How do we confront the new liberalist movement...

How do we confront the new liberalist movement? Seeing as this looks to be the dominant internet culture movement to confront the alt-right we need to figure out our position on it.

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Vee's 'Liberalist Principles' video:

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I for one think this is a good thing. While I don't agree with all of Sargon's views he is definitely progressive and objects to all forms of identitarianism. We should brainstorm some memes to give the movement an edge to match Holla Forums.

I don't trust them, but they're useful allies I guess

The liberalists can be our controlled opposition, 'useful idiots' and so forth.

This could be our edge in 2018 if we play this intelligently.

We need to form a temporary truce with the Nazis to stop this scourge!

nice try Holla Forums

They could be a powerful ally.

Meanwhile the proletariat suffer outside of your basement, internet politics means jack fuck.

Have you ever watched his shit? He's just an altright quisling

That video was nothing more than bitching about 'muh extreme left, muh feminists'. Not a word on the alt right.

Fuck these reactionaries.

there is literally no difference between liberalist and liberal other than 3 words at the end. because this is another manufactured idealology with no rigorous deconstruction of society and how it functions and is basically just feels it is doomed into obscurity.

On a serious note, "Liberalistism" is just a neocon eceleb cult.

Most of the work Sargon has done this year has been pushing the alt-right. Like it or not, he's our best hope at defeating them. He's just after debating Richard Spencer a few days ago and will be debating Mike Enoch. What are you doing? Crying about 'muh reactionaries'. You're the reason the mainstream no longer respects the left!


Liberals get the bullet too. No exceptions.

we let conditions radicalize the useful one and ignore the rest.

ignore it.

Sir, I must salute your baiting talents.
The edgy edge I suggest is that we use the edge of a guillotine on the lot of them.

Also in a more serious point: There's some hilarious irony to claiming to oppose ALL forms of identitarianism while then trying to create a new political identity (with a fucking awful name, while I'm on it.) because the association with the alt-right has become too cringeworthy for even a balding cuckold who earns his living yelling loudly for the amusement of children to want to associate with.

Don't over-egg it.


This Liberalist group is probably one of the best things to happen to us. For months the aut-right has been pulling all the stops trying to keep themselves from infighting, and I guess the contradictions couldn't be resolved between the individualism of the right-liberals and the authoritarianism of the reactionaries.

We should let this play out.
Let. Them. Fight.

People were joking about an alt center in 2016 but that is what sargon and his ilk really are.

The skeptic communities origins lay in battling the christian right and their absurdities. But then they became super un cool (le tips fedora meme) and the christian right imploded after gay marriage was passed. This leads us to today. Where the christian right are replaced by secular (or pagan) fascists (the alt right) and the so called skeptics are starting to reform after dissolving sometime around when obama won.

They have done this by calling out the absurdities of the moral left. the so called sjw. Which rose into existences sometime after the failure of occupy wall street. These skeptics arent rightwing. They are centrists, classical liberals, atheists, etc.

And they are calling out the sjw's just as much as they called out the christian right.

These guys are basically the new generation south park tier "maybe youre both stupid" centrists

Classical liberals are almost uniformly right-wing, unironic neolibs
We will benefit from a group of unappealing right-wingers to constantly distract reactionaries


So basically this is how it is for millennials

The far right rebranded as "the alt right".

The far left has rebranded as "dirtbag left"

The center is now realizing they have to rebrand too, sargon has invented the term "liberlist"

And neoliberals are mocked as SJW's

I think the neocons are dead

they're right wing, they just fall into the south park libertarian variety of right wing rather than the unironic jew-gasser variety.
the roots in the skeptic community are probably why there's any ambiguity, since you then have an unholy alliance between social-liberals and libertarians to argue against theocratic (gauche/overt) imperialists.

though even with rationalwiki types (who in article terms, seem to display broad sympathy with SocDem economic thought, even if they then pivot to hating Corbyn.) display the sort of underlying libertarian pathology, a thought to the extent of "if government and politics just left people alone they'd be fine." It is of course the pathology of identifying politics as exogenous, rather than endogenous to human existence. Which is, in a roundabout way, why you have the identification with the "centre" - because the centre is a space that accepts the existence of politics (begrudgingly) while wishing to avoid "taking sides" and being identified with it.

