Daily News Thread 1/11

ICE Raids 98 7-Eleven Stores, Arrests 21 Under Suspicion

ICE-led arrests within the country rose by 40 percent in the first 100 days of Trump taking to the office, per government released numbers.

House Backs Warrantless-Spying Bill After Confusion Over Trump Tweets

The House voted Thursday to extend the government’s authority to spy on foreigners’ digital communications, hours after President Donald Trump sowed confusion over the bill by sending a tweet that resurrected his prior claims that his campaign team had been spied upon.

Puerto Rico Protests After Supplies Found in Gov't Warehouse

Thousands of "missing" materials were discovered during a raid of a Palo Seco warehouse which has largely contributed to the delays of electric repair by state-owned Electric Power Authority.

The UK's Jewish capital is about to vote for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party

Predictions of a bloodbath for Theresa May's Conservatives in this May's London council elections include the likelihood that Barnet, which contains Margaret Thatcher's old constituency, will turn red for the first time since its formation in 1965.

Macron Can't Resist Opportunity to Tell Italians How to Vote

French President Emmanuel Macron assured Italians he had no intention of interfering in their general election in six weeks’ time. Then he launched into a lengthy tribute to Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Trump Clears Path for States to Require Employment for Medicaid

The Trump Administration moved Thursday to allow states to impose work requirements on their Medicaid programs for the first time, the latest alteration of the nation’s health-care system through administrative action after Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare failed last year.

Math Whiz Who Doubled Debt Is Favorite to Win Colombian Election

As Colombian presidential candidates try to outdo each other with pledges to slash taxes, Sergio Fajardo has stood aloof from what he calls the “political bazaar.”

If Pentagon Knows More About Missing Satellite, It's Not Saying

The Pentagon refused any public comment on a secret U.S. government satellite that apparently crashed into the sea after it was launched by Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

Israel Arrests Ahed Tamimi's Teen Cousin, Ramps up Bullying of Activist Family

Israeli forces raided Mohammed Bilal Tamimi’s family home and arrested him as the occupation ramps up persecution of the activist Palestinian family.

Ecuador has granted citizenship to Julian Assange, says Foreign Ministry

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry says it has granted citizenship to Julian Assange. The reaction of the ministry comes one day after Quito reportedly issued an ID card to the WikiLeaks editor.

White House Rejects Bipartisan Senate Immigration Proposal

The Trump administration rejected a bipartisan Senate proposal to protect young undocumented immigrants from deportation, saying it needed more work.

Bodycam slam in Big Apple: NYC police union seeks to block release of footage

As NYC moves to equip its police force with bodycams by 2020, its main police union is suing to block the release of such footage without a court order. Civil rights groups say the public has a right to view the videos.

Internet erupts after Ikea asks pregnant women to pee on crib ad

The internet has reacted in disgust, amusement and confusion after Ikea launched an ad encouraging women to pee on it. If they're pregnant, a discounted price for a crib magically appears.

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A crisis of political arrogance


A funeral home’s sideline: selling body parts

Part 8: Former workers describe troubling practices at this mortuary-body broker, including allegations of deceptive marketing and an account of how gold dental work was removed from corpses and sold. Authorities are now investigating.

Rallying for Ahed and Palestine

Supporters of justice for Palestine have organized events in in several cities to show their solidarity with Ahed Tamimi and her family–and to demand the release of the 16-year-old Palestinian activist arrested by Israeli soldiers.

Okay I live north of London and this is fucking massive.


GOP hardliners are not going to allow Trump or Congress to get anything done.

I read recently that the Republicans are so dysfunctional that they don't plan to actually pass a budget this year, and instead kick the can down the road.


Absolutely amazing



Basically Barnet is just like the various shires that surround London: and if he can win Barnet at that level that means it is possible we may see a '97 level event, or at the very least back up to 2005 standards. To note also, Labourites from tory areas tend to actually be more radical than some in areas labour has never lost.

It's worse because Trump and the media are selling the pay raise as a result of the tax bill. Fucking retards.

ICE are basically the Gestapo at this point

Someone please explain to me how shutting down 63 stores with thousands of employees WITH ZERO PRIOR NOTICE to said employees is fucking legal.


you think the burgers care? It's getting rid of "muh emigrudnz"

Good 7/11 is a shity company who poisons the prols with there food.

Porky probably put it there to promote privatization.

Porky leave

Columbia = Hispanic America

Bassed Ecuador

Annon, stop being so spooked

they are indistinguishable from any other secret police force, and they're really one of many in america.

Trump attacks protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries in Oval Office meeting

but but but i thought he was le antisemite

Honestly, all the "anti-semitism" in labour is down by jews. Momentum, the "anti semitic org" is lead by an israeli jew, was founded by the AWL and had to suspend a jewish member for "anti semitism". Legit there are some anti semitic members in the labour party, but honestly a lot of it are wanks being historically illiterate (like livingstone) or actual jews criticising their own history.

I can't wait to see how they spin this.

God damnit.
I got a message about this vote literally early this morning/late last night. Need to follow these things better - for the record, this is shit. The surveillance bills voted on today aren't just bad for foreigners, they expand surveillance powers over citizens, too.


life comes at you fast

I find it kinda hilarious how Trump and his anti-welfare, conservative crowd can't seem to figure out why Norwegians aren't leaving for the United States, when Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world, universal healthcare, and a comprehensive social security system.

They're living in a dream world where America is still the greatest nation on Earth.


oh boy Holla Forumstards will have a field day with this

it was the greatest imperial power for quite a while, yes

Well, that's what happens when you raise the minimum wage; when some people get benefits, others get laid off. Maybe you libtards should learn economics

He knows how shitty everything is, he’s just here for make it worse.

Or else, as Tim Hortons has shown us, when wages rise, other things like benefits must be taken away so that employees end up making 50 dollars a week less then they used to. How else can businesses possibly survive paying a few dollars an hour if they don't take that opportunity to underpay their workers even more? That's just basic economics.


Donald Trump is a pussy ass bitch.

America used to have the world's best standard of living and was a shining city on a hill to the average liberal.

Obviously, as communists we have a different perspective, but that doesn't do away with the fact that to many it appears America has fallen.

I have no clue why Trump thinks Europeans would want to move to the United States. Maybe European masochists and psychopaths. It's the only reason I can think of why people would intentionally lower their standard of living and quality of life, either you just want Daddy Porky's full fist in you or your a rich fuck who gets off on having a desperate impoverished mass you can basically do anything to, while also having the infrastructure of an advanced nation.

all is good as long as petro o fajardo win, otherwise my life will become even more shit very very very very fast

He's not wrong


why would greeks move to the US instead of somewhere in Europe?

B-b-but I though Corbyn was a vicious antisemite!
Who can resits the voice of Jupiter, greatest and best?

If you were white then yes, it was a utopia

if you colored it was impossible to get in, and if you were already in it was hell on earth