Why the fuck do communists have a problem with "revisionism"? It seems odd to me, as most all forms of communism are revisionism, including Marxist-Leninism. Why do you need to hate yourselves more? hm.

It refers to the tendency to go reformist/liberal, ala Eduard Bernstein

Revisionism is when you falsify basic ideas and claim them to be proven and accepted long ago - instead of openly discussing and changing/dropping/updating after proper discussion.

Also, don't create threads for one dumb question.


Can you explain to us why you believe marxism-leninism, of all fucking tendencies, is revisionism

Because you do not know da wey and I spit on you?

Revisonism isn't just reformism tho

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Every religion will have people clinging fiercely to the One True interpretation of the holy texts, and Judaism 4.0 is not an exception.

t. doesn't know what revisionism means in the marxist sense.


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And here's the zealot claiming his is the One True interpretation.

is that the only only """"""argument""""" the right has at this point

well as it seems you have no idea what revisionism is let me sumarize it. Revisionism is basicaly to defend that:

couldnt be more simplistic

It means going back on the principles of revolutionary Marxism, whether in favour of Bernstein style social democratic reformism or stuff like Khrushchev's "state of the whole people" and "peaceful coexistence".

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not to mention you probably clinge almost religiously to actual counter-scientific attitudes such as racialism and holocaust denial.

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I wish for communism tbh

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OP is a revisionist.

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Lenin was a revisionist all along. Being anarchist by method of revolution is to be revisionist, too. Marxism-Engelsism all the way.