Mautist Cringe Thread

Hey Holla Forums, let's have a Mautist cringe thread. I'll start. Mautists and Turd Worldists are a cancer in the left and deserve to be laughed at ridiculed for their autistic buffoonery. They're even more autismo than AnSyns or Hoxhaists.

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Jason wishes he was surrounded by hot lipstick lesbians.

latin american mautism was a mistake

What's Ahuviya's story? I heard ze is now identifying as a latina trans-woman. So they're basically a delusional cultural appropriator, similar to Rachel Dolezal. For the record, I support trans-women, but not delusional nutjob cultural appropriators like ADF.

Jason "The Eternal Virgin" Unruhe.


I kid you not, I had a teacher that believed Shining Path had CIA backing like the Khmer Rouge.

My sides.

Reposting a classic


Someone please meme this.

you've been trying really hard to push this "mautist" thing for months now and you sound really dumb

that first tweet made me laugh so hard, jason can be funny sometimes

posting some early rafiq

check the dude called "Wesley Krawczyk" (Dragonquestwes)

Absolute mautism

Called Chairman Mayo for a reason
In short he asked for feet pics of an underaged girl to masturbate to them. With socks in a mayo. Eww.


>I don't care if they grew up poor and I don't care how "unfair" it is that I got a new car for Christmas and they didn't

Yes. True socialists say "fuck the poor, I like my new car"

Truly he is a hero of the people.

Who doesn't tho

Is there any evidence for this? It would be odd for the CIA to back Shining Path and Fujimori but hell after Syria its hard to put anything past them, no matter how absurd it seems on the surface.

That's the cringiest thing Roo ever posted.

Western Maoists are pretty insufferable, but the maoism 3rd worldism is genuinely the only ☭TANKIE☭ ideology I think could get off the ground in the modern world

I'm generally a libcom tho

So in hoi4 modern day the soviet union is run by a mautist

How did this happen? Why?
I think Rutskoy should rule it, he was supported by the Black October.