West Virginia

Why is there no socialist organization here?
RR is an idpol joke

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Southern heritage ties to socialism

M8 West Virginia fought for the North and literally seceded from Virginia in order to not secede from the Union. Open a history book. The secession of WV from VA was also partially a class issue because the poor whites in northwestern Virginia didn't have slaves or plantations so they saw no reason to stick their necks out for the wealthy whites who did. Your "The South Will Rise Again" is just historical revisionism. WV is hardly part of the "southern heritage" it is, however, a major center of Appalachian culture, or at least was when americans had some semblance of a culture. Now we all just shoot up heroin :-/
God, I hate what this country has become. It was always a shit show but I really think it must be worse now than it ever was for any of my forefathers.

In my experience, the state was completely gone. Over the years, you could see an encumbering void as businesses left, things got emptier, population dwindled, etc. And don't get me started on the drugs.
The important thing to accept is that everyone around here has collectively given up. There's no method to spread class consciousness, if they don't want to have a consciousness. Why do you think we have so many overdoses?

Can we try by showing people how capitalism caused there problems and how the only way to improve things is to establish socialism.

Fundamentalist Christianity is at least part of it in my experience

Elect communists to positions on schoolboards, local gov, mayors, city councils. Have them sll know each other and confederate.

Create a system of dual power that offers healthcare and drug rehab elder care day care food security drug testing

Run war of position media campaigns

Start at one end of the map and move from town to town

(U might need a hundred million dollars)

Ask Eleanor Roosevelt how that worked out for her.


I cringed when i saw
thank you

I've lived in the third world, WV is like a paradise compared to most of those places. People have big houses, land, cars, television, electricity, internet, fast food options, air conditioning, heat, playstation, etc. These things are unthinkable in many of the places I've been to.

I get it they're poor by American standards, but it's still "good enough" to be complacent. If you want to find truly desperate conditions, you'll have to look to drug ridden areas of inner cities where survival and food is really a question for many. Liberals have the perfect solution to keep those people complacent, however, through the welfare state they've created for them.

Pastor Jim Bob dun said that unions are the devil and I’ll go to hell if I don’t vote Republican.

I'd point you to other orgs but I'm guessing your threshold of something being idpol is pretty low

There isn't one in America, try again.

West Virginia literally dispels the Aut-rights meme about a all "White Ethnostate" being a fucking Utopia

Because Western socialists are generally gay urbanite soyboys disgusted by rural proles

West Virginia also dispels the shitlib meme that poverty is the main cause of black crime

It’s also riddled with meth. When the coal mines were open, it was opioids. Then, the mines closed, and prescriptions weren’t handed out as freely. The prices on the street got too high, ushering in cheap shake-and-bake meth.
I’ve lived there for 5 of the last 10 years, in Glenville. After being prosecuted without a judge or even an indictment, I left to never go back.

Democrats: These dumb niggers need help.
Republicans and everyone else right of them: These dumb niggers need to hang.

Lack of generational wealth is huge. Even shitty house that is fully paid off on some not very valuable land is way the fuck better than everyone in a family not owning anything and paying rent to live.

Meant second world sorry.

shitlibs are much more racist than that, a west Virginian drunk will get much less respect than anyone who got high and did their crime c'mon dude.

What's going on here?

Because the majority of the population is aging boomers. All the young people left for better states.

Pics to “prove” as reasonably as possible that’s i was Indeed in WV, or a rural area at least. That’s my Ford E350 I sold right before dipping out of that shithole.

If Redneck Revolt is too idpol for you then you might as well stop hoping for whatever you think socialism is

There were a shit ton of coal unions in the past, but when those died out so did any hope of socialist organization. Now all you have is ineffectual Dems who offer no job alternatives to what coal mining is left and Reps who offer a return but without the unions or social programs. West Virginia does actually have a very rich history though and I actually think its natural landscape is beautiful

I understand where you're coming from, but thats also a major cop-out argument.

It shouldn't matter what level of poverty a community resides in for there to be an effort to overthrow the bourgeoisie improve the living conditions within that community through worker revolution. No matter if its third world America or third world Mexico.

West Virginians want to be held down to a certain degree. Waiting for the next millionaire to move into town and hand out jobs. People like to have an enemy to finger for their own failures. Again, ast Eleanor Roosevelt how that worked out.

why don't you elaborate instead, what did eleanor roosevelt do and what happened

people literally live off food stamps while in other countries they would just die

accept it, the US proletariat is materially way better off than "developing" (i.e. neocolonized) countries

We accept that fact, but we also accept the fact that socialist revolution is in there self-interest. So the question is. Why don’t they?

This wtf?

Eleanor came to WV, looked around her, and found a community of down-trodden people, who surely weren’t stupid, but must just be ignorant. These people were given a modest shot at success, and all they had to do was take some initiative to improve themselves. Instead, the people became dependent on the Gov’t to continue subsidizing their newfound standard of living, yet resented the efforts made by the Gov’t. In my experience, the people in WV feel like they are too good to accept your charity- they don’t need your help, don’t want it, and don’t want newcomers messing up the paradise they’ve built for themselves.


The success of Arthurdale had always rested on many assumptions: that coal miners could easily become farmers, that community would trump individualism…but their most dangerous assumption was that private companies would flock to the settlements’ healthy and stable workforce. They were wrong.

