Are '''YOU''' a Shitholer?

On CNN, which is the Communist News Network, they informed that you can be a shitholer if you are Irish or Italian. Norwegians are undesirable, being "honkies". So how about you? Are you a shitholer? You're definitely a shitholer if you're a spic or a kike or a nigger, that's for certain! Slant-eyes, according to CNN, are also shitholers.

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Example shitholer.

I suppose Russians are, by default, honkies and therefore not members of the elite CIA shitholers division.


Pick one

So are you a shitholer or not? I bet you're not. You didn't have the balls to answer.

Shitholers can be white! ^o^

America is a shithole so it makes sense shitholers move there. That's what you should've told Trump.


"Colbert: They aren't 'shithole' countries because Trump isn't their president"


In shithole Haiti mothers feed their children literal cakes made out of mud. They don't lack condoms - they simply refuse to use them, and therefore their needs always outstrip supplies.

"Stephen Colbert said places like Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations aren’t “shithole” countries because President Trump is not their leader.

It's hilarious that Trump wants to encourage European immigration, as if any Europeans would willingly come to this crumbling shitheap in the Year of Our Lord 2018.

The reason we get so much immigration from "shithole countries" because only in those countries would moving to the United States be considered an increase in standard of living. Encouraging immigration from Norway would only only bring in the dumbest, most gullible Norwegians because that's the only kind of Norwegian who would trade their country for fucking Burgerland.


And, yes, Obama was the shitholer extraordinaire!

But you are a coward. You didn't answer the question!


So, coward.

are you a shitholer?

I'm an American, so I guess I would be.

No one except Liberals and the right-wing even made this a race thing
Even eastern Europe is a shithole by Western standards

tfw from a shithole, sadly agree with Trump in this case.

Never understood why are Irish and Italians the two go-to not hwite ethnicities.

Because Boston and New Jersey.

Because Ireland and Italy have always been inhabited by illiterate mudhut dwellers.

Because until like the 1950s, most anglos did not consider them white.

I know I should be happy our enemies are fucking retards, but wew


I laughed, not going to lie.

Your mama

Idk who you think you're fooling. Remember that the other half of Trump's statement implies that anyone would leave a country with real social safety nets for one with much worse education and healthcare


yeah i came here from my shithole just to make Holla Forums mad lmao

to be honest i'm very grateful for the opportunity, considering i've fucked so much white aryan american pussy with my wetback nigger dick. never could have done that in mexicohaitistan. :^)

It's hard being a white communist in America I tell ya what

Sage goes in the email field

That's true for Ireland, but in Italy they truly wuz kangz

Are you fucking retarded?

u wot?

No, YOU are. Everybody knows that communism is A) when the government does stuff and/or B) where SJW's congregate and start spreading their cultural marxist propaganda. As we all know, CNN is a hotspot for both. Thus, it's double communist.

Oh damn. I actually thought communism was a stateless, classless and moneyless society with free commodity access under the basis of from each according to his needs, to each according to his ability. How silly of me…

I guess if it's unachievable you'll never have a reason to admit it's a failure.

I'm shitpost tbh

That's not what communism is at all