Climate General: News and Research of What Climate Change Means For Our Collective Future

Basically what his thread is dedicated to. Instead of having multiple threads that don't get answered or replied to, or read, as much as others; I decided it would be a good idea to organize news about the topic here. So it doesn't crowd up threads, bump out other threads, and focus can be localized in one location.

Latest news, discovery, and discussion about how the climate will effect the future, potential revolution, class, Earth's many biomes and ecosystems, farming, melting ice sheets, etc etc; all will be discussed here. This might not mean you can't make your own threads, this is just for convenience sake so things don't get crowded, or topics don't go unread.

I think this would be an easier way to organize threads, and have a discussion about the topic without making multiple topics and discuss the topic at hand. I'm repeating myself, I think you get the idea.

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The window for saving the Earth's coral reefs is rapidly closing


Meh. Veggies under the water. Who needs them? It's not like *cough* it's not like *wheeze* it's not *suffocates.*

This report makes me really depressed for the Greenland communist who posts on trash a lot :(

you need to go back to Holla Forums

Funny how almost every single problem you listed is exacerbated by climate change and yet you seem to be arguing climate change isn't an issue.

what a truly sinister post, my god

Rising CO2 is causing trouble in freshwaters globally, more parallel to the world's oceans than previously thought

Linda C. Weiss, Leonie Pötter, Annika Steiger, Sebastian Kruppert, Uwe Frost, Ralph Tollrian. Rising pCO 2 in Freshwater Ecosystems Has the Potential to Negatively Affect Predator-Induced Defenses in Daphnia. Current Biology, 2018; DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2017.12.022

I don't thing it matters much for our collective future. All that CO2 and energy emissions are something that were in the Atmosphere to begin with, in prehistoric eras. Of course, it will drastically change the climate, and will render some areas unsustainable and others flourishing. But it won't render global environment hostile to humans.

It depends where

As I've mentioned

At any rate, there is no point worrying about it, and global environmental effort is just the facade too.

Strongly disagree

No climate change thread is complete without acknowledging the amazing work potholer54 has produced. Before commenting in the thread I recommend watching this playlist if you haven't already.


He's right about the CO2 being there in the past but either he doesn't know that the sun was much colder back then or he's pretending he doesn't know.

On a related note: I'm generally opposed to terrorism since it's a shit tactic, but it's high time somebody started compiling a little list of professional climate change denier media personnel and scientists who received some "compensation" for their edgy take on it, CEOs and major shareholders of fossil fuel companies and car manufacturers that lie about their emissions, etc. These fucks are literally building up for genocide that will take effect in the near future and people globally recognize this.

Having a TOP 50 would be an easily reachable target for an imageboard like ours. Please reply to this post if you can add a name and provide a short explanation for the person's activities.

I'll start with these CEOs:
1. Carlos Ghosn (Nissan, Renault)
2. Chung Mong-koo (Hyundai)
3. Linda Jackson (Citroen)
4. Martin Lundstedt (Volvo)
5. Matthias Müller (Volskwagen)
6. Sergio Marchionne (FIAT, Ferrari, Maserati, Chrysler)
7. Harald Krüger (BMW)
8. Masamichi Kogai (Mazda)
9. James Patrick "Jim" Hacket (Ford)

Reason: lying about actual car emission data to maximize profits.

Climate Change Spurs Global River Flooding, That Will Only Increase Yearly

"More than half of the United States must at least double their protection level within the next two decades if they want to avoid a dramatic increase in fatal river flood risks," says lead-author Sven Willner from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Without additional adaptation measures – such as enhancing dykes, improved river management, increasing building standards, or relocating settlements – the number of people affected by the worst 10 percent of all river flooding events will increase in many places: In Northern America from 0.1 to 1 million – while this seems not like a large number, it is a tenfold increase. In Germany it could rise sevenfold, from 0.1 to 0.7 million.

Absolute values are even bigger elsewhere: in South America the number of people affected by flooding risks will likely increase from 6 to 12 million, in Africa from 25 to 34 million, and in Asia from 70 to 156 million. The real numbers might be even higher in the future as population growth and further urbanisation is not taken into account. The death tolls in the coming decades for these regions, will be unimaginable


Yeah, so just double the estimates.

What are you talking about?

this post

Where did they say to just double the estimates?

I'm not that poster, just pointing to what he which post he was referring to?

Boy, the mid-21st century is going to be wild. I consider myself lucky to witness it as an older man. Kids born right now and in the near future will truly have horror lives.

Potentially being included in the extinction of the human race is one of the reasons I get up in the morning.

I decided awhile ago that having children (i'm 21) may be unethical

It would be unethical for all parties involved. But especially the child yeah.

There are literally no perks I can think of, for ever having kids. That sounds like more of a fucking nightmare than dealing with this bullshit alone, because you know you can't really be the best parent you can be in a future like this.

Their estimates work on static data. If you take into account population growth and population density getting higher (that is, processes), you might as well double their estimates.

