What is to be Done?

What is to be Done?

Are there any other leafs here with any thoughts on how best to counter porkie Tim Hortons owners recent actions?

Online fb trolling is easy but kinda limpwristed, has anyone visited the locations that are being fucked?

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Strike won't happen because Tim Hortons isn't unionized.

Can anyone tell me what did they do now?

t. your southern hemisphere brethren

Adding on, there are also many steps that can be taken either in addition to or instead of outright nationalization as retaliation for what they've done.

For instance, a pay cap for franchise owners. Something like 3x the lowest wage of any of their employees.

Additional taxes on highest income brackets can also be considered, and the revenue can be channeled back towards minimum wage workers with an Earned Income Tax Credit.

Forced unionization of all businesses. Basically Scandinavia/Nordic Model way. This would enable a large scale strike to force franchise owners to an agreement.

Government Job Guarantee. Suggested by Post-Keynesians mostly. All unemployed would go onto the payroll of the government and put to productive work, i.e. infrastructure, green energy, affordable housing, etc. This literally destroys any negative impact from minimum wage increases besides inflation, which can be dealt with using a Market Anti Inflation Plan.

We should make caffeine distribution like the lcbo

Ontario already nationalized liquor sales so ontarians are primed for this


Unionization and strikes. Can't see what else can be done.

Who should they go with ufcw? Btw what is the career path to working frontline for a union?

God no

There are no militant unions here. Gotta get those sweet union paid lawyers too.

Anyone here work at tim hortons?

Is there seriously enough ontario iww to make that happen?

General strike > boycotts

None here either, but UFCW are UNITE Here-tier collaborationists

There aren’t enough IWW in general to make that happen

It's been a rough few decades since the union basically got outlawed.

Same thing happened to UE. It really sucks for you guys.

Thankfully with the Cold War over we might see a mild increase in membership, since the Wobblies are almost dufunct with the formation of the Rust Belt. I'm actually really sad because of it :(

Timmies coffee tastes like fucking dishwater, you shouldnt be going there anyway

tims is okay for road coffee imo. it isn't that great but it beats gas station shit that has been sitting for 4 hours.

I've never heard of Tim Hortons before but it turns out there's one pretty close to my house. I think i'll do my grocery shopping there tonight.


UFCW are still marginally more class-conscious than CUPE


The Pope! How many division has he got?

Just like a trillion angels! You don´t wanna mess with the pope!

I kinda thought you were exaggerating but when I googled it, jesus christ


how could you write that sentence without sarcasm

Nice, transfer of power from one group of porkies to the other.