Soc Dem Checking In

Hey, I been looking at your memes and they have almost got me sold. But, can someone tell me why I should convert from Social Democracy to *preferred leftist ideo* I wana know what backs up this hot shit I have been seeing

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there is none
being "anti-socdem" is a meme for larpers
Marx supported the succeed parties. most socialist states that have existed utilised some degree of succdem.
as long as you think commodity production should ultimately be abolished then you have no good reason to listen to anybody else's opinions.

Should the elimination of commodity production be the ultimate goal of the left or is that to serve a different goal all together?

because social democracy as it exists today is pure idealism.
You can't reforms capitalism or much less mak it sustainable or tender.

Could you not use the profits of a semi-mixed market economy to fund a Soc Dem State? Isn't the point of all this to give people better lives by rising the standard of living of the common man.

Commodity production should not be abolished, the worKing class should force the ruling bourgs to commodity produce instead


read Marx and Lenin.

I like your thinking my dude

Fuck off, we would have a socialist Europe if it wasn't for people like Bernstein. Socdems singlehandedly ruined world communism

Then? I mean from what I had read it seems like an interesting case study. But telling me to *Read this book to find de way* is not enough. I've been told the same shit about Ayn Rand, I just had a worse time with 40 page speeches that went no where and where baseless.

How tho? And what breed of soc?


Your biggest mistake is thinking that capitalism is compatible with democracy. Under capitalism those with the most wealth make the rules and everyone else has to live by them. How are you going to make the ruling class follow laws if there's no threat of violence when they disobey or go against the public's interests? Just look at what happened with North Korea for an example of why violence is necessary. The world mocked and ridiculed them until they developed nuclear weapons and now they're being taken seriously and making rapid progress with South Korea. The only thing power respects is power and social democracy is simply never going to give the people power.


Instead of reading Rand you should have been reading the milkman.

that is the thing, modern day succdems do NOT believe this but aim for redistribution of wealth or some other crap that is literally utopian-tier:

>The thing which still gives this work of ours a quite special significance is that, for the first time, it expresses the formula in which, by common agreement, the workers' parties of all countries in the world briefly summarize their demand for economic reconstruction: the appropriation by society of the means of production. In the second chapter, in connection with the "right to work," which is characterized as "the first clumsy formula wherein the revolutionary aspirations of the proletariat are summarized," it is said: "But behind the right to work stands the power over capital; behind the power over capital, the appropriation of the means of production, their subjection to the associated working class and, therefore, the abolition of wage labor as well as of capital and of their mutual relationships."

And indeed, in that very text you can see that Marx and Engels did praise the SPD and other such parties, but that's because Bernstein & Co. did believe that socialism and communism would eventually be built after some electoral victories and economic reforms. today after tons of revolutionary experience, literally nobody believes this seriously and any declared "social democrat" party is just a liberal party, complicit in the administration of bourgeois state.

No, quality of life is meaningless as long people are alienated from their labor

The limination of commodity production is at the core of anti capitalist and thus leftist thought. It is part of the endgame for any leftist movement.

Because we have slovenian cocaine man.

anyone who uses the "one x boi" meme deserves the death penalty

Marx is pretty essential to understand why we want communism and not mixed market social democracy. The jist of it is that under capitalism you never own the full product of your labor-value, and that capitalism is inherently not built to last. Porky will always find a way to subvert leftist discourse and maintain power as long as he has the means of production.

So you're saying we need to pursue increasing the organic composition of capital as fast as possible? i.e Every leftist should be an accelerationist?


Have you considered reading a fucking book?

The elimination of commodity production is a logical consequence of communal management of the means of production. It's not a discrete goal, it's just one of the characteristic trends of a communistic society. Don't believe people who tell you otherwise.>I been looking at your memes and they have almost got me sold



Do you *actually* think that a system entirely based on making short term profits is sustainable for the next ten thousand years?


read cockshott, he explains how a planned socialist economy works better