Muh Stirner

Well i think its safe to say at this point that Muh Stirner and Muh Ego book are dead memes…
So can everyone here no matter what their tendency and ideology admit that Stirner was a meme Philosopher and that Muh Spooks was/is/and always will be just a Shitty cop-out excuse for Nihilists and Belligerent Assholes to not have to explain their actions and ideas?

Even at the height of Stirnerposting, the genuine egoist to memer ratio was probably something like 1:50, and we only had a few hundred posters overall at that time. That said, Stirner isn't entirely just a meme. I maintain that the Ego and Its Own is an important read for anyone who fancies themselves a materialist, especially if you read The German Ideology after you read Stirner. And anyone who thinks of Stirner as a nihilist first and foremost rather than a materialist on steroids really needs to give another read to the The Ego and Its Own.

Agreed with the ratio - most Sitrner-posting on here has always been memes. We used to see it a lot more frequently than we do now.

Still a good read.

Shill detected. Look, Christfag/Idealist, I understand that being told your magical powers only exist inside your mind and the mind of others as spooks may be jarring, but it doesn't change thethe fact that spooks are spooks. 100% guarantee this is a buttblasted idealist who got called out for being retarded.
On the 1 out of 1000 chance this is just a poster who is simply upset at people who justify everything with "spooks", then yah I agree

Didn't fuckin read Stirner did you?

ego and its own is literally the only philosophy book worth reading

He's a meme philosopher, but you didn't read read Stirner.

daily reminder

Well i think its safe to say at this point that Muh Laotzu and Muh Tao book are dead memes…
So can everyone here no matter what their tendency and ideology admit that Laotzu was a meme Philosopher and that Muh Way was/is/and always will be just a Shitty cop-out excuse for Nihilists and Belligerent Assholes to not have to explain their actions and ideas?

Nigga he wasn't a meme phisolopher, he was literally a meme.

All of Philosophy is treated as a meme at this point, if we're being real.

The spooks stuff works as a shitpost so would always have taken over legitimate Stirnerite anarchists(who are still shit but that's besides the point here). Calling any counterpoint a spook is a good way to rustle up jimmies as you don't need to provide a real counter to people so is a great tool in any shitposters arsenal. As always with the online left reductive self perpetuating shitposting drowns out legitimate uses of that person and or ideology, see Bordiga–and leftcommunism as a whole– or Posadism for other examples

As said, there's much to be learnt in Stirner and he shouldn't just be cast off as a meme


He took self-interest and individualism to its foremost logical conclusion. Egoism/Stirnerism is pure, unadulterated desire for the unbridled self instinct taken to its logical conclusion and viewed through a materialist lens. Everything that gets in the way of your immediate, hedonistic whim is a 'spook'. It's individualism for predatory animals, not for social men. Which is why his version of anarchism differs from most others like Kropotkin and Proudhon who would follow the mutual aid and social man philosophies about human social behavior respectively. That being said it is more reflective of “human nature” than capital accumulation is or more accurate at explain self-interest than the likes of Rand. Hedonism and individualism are on the spectrum of ego where man seeks to please himself metaphysically. Both of these ideas are utilized for consumption in the market as a form of lifestylism.The book I feel was a criticism of the time and how Christian morality, petty nationalism, and ideology dominated the milieu of his time. Kinda like Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Marx etc. It's basically just a "fuck you, got mine" type of philosophy.

Not a bad read though, I liked Stirner's humorous use of language that makes reading this book entertaining rather than boring unlike most Marxist writings and for any anarchist this book is a must read.

Can everyone here no matter what their tendency and ideology admit that spooks are and always will be just shitty cop-out excuses for tribalists, moralists and belligerent idealists to not have to justify their actions and ideas?

If so, we can put stirnerposting to rest. If no, continued education is necessary.

I refuse to believe any of you have read anything about Stirner outside of memes.

Go back and read again, hedonism is a spook; placing self-interest over your own freedom entraps you into your desires, making you a slave to yourself. Stirnwer was quite clear on this. Is the heroin addict who follows his interest for more heroin truly free?

Don't blame the milkman, blame the people who never understood the meaning.

we dont have to justify anything to do anything. we can just do it. that's the point.

yeah you never read stirner.

i miss stirner memes
it's been some time since i told someone
Stirner = Engels alterego

The problem with Stirner is that he makes it incredibly easy to justify the ayncrap mentality of "fuck you got mine". In fact, Stirner probably glummed onto right wing libertarian bullshit.

Stirner's philosophy is pretty apolitical, he never assigns an ethical stance as a way to live by. He does make it abundantly clear that if workers united in mutual self interest the ruling class would be fucked, and history has attested to that on multiple occasions. The only way to read Stirner as pro propertarian is to not read Stirner.

Another burger that didn’t read Stirner.

I’m half way through reading Stirner, but awhile ago some anons were saying Stiners brand of egotism was bad, for lack of a better term, and that there were other types.
Does anyone know what other more enlightened types of egotism there are.
I thought it might me ethical egoism but that doesn’t seem to be it since it doesn’t touch on spooks at all.

Sure, you don't have to justify being, say, a religious nationalist.
No, it's not Stirner's point at all.
And the fact that you don't have to justify it does not mean that you would be able to do that from bare facts of the world, without invoking some made-up memetic principle you internalized. I.e. a spook.

stirner remains misunderstood due to 'le human is a social whatever' memelords perpetually beating on strawmans in their head

Not a dank meme but still real fresh.

What are you talking about? The "bare facts of the world" mean nothing. I dont care about your "facts" your ideology, or your feelings. I dont have to justify anything to you or anyone. I will do something by using my power to do it and the only thing that can stop me is an outside power.

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the facts of the world are the outside power my man

the "facts of the world" as you are using them are not one monolithic thing. The system of laws and capital is a huge lumbering giant. It doesnt actually have the power to be everywhere, vigilant, all at once. A single individual can exert their power through the gaps just fine. The only thing stopping them is fear and complicity built in to them through years of indoctrination and destruction of self esteem/confidence.

It divided you golems didn't it? Stirner wins again.

I'm Christian and see a lot of applications of Nihilism, Existentialism, Illegalism and Insurrection very valid. use nuance.