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New attempt at fulfilling the prequisites to avoid anchoring. ITT, we post screencaps of Holla Forumsyp's discourse or their OC wheter from their natural homestead or when they pay us a visit.
What wisdom posted by our neighbors really made you think comrades?
I'll start with my little personal favourite.

Bump of interest

I also hate the way they use the word "breed". I sound like a liberal, just saying that but whatever.

wew this was too much

Guys! Why was this thread saged?!

makes them sound like they've never dated

Supposedly because of the 200 charcter thing

Pol's ideas about a romantic relationship is like children's infantile theories on sexuality.



If you're trying to imply this is the original, you're wrong. Species is very obviously a different font in your image.



fixed that for them

I did the edit you dip

not my comrade

Love it.

"trigger le polyp" edition


Vermont "I dont want to admit that the 80/90s are over" Lolberg guy is one of the few of these stupid E-Celebs who dosent act like an absolute idiot tbf

He might not act like your typical prolapsed internet personality, but I just can't take people seriously who are into esoteric/pagan shit.


my fucking sides, holy shit

>a lava

What don't you get???? It's a buncha lava! Meteorologists BTFO

right up there with "turn the atoms off"

what was the context for that one? I forgot

Trump's plan to disable rocket man's nuclear weapons iirc


It was this
Don't know the quote but they thought our missile defense system has lasers that can turn off the atoms in the nukes.


I'm starting to suspect Hollywood literally rots people's brains. Or are they all twelve there?


I thought that that was it, but
Holy shit.

I was expecting a "the lava was put there by the jews".

There is literally no rational argument against sexual relationships with family members if they produce no offspring (sterile, same sex, contraception, at worst abortion)
And even if, it just means there's a higher chance of sharing a recessive gene if and only if a mutation has occurred.
For every generation , the amount of ancestors is 2^n. You->2 parents->4 grandparents->8greatgranparents and so on
Assuming each generation is of 30years, a hundred generations would have occurred in 3000 years, 2^100=1267650600228229401496703205376, world population estimates 50-115 M people in the world. And back then, travel was less easy and societal rules made it harder for people to breed among different classes, narrowing down the options. Meaning you are the product of a lot of incest
Prove me wrong, and make use of no spooks



Oh, sure, it rarely gets that severe. Nevertheless, please don't tell me that you've never seen inbred people, or that you can't recognise the signs of inbreeding in a mammalian specimen.


< but what they catch the bug?


Yes, if you use a condom the chance of catching HIV is stupidly low. And in the case of pregnancy, you can have an abortion or eat a pill.

Oh, yeah, the easy solution.
Fuck off.

So sex should not be allowed then?

Are you a pro-lifer christian, user?

Yes. Celibacy is the only optio—
Wait a minute…
Okay, got that straw out. What was I on about? Ah, yes. Celibacy is the only option, and everyone who doesn't adhere to it should be beheaded.

Motherfucker, have you ever had an abortion? Can you even conceive in your tiny lizard brain the process? Don't casually talk about things you've got no clue on.

Can you even conceive in your tiny lizard brain the fact that some women are very happy they have the freedom to get abortions?

Abortion is only a worst case scenario

lel, talk about delusions
plenty of cases catching it even when using a condom

Oh, so I'm a reactionary straw man now. You know, while I'm still here, you should dump everything you have on me, I'll take it. I'll take the fall for everything you can conceive of. You won't have to feel like you aren't the most virtuous person on the planet ever again.

You are aware that given a sufficient number of iterations, the probability of even the most unlikely of events approaches one, aren't you? You stupid cunt. You could have mentioned sterilisation as an option, but nope, you went straight for the dumbest fucking option. I thus give to you the internet idiot of the day award.

Source? HIV almost exclusively transfers through blood.

Wall of assmad. There is no penetrating this.

One partner being sterile is literally in my first post, why are you getting so emotional about this?
Yes, iterations do increase likelyhood, so? Having a lot of sexual encounters with non relatives do also lead to unwanted pregnancy and STDs, should that be banned?

Guys guys. The best way to avoid an STD is to fuck another virgin like Holla Forumsyps are

The best way to avoid pregnancy and STDs is to fuck a sterile virgin

What about fucking a child

That's a whole different subject, no one yet has given me a good enough argument against incest, there's no reason it should be criminalised.

It creates hot porn maybe

See? No drawbacks

Notice my maybe. Plus I don't want incest sex making babies unless humanity is at bottleneck

Still doesn't account for all I listed

You did learn about genetic traits in high school, even middle school? Right? There's a reason that incest especially between close relatives is frowned upon since genetic deseases are more likely to occur.


Check the previous math, humanity has gone through several bottlenecks.



I cannot believe this is even a debate

You do realise that every human in existance is a cousin of yours from one degree or another?

I'm pretty sure cousins in that picture is used i the common meaning of the owrd and not the extended definition.

Then the picture is flawed, to what degree of separation would you say it cuts off?

I assumed that the diagram was referring to close cousins. Obviously most people are already distant cousins. I know, for instance, that I am technically cousins with former President George W. Bush.

The point is to not breed with one's first or second cousins. I know that some of my New England ancestors did that but I am not living in the year 1820 where the prospect of marrying someone who did not live within ten miles of me was nil.


What's wrong with this statement? If you spend your time eating shit and suddenly you have access to something other than shit, would you allow yourself to continue eating shit? Why is not breeding with your cousin something that offends you?

Dude when talking about cousins in everyday life, it's first or more exceptionally 2nd degree cousins, no need to split hairs in 4.
I mean this originally comes from Holla Forums ffs do you believe they bother with precise definitions?

fixed that for you

It's like a Holla Forums ack talking about race

Why does it bother you what consenting parties do?

With species it's not a matter of it being ok, but rather not biollogically possible, so it being ok is irrelevant.
Tho man-gorilla stalinist soldiers could've been cool tbh

Not against closely related cousins having sex, just against them having children.

What if the woman refuses to submit to an abortion, shithole?

Is it applicable to siblings or parents and sons?



I can't believe someone actually bothered to make that graph… but it's not wrong.

what did he mean by this?

Oral, anal, hand stuff…

Look, mate, like every other single child on the planet, I think that incest is hot, too, but I'm not nearly retarded enough to think that real life should work like my sexual fantasies.

*only child

why not tho?

Mi, akkor ez mégse Soros György titkos terve? Átvertetek KÖCSÖGök!

t. antinatalist gang



Valaki postázta a képet >>>/kocsog/ táblán

that's not just Holla Forums, that's all of Holla Forums

Igen, "valaki."

biztos a magyark voltak már megint

This, but unironically


It’s gross tho

Anyone have a screen cap of baboon poster in the wild?

This thread needs someone who isn't scared to go for the low-hanging fruit.