimum wage in ages so it does not reflect as much. It should be automatic.

Work is just lifetime daycare.

It's the result of thousands of years of domestication.

They extremely strong in many European countries.

Who cares? The EU will be used to eliminate them eventually.

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Shit thread, join a union you lazy lumpen.


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