(coherence is completely lost from this point forward)
It's also part of why they can all be comfortable without actually promoting solutions to things: They can basically propose that things will solve themselves if we just put the politics aside - and this is an undercurrent that you find even in actually political people, most notably of the Blairite/Clintonite ilk. But that's not to place Sargon and Clinton on the same plane, both have the same disease, but find themselves in very different places. Also ultimately as all libertarians find, there's the problems that arise from the liberty to infringe on the liberty of others which can't neatly be solved by arbitrary rules. As the enemy changes, the rules change too - you see the kind of people who'd argue that bakers should have to serve gay couples circa 2010 now arguing that bakers should be allowed to refuse gays, but not known klansmen, because the enemy has changed. Politics is all about who your enemies are. It may be overzealous to expect anyone to fish my point out of that word salad but I'm about to go to bed.

The job of the centrist is to maintain the capitalist status quo, whether they realize it or not. If the far right gets into power and wants to start gassing jews and sieg heiling and turn everything into blood and soil. Thats bad.
If the far left wants to get into power and overthrow the rich, or improve the material conditions of the poor, or implement gay space communism and kill kulaks, thats bad.

These guys are fine with never doing anything. Never believing an anything. Calling both sides out for their fuck ups and extremism, and both sides do fuck up.

But they also seem to have developed a disdain for neoliberal idpol as well. So you see them calling out sjw's now i guess.

These guys dont like extremism in any form.

These guys don't like real, tangible CHANGE in any form. Anything, ANYTHING farther left than orthodox Not Socialism, would be better than the status quo. I'm serious.

are we talking about the same Sargon here?

Liberalistism is the new counter culture.

go back to reddit and end yourself

Why should we care about them? Just keep doing what we've been doing and build up the real left alternative. Whether Sargon and the "liberalists" (God, that's retarded) realize it or not, the left has been growing steadily alongside the right. We're becoming intimate with our own arguments again, radicalizing ourselves, and popping up more and more in the outside world. Sure, right now we aren't much, but we're still figuring out our models. Remember, this left is emerging out of the ashes of the Cold War and separating itself from what has been the dominant radical liberal ideology for the last handful of years. Once we settle back into materialism and start formulating arguments for the new era we find ourselves in, then we can expect more of a direct and solidified confrontation. For now, attention is all we really need, and we have it in spades.

Can we make this the official Warski stream thread? I'd like the chill with you bros and just talk about whatever political streams come on nightly with the boys. Do we really have to be so straight-edge we don't allow a containment thread, when we all know a lot of us are watching the streams anyway?

New movement?
What is new with pseudo intelectual reactionaries making dishonest arguments?

fuck off ;)

I have just as much a right to be here as you do

Hey! Don't lump me in with those other faggots

I just think we should take advantage of the current political happenings. This is the nature of power politics, principles be damned if we don't get anywhere.

It's time to swallow our pride. Sargon is our ally, simple as is.


Oh you mean mentally ill spergs and Larping "revolutionaries" that just regurgitate the talking points neatly packaged and fed to the by the 1% and their news media? I never thought I'd see the day that the left would be this oblivious and led by the nose by the same people we used to fight. Occupy was all for nothing

Do you really expect anyone to belive 5 different people replied to one post in less than two minutes on this thread? you are pathetic.

I called him a coward for pulling out of the Destiny debate. Blocked literally within a minute.

You sound like a blithering sjw. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Fuck off, you're not convincing anyone.


This is sad. Stop posting.

He needs to put on a fucking shirt under that jacket of his. He must think he's some kinda fascist John Lennon-Sid Vicious hybrid.


Ah, so he's shit then. Fuck off.

More like a Lolberg John Lenin tbh

Basically the only difference between the Sargonesque Liberals and the Aut-right Is how radicalized they became
After CV when it was revealed that the Aut-right were not that different then the White-Nationalist/Separatist Fad from the ninties abd that Muh Trump and Muh Dank MayMays was just a means to a end
Those who had already crossed the rubicon and begun calling themselves Alt-right/Identatarian etc doubled down
While those had not crossed it yet (Styx/Sargon/Vee etc) Realized whhat the Aut-Right actually were and attempted to disassociate as quick as possible thus resulting in this Cyber Conflict of the Right-Wing at the moment
Throw in some E-Celeb drama (Like That Kraut and tea shit) and it becomes a perfect storm of Paranoia Purity Spiraling and Infighting

literally all OP

ignore it, at least classical liberal was an actual ideology before the internet, no one outside a sheltered echochamber of skeptic/alt right youtube (

oh ok have fun accomplishing nothing

you do realize that pol's shit appeal to no one, right? do you honestly believe someone in the 50% of america who makes 30k or less actually gives a fuck about pol's shitty memes?

disappointed, but not surprised

the end of history
a bunch of meaningless anti-movements re-branding themselves but none of them offering any solutions, all of them designed to grind things to a halt & serve capital


Bring back Industrial Unionism.

Climate change is the only thing that can save us.