Is psychology the memest discipline...

Is psychology the memest discipline? How did we end up with this shit as "professionals" or people with degrees or authority? This just strengthens the right and gives them legitimacy. How comes if i want a left take on psychology I have to rely on left philosophers like zizek rather than actual psychologists?

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when compared to normies, perhaps. What he won't tell you is this:

As for "a leftist take on psychology", you're probably looking at the wrong psychologists. There's a ton of schools of thought within the discipline and they certainly don't agree with each other at times. Look into psychoanalysis (e.g. Jacques Lacan, which Žižek builds upon a lot) and maybe behavioral neuroscience, these two are probably the least meme-y within the field.

funfact: the Soviets were seemingly very fond of behaviorism because it seemed to provide bullshit-free explanations for many phenomenons, though only recently has science advanced enough to abandon the "black box" attitude toward the human mind, traditionally held by the behaviorists.

Uphold the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism-Watsonism

Only if it's evolutionary psychology.

Not really.

Peterson is an opportunist - Pinker, maybe, too. The field has loads of social liberals (ie guys who don't espouse a bunch of xenophobic/incel/whatever stuff), and probably a fair amount of leftists - I'm not 100% sure, but it's kind of a lulzy stereotype that occasionally comes up along with brainwashing allegations from the right. The field really operates independent of any particular political sway.

That said, it's still a largely bullshit discipline. Freud, for all his flaws, had more merits as a scientist than many of the modern guys who followed in the later field of psychology. Headshrinking is still voodoo, but sans the genuine curiosity about the human mind that Freud held.

I was involved in psychology before in burgerstan. Behaviorism is top tier paradigm, the soviets got it right here. Too bad behaviorism is perceived as antiquated today. Psychoanalysis is bat shit insane but fun. Beyond this you get into garbage science or liberal ideology infested shitfests or both. Thankfully I've yet to see any reactionary psych publications in serious academic journals (muh liberal college brainwashing camps).

People working in academic psychology can be open to leftism since they're usually in a university but most are typical burger liberals or succdems. I knew a few marxists but I'm a biased sample.

Look into Anti-Psychiatry and Positive Psychology.

Anti-psychiatry is based, but positive psychology sounds very much like a meme, it strikes me as something you'd find on a self-help manual without any scientific basis.

Psychology itself isn't scientific. Even neural psychology isn't scientific yet because it relies on the unscientific DSM criteria of mental illness. From what I gather positive psychology seems it focuses on taking people beyond just not being mentally ill like abnormal psychology but is about improving a persons quality of life. I can see what you mean though.

Psychology is literally concentrated ideology. There is no such thing as mental health.

Psychology isn't science. It isn't even medicinal field.

There is, although it is social construct.

No mental health is real just hoe thr DSM and ICD categorise it is made up. Mental health in reality is more subjective though but it can also be a symptom of a neurological problem.

I know a lot of psychology students, and as it turns out, no specific field in psychology has proven more effective than another. What matters is almost exclusively how well the patient and psychologist "click", how free the patient feels to express their problems.

The study of the mind is a mostly philosophical task, which is why people like Zizek are the best.

It's a complete meme. The whole discipline is a tool used to control the populace and attempt to justify said subjugation. Foucault has many great things to say about this if you would like to know more.
It really shouldn't be a surprise that psychologists turn out be reactionary snakes.
On a more personal note, I have never met a psychologist or someone studying to be one that wasn't a complete airhead. Some of the dumbest people I've met even.

well psychologists are kinda like clergy of the old times
thought control and all that
for heresy wrongthink you get yourself burned institutionalized

why tho?


Social sciences aren't proper science they just use some of the methods but are tainted with lack of ability to create real controls and tainted by subjectivity of interpretation. Also neural plasticity makes that quote true. While genes create predispositions it's environment that shapes people.

Any argument you're going to make on the grounds of scientific hardness against behaioral genetics is going to be twice as strong towards blank-slate type of theories.
No, it doesn't, unless you severely misunderstand what neural plasticity is. Going from "neural plasticity" to "therefore everyone can be smart/a genius" is as a bad as saying that muscles adapt to stress therefore everoyne can be as strong as eddie hall. In fact, it's even worse because the heritability of muscle size/strength is far lower than the heritability of cognitive ability.
This is one of those statements that sounds good but either doesn't mean anything or is flat out false.

You're aware that heritability in the context of scientific studies doesn't mean "How much DNA determinate something" right?

Yes, and I hope you're aware that asking that question as if it debunks anything I've said or lends credence to tabula rasa theories is not the right way to go.

I'm totally convinced the left isn't obsessed to hunt the last dissenter over actually making the average person live better now.


Let me help you get oriented friend.
- Social (and to a large degree, clinical) psychology, along with pretty much any other "social science" departments are meme tier.
- Evolutionary psych is chasing close behind
- Cognitive psych starts to hint at reality on occasion but mostly operates on a dangerously oudated box-and-arrow magic box model
- Neuroscientists and sensory systems psychologists are probably the only ones doing straight-forward science in the psychological field, though they're basically applied biologists at this point.


Mental illnesses do exist and have physical causes.

Foucault died of AIDS from visiting too many bathhouses