In broadest view yet of world's low oxygen (Oceanic Hypoxia), scientists reveal dangers and solutions

"This is a problem we can solve," Breitburg said. "Halting climate change requires a global effort, but even local actions can help with nutrient-driven oxygen decline." As proof Breitburg points to the ongoing recovery of Chesapeake Bay, where nitrogen pollution has dropped 24 percent since its peak thanks to better sewage treatment, better farming practices and successful laws like the Clean Air Act. While some low-oxygen zones persist, the area of the Chesapeake with zero oxygen has almost disappeared. "Tackling climate change may seem more daunting," she added, "but doing it is critical for stemming the decline of oxygen in our oceans, and for nearly every aspect of life on our planet."


It means we're fucked and we're all going to die. And it only gets worse from here on.



Oh so that's why they mean when they say google Bookchin.

you should all unironically kill yourselves and help get the trend going

Riveting analysis buddy.

I'm sad now :(

That was never the issue, brainlet. The problem is twofold.

One is the conflicts that will inevitably result from the consequences of global warming due to bad governance. What the fuck kind of response do you think the Indian government is going to have to millions of migrants fleeing coastal cities with absolutely no personal belongings? How about Mexico? This is going to happen in countries that aren't ready for the kind of instability it will bring. The picture isn't going to be pretty. It means wars, ethnic cleansing, collapse of civil structures, etc. This isn't even taking into account the global financial implications of climate change, or resource shortage.

The second problem is that climate change does have massive fucking implications. See . Fishing accounts for a huge amount of global food supply. If the oceans are compromised, we won't be able to easily fill that gap.

Stop swallowing liberal propaganda. Climate change isn't a footnote that we can innovate our way out of with a little can-do attitude. Its a disastrous phenomenon which requires unprecedented global cooperation and planning, none of which is even being seriously attempted.

Welcome to the club.

Nothing ever came from being sad, now being angry however…

What the fuck can we do at this point. For the next decade, if I'm being generous, we are somewhat fucked. And this whole thing is working like a clock from hell, it's treating this like a college student on too much adderall. By the time we get there, wherever we hope that may be, catastrophic damage will already be done.

I mean I don't want to be Gloom/Doom but it is just kinda fucked that way. It's a railroad in everyone's backyard.

was replying to a Holla Forumsyp from the deleted drumph thread so I guess I'll leave it here. this is the laziest fucking cop-out of all.

And they happen to have 4 times the US population each. Also Russia is much more enviromentally dangerous (per capita) than any of the three, and is the 4th biggest.
Nothing could stop climate change, cutting it by a third or at least a fifth would have a pretty major impact, especially considering it's a feedback loop and all.
Not to mention that it's much easier to organise boycotts against pollutant industry abroad when you have green industry at home.
No one has any intention of stopping, and no policy maker has ever told anyone to stop. China is investing massively in green energy and most of the solar panels americans use are manufactured in china with chinese technology.

And this is how humans will go extinct. By saying it’s “unethical” to have children.

Yes I'm sure it's that, not you know, the reasons why someone would come to that personal conclusion that's not much of your business.

Seriously people in the Black Death lived through much worse and still survived and procreated. You can do that to.

And how many children died during the Black Plague, beyond reasons of just the Black Plague?

Big Boomer Boy detected

I’m Gen Z

Oh cool, so you're not old enough to have kids responsibly, speaking down upon adults who cannot

Maybe it's the opposite where like, you don't care about the safety and outcome of children because you just want kids to happen or else WE'LL GO EXXXTTTTINCT

Not you know

Might, more likely.

Why are we even talking about having children, this is ridiculous

How fucking awful is capitalism that it can make the 3.5 bilion years of evolutionary pressure to reproduce seem insignificant. 3.5 billion years of countless ancestors all reproducing and capitalism is the nail in the coffin to make a significant proportion of the population deny the most primal fundamental instinct of all life.

As climate is warming up, more bird nests are destroyed

Summary: A new study shows that birds have shifted the time of their breeding much faster (due to temperature change) than the farmers are anticipating their sowing times in Finnish farmland (and perhaps elsewhere unnoticed). This means that more birds are laying their eggs on fields that are still to be sown or in other unusual areas, a mismatch in timing that is most likely fatal for the bird nests. This could lead, in various areas of the world, birds to become confused and change their behavior in ways that threaten their populations, this is particularly critical to endangered bird populations, and research should be followed up into such possibilities.

>University of Helsinki. "As climate is warming up, more bird nests are destroyed in Finnish farmland." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 11 January 2018. .

Has anyone read this?

I'm currently reading The Shock Doctrine and thinking about picking this up next.

she's a stupid lib.


Green radicals are ready to kill for their cause


we second impact now

No kidding, except the Angels are just the byproducts of two centuries of unchecked industrialization.