The project depended on the establishment of a local industry that would provide jobs and a living wage to the community. To help the cause, over $30,000 of government money was spent building a factory in Arthurdale. The industries did come…and then they went. A shirt manufacturer, a vacuum factory – multiple enterprises came and went, none lasting much more than a year, all driven out by high production costs and a lack of efficiency. Without employment Arthurdale would never become a self-supporting community. They would continue to be dependent on government subsidies to float the community, fund the health clinic and school, and keep homesteader’s rents artificially low.

By 1937, Arthurdale had grown to 165 homesteads, all with electricity, indoor plumbing and refrigerators. Far from being self-sufficient, Mrs. Roosevelt and her colleagues began to feel like all the amenities piled on the townspeople might be creating some unintended consequences. In her book No Ordinary Time, Doris Kearns Goodwin writes of Mrs. Roosevelt becoming “deeply disillusioned” when, instead of fixing it themselves, the people of Arthurdale had their broken-down school bus sent to the White House garage for repairs

More on the plagues is Arthurdale:

Settler colonialists cannot be revolutionaries, they benefit from the racial caste system, just like how the bouj won't let you vote them out of power, neither will settlers willingly decolonize the land.

This isn't just limited to West Virginia. All of poor, rural America has this hypocritical viewpoint: GIBS ME DATS AND FUCK OFF.

It only gets worse when you have an influx new residents.

plus coal mining companies don't give a fuck if their workers get injured then start to shoot up Oxy, they're moving out anyway. It's a culture of total hopelessness and depression, at least with black communities in america there's solidarity, West Virginia has nothing.

It's actually the lack of practical, skill-based education. Look at Baltimore, for example, their schools are so underfunded they don't even have proper heating, properly trained teachers nor other vital materials. Instead, they opened up a multi-bil private juvie prison.

It's not the poverty that creates crime among others (rather than against porky), it's the lack of education.

Capitalists, liberal n conservative, absolutely HATE self-reliant, educated people. Hence why burgerworld is the last in education and leading in the most imprisoned citizens.

Liberals like to call their process "institutionalized racism" rather than what it really is, systematic slavery.

If poor people were actually educated, they'd do death wave attacks on government buildings.


Why do you think that education in burgerworld is, not only obscenely expensive, but alarmingly underfunded? Porky hates education and self-reliance.

Hence why slaveowners worked tooth and nail to prevent their slaves from being educated.

They know exactly how outnumbered they are.

To porky, educating workers and allowing unions to happen is like wrapping yourself in flanksteak and throwing yourself in a pit of crocs.

What are you talking about. Race isn’t that important anymore. This is 2018, not 1955.


you talk about your forced memes

It sounds like you were dealing

Because WV tried leftism for most of the twentieth century and got nothing from shit by Democrats who took away their jobs without investing in the region. Put simply West Virginia needed it's own TVA and never got one, as a result of that they are shit now and will remain shit until someone constructs it. New Democrats never cared about them one bit and just ignored them, hoping their lot would improve without realizing the amount of money it takes to diversify a region's industries.

Socialism isn't needed insomuch as basic economic investment. Spoil fills, a byproduct of coal mining, need to be managed better to prevent water pollution while the state's numerous railways, also a byproduct of the coal industry, need to be upgraded so other industries can better utilize them. The state's twin Amtrak lines can serve as a feeding line for new investment, which can be augmented by public libraries, adult colleges, and pools. Nuclear power can directly replace coal, in a manner that creates thousands of local high-tech jobs. Such is the case with Oak Ridge National Laboratory also in Tennessee.

This can be done with existing resources and political structures if the will is there. Sadly, Dems are cucked in the head and refuse to do it because they're filthy neoliberals who refuse to make the large capital investments necessary. The only exception is Manchin himself, who is largely isolated in his own party. Trump will not offer it unless he feels the state is moving purple.

Meanwhile, nearby Tennessee is living proof that a white ethnostate can work IF it works with everyone else for the greater good (aka, socialism). Why is this? Again because Tennessee has the TVA constructing (federally subsidized) infrastructure and not private corporations who are not interested in economic development. There's a reoccuring trend here: federally subsidized and managed infrastructure works. Why Democrats refuse to expand the systems that they are famous for is a mystery but it contributes to their overall decline.

Again all that's needed is for Democrats to get real and offer a true New Deal for the state, which shouldn't be difficult considering their party originally created the New Deal. West Virginians want nuclear power, functional transit and infrastructure not fag shit, nigger idpol and mexican immigration.

Its time to get off the computer
Does not seem like it if its dependent on Federal gov Subsidies

Building some dams proves a white ethnostate can work?…

It's close enough to socialism. Fact is federally subsidized infrastructure only works when both sides decide it's in their best interest to work together for a common good, to share resources (tax money) for things that occur outside of them. It's a simple but extremely far-reaching concept.

Yeah no fuck off.

wew lad

Thats literally not even close to almost any definition of socialism

Yes we are all fans of that famous socialist: Otto Von Bismarck.


Using your definition basically all nations with even the most basic Suc-Dem Social Systems are socialist


This is underwhelming even bu sucdem standards.


Something tells me you don't know what that means…

That is a decent definition of socialism? Something tells me you think it was the nazi who posted it.