Is there anyone more /ourgal/ alive?

Is there anyone more /ourgal/ alive?

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oh that's what everyone was up in arms about

People have been up in arms about a lot of Amber-related shit recently.

She's been mocking retards who confront her about "ableism", posting stories about how Leftist call-out culture creates an atmosphere where paranoia and mental instability are rewarded, and even disowned Chapo's shitty subreddit.

She has been really good lately.

/r/chapotraphouse is the worst

I'm trying to get at the origins of the drama, and it just gets funnier. One of the people attacking her called Chapo ableists because they wouldn't release transcripts of their shows, and posted this on reddit:

The mixture of entitlement, identity politics and thinking that the Left collectively owes her something as soon as she manages to drop the "working class" soundbites is something else.

Bump up Nagle to the front line and now you'll have 2 threads about left-populist The Baffler writers causing shitstormers

Left-populists like right-populists are pretty alien to SJWs and that bothers them

Does that person realise they can write a transcript themselves if they care so much?

Chapo was decent once upon a time but the Bill Cosby incident drove them to become typical reddit

I don't trust anyone making as much money as those fuckers are tbh

Amber is leftypol incarnate.

It was only "decent" because it was a de facto Holla Forums colony sub-10k. But reddit is reddit and everyone who thought they couldn't be flooded by retards sooner or later was kidding themselves. Now we've lost that sub and partially killed this board for our trouble

I like Amber more. She isn't an incel, ☭TANKIE☭, or nazi poster.

lmao you're fucking delusional

Do you have an actual counterpoint or not? It is a fact that before a benchmark of users there was a major cross traffic between this board and that sub and that it led to the exacerbation of several struggle sessions in both platforms. I understand that "lol ur dum xD" is the height of discourse for you but I believe you can do better if you try.

The amount of drama in the CTH/DSA/weird twitter circle is supremely autistic. Really reminds one that politics is significantly about coalition-building rather than forming some totally-correct acceptable and pure organization that you can associate with cleanly.

It's not just that. It's about actually doing shit rather than posturing and showing off how woke you are. All those people are interested in politics as a way to further themselves socially in the present system, not to effect any political change.

something people don't talk about enough is that leftist orgs need actual social media coordinators. The sad truth is that all the people who volunteer in the first meeting to run twitter accounts are all the exact people you don't want running a twitter account.

Also harassment rules should be codified for online conduct when representing the org.

Red Kahina


A modern Engels

Oh no, not le funny sniff man!


A rich heiress who profits off an under-maligned industry with terrible standards and has done nothing for the workers thereof. Engels did active agitation for factory workers throughout his life. You and your bougie internet LARP friends would do well to keep his name out of your mouths.

It would really be nice if them to provide transcripts, though.

What's people's beef with Nagle? Is it about what she said about the mismatch in sexual coupling?

When I see somebody with a rose emoji in their name I know to ignore their opinions.

Who would win in a fight earwulf, Red Kahina, or Phil Greaves?

since when did Holla Forums hate Chapo?
more exactly, since when did Holla Forums take it seriously enough to like or dislike it?

Not if they're deaf you fucking mong

I'm just glad that, as a moron, I can trust an upper class of mentally dignified people like Amber to manage my needs for me.

Kahina and Greaves did fight, but who "won" is up in the air (I think Greaves got more support from the rest of the crew though). Earwulf would get btfo immediately if he challenged either of them.


Oh yeah the IU music major who teaches summer courses at NYU and shoves coke up her nose daily is so working class man.