I expect some people in this thread have watched at least some material from Dr. Guy McPherson, and while I wouldn't recommend him as a pinnacle-source of climate change knowledge or predictions I would highly recommend watching at least one segment from his typical lecture where he covers how the IPCC arrives at its predictions and models and what it omits to arrive at that conclusion. If anyone has a good link to that I'd appreciate it - I can't pull it up super easily right now being at work. But yeah, the link I'm posting has 5C of change by the end of the century, and even that may be optimistic.


Global Socialization of the Earth's Remaining Resources and the Intelligent Management of Our Collective Ecology Now!

Fucking get tough raise your children to be strong tough fighters and one day they just might throw porky off his throne. Not having children is actually a incredibly greedy thing you can do since the more people we have the more easier Socialism will be able to get into power and will be better to fight off cappie countries.

Fascists aren't gonna stop having kids.
Rich cappies aren't gonna stop having kids
Third worldists aren't gonna stop having kids
But 1st world Communist muh finances won't have a child cause it's too hard.

Go get some pet cats and pugs that'll help the socialist cause when your 80 and you'll be the cooky ol commie in the shitty state run nursing home which gets less and less funds every year.

please stop with the off-topic shittery

Children are apart of climate change and future human population growth will effect this vastly,. Porky throws media and Capitalism at the lower classes to stop them having children since these future children threaten their position. This also allows them to import immigrants who have not partaken in the benefits we receive so they can be used and abused as cheap labor and moved around like cattle living in the most horrible of conditions. Hence why family benefits have been getting smaller and smaller every year and the media has been pressuring the poor to not have children.

Having and raising a child is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things one can do in life and to simply pass this off cause muh taxes without thinking of the greater society and the need for future socialist children is incredibly greedy and self-centered and your giving into the ruling classes who want to keep us down.

Just one of these porkies for instance is Gina Reinhardt an Australian incredibly rich and privileged billionaire has openly called for the forced sterilization of the poor. Protecting the environment is incredibly important but the Socialist cause is just if not more important since only Socialists will protect the environment in the first place since capitlists are well known for trashing it, so refusing to have children because muh taxes or muh power consumption is greedy and utopian thinking since fascists and stupid conservatives have children where as liberals and other such people on the "left" have little children and pet cats.

Without Socialism there is no protection against climate change.

Dude have you not been paying attention? Industrial civilization at-scale is swelling up like a tumor. When it pops, which is inevitable and will likely happen this century, the mass-death and chaos that unfolds will be far worse than any event in our collective history.

Sparing a child from having to live through the death rattle of modern society is not selfish, it is merciful.

Having children irresponsibly left and right if you can't afford it in America is actually a fucking terrible idea, and it shouldn't be encouraged.

You sound like a psychopath when that user's concerns are basically that their kids might suffer and die in a climate apocalypse. The response is "we need soldiers to die for communism!"? Maybe we are all willing to die for something, but how are you emotionally capable of deciding to create people that you raise as a parent, the person a child is going to trust and turn to for protection and guidance in the world, for their utility as a pawn in a fight against capitalism?

Besides, other people continue to have kids, mostly people in poverty. You can just as easily continue attempting to get a hundred families onto your side rather than raise a foot soldier or two yourself and tell them the fate of the world is resting on their shoulders in the middle of a global upheaval made by the centuries long excesses of a global industrial machine.

Porky tier tbh

Much needed bump

Plastic Waste Spreads Disease to Coral Reefs: Scientists

Good post my man

Here's some papers if anyone wants them. Easy, short reads. Something to take away is that as the climate changes, some species won't just die, they will travel outside their native areas and wreak havoc on other ecosystems. It also means that species that do well in warm environments will spread, like mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Reading these threads make me want to kill myself. What the fuck is the point anymore. It didn't have to be like this.

There is no point. Embrace the hopelessness and start from there.

My dude, what did you think enlightenment would feel like?
It isn't a cozy Kumbaya one with the universe feeling - it's having everything you thought you knew scribbled out under the weight of a new found truth. It's realizing that your previous hopes and dreams were built on a fiction, an incorrect assessment of reality. It doesn't feel good, it feels real.

What you do now that you have a more accurate understanding of the world you live in is up to you. The meaning and value of life has always been in the eye of the beholder.

The only advise I can impart is this - a lot more people are realizing how fucked we are and a lot more will be coming to the same conclusion as things drag on and get worse. A lot of those people will be suffering trying to come to grips with this new understanding of reality that flies so contrary to everything they were taught and everything they thought they knew and everything they had hoped for. If you can, be there for those people and you may be able to help each other find new way of living.

The worst tanker oil spill in decades is unfolding in the East China Sea

Projected spread:

Yeah, an Iranian oil tanker doing business with China exploded, no foul play here…

A third of coral reefs 'entangled with plastic'

It's okay, most of the planet's coral reefs are already dead, so soon it won't matter how much plastic is in them.


Did you even read the article?

Don't worry, the environment doesn't have to become directly hostile by way of either unbreathable air or the polar caps melting and drowning us. When the biosphere crumbles, you will simply starve to death.

Enjoy your pay, officer.