The next revolution

Whats the next revolution that international leftists will support? Is it over after Jojava? I wonder how they feel to have supported a dozen US bases. Maybe it was a trap all along.

That being said i don't think that international leftists played a big role in the over a dozen US military bases in Syria anyway. A lot of the international fighters were apolitical and just wanted to fight ISIS. Hell, a lot of them were EX-US Military or FFL. Especially in the Iraqi Peshmerga.

Do you guys think less of Leftists Volunteers like pisspig who went only to be protected by the USs air power?

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You know deep inside where the next revolution is going to come from bucko.

HE will implement Full Communism within the first year of his term.

If you mean another NATO "revolution" supported by leftist dupes then Baluchistan, Xinjiang, or some other minority region in Asia.
If you mean an actual leftist revolution then it's hard to say. The pink tide seems to be receding in Latin America with the notable exceptions of Venezuela and Bolivia, but with the fixed elections in Honduras maybe more will develop there. Plenty of countries in Africa and Asia have the potential. In Europe you're probably looking at Greece and the ex-socialist states but their proximity to (or, worse, membership in) NATO and the EU make that more difficult.
Something that's worth remembering is that revolutions often come on very fast; no one, not even dedicated communists, see them coming even a few weeks before the violence starts.
So, to answer your question OP: we'll see.

kys retard

EFF in South Africa

How about no?


how about no

Parties there arent that revolutionary Actually
Even the "M-L" communist party that just won the elections is basically just a Suc-dem group

What the fuck do you think M-L is if not radical suc-demery? That's what the Paris Commune was too.

No it isnt why would i think that?
Thats Debatable…
The paris Commune never got around to establishing much considering how few resources it had and how long it lasted
But most of the participants were communists and Anarchists not Suc-dems

That would be the ANC


I sincerely hope that you aren’t talking about the farmers.
Further, the party’s first plank is land expropriation sans compensation, including mines and oil fields. The ethnic bent to the issue is unfortunate, but the reality is that South Africa’s racial capital disparity mirror’s the US’, save for the fact that the majority is the economic underclass in ZA.

The EFF wont Nationalize Collectivize or Democratize any of this
The "land expropriation sans compensation," Literally just means smashing up the Mainly white Porky class and transferring their land and inn effect their power to the Smaller black porky class

Tell me
How will this help South African Proles?

Is it me or was that second pic not a part of the original post?

Looks like Nepal is on its way toward a better future. After all the Left make up most of its parliament at this point and that happened just like 2 days ago.


The Nepalese "Communists" tend to just be red Social-Democrats

if he tries he'll get Allende'd

The next revolution will obviously come from Sweden. Our brothers and sisters arrive by the day, and for the cause, will rise up against wage-slavery by the capitalist ruling class! BLANDA UPP! BLANDA UPP!

Without peasants we’d all starve. Granted I don’t know if whites in South Africa are actual peasants or agribusiness pokies.

Can someone explain the EFF situation here. Do they want Mugabe 2.0 or are they actual socialists.


Protip: "farmer' in the South African lexicon refers to literal porkies who own hundreds of thousands of acres of land; relying on underpaid, non-official laborers in the townships. This isn't farmer Jim.