Anything good to counter retarded shit like pic related?

Anything good to counter retarded shit like pic related?

I've seen posted here countless polls and research on Russian public opinion regarding the Soviet Union, how East Germans now vote on the socialist Left, how quality of life dropped immensely after the Soviet collapse etc and never bothered saving any of it because I wasn't really interested in defending the Soviet legacy, but since then I realised that bullshit "arguments" like this are really prominent when it comes to shutting down all anti-capitalist ideas so I guess I'll have to.

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The best rule of thumb is to just automatically assume that their family were Kulaks and then start screaming at them about how their families deserved to die in secret prison for being counter revolutionary.

1) it's an appeal to emotion, nothing else, it's not expressing any indeological or logical statement, just pure emotions. This is particularly effective against the emotional skeptic community

2) Ask for proof. Are they actually kulaks' children or a random dude that had a communist look at them funny once?

3) Just turn the argument word for word, that always gets a laugh: "80 year old American: the capitalist regime in my country was horrific. My husband and 3 children were intoxicated by industrial leakage and died because of lack of medical assistance. I could not pay for the funeral so I never got to see them again even at the cemetery.

19 year old yotube literate: not enough freedom(tm)

Liberal democracies have consistently been promoting the idea that death, starvation and war are valid consequences for going against their values, so this will probably resonate with them.

"and the nazis shoved 30 centimetres of wood up my ass"

Replace the fake Russian quote with poll results showing a majority of Russians wanting the return of Soviet Union.

The lower part requires no change.

shouldn't we remove that drawing they made of me though

Actual polls say the opposite, so the real exchange is:


too wordy on the bottom

Just keep the bottom row as a college student or even make it high school

how can i shade TPUSA without actually putting their name on there

"19 year old conservative college student" works best imo

Those poor peasants with their 80% illiteracy and medieval life expectancy being brought out of poverty and having centrally heated rooms and toilets for the first time, that was terrible.

It's so simple. Just replace the top text with someone in Nazi Germany at the time bemoaning the third reich and keep the rest. I mean we don't look like pic related anyway. That's what your standard neo-nazi today looks like.

Forgive me for my terrible English, but I have to get this off my chest.
As someone who lives and works in an ex-Socialist country, ie. Yugoslavia, and who grew up in period of transition from a very degenerate, nationalistic flavor of socialism into contemporary free-market, neoliberal capitalism, this fucking meme bothers me. It's downright insulting.
Any 80 year old I've talked to much preferred Communism to our current, piss poor living standards. Anybody, and I mean, anybody I've talked with about working conditions under socialism has nothing but praise to say about it, especially compared to our disgusting and downright dehumanizing working conditions now. And make no mistake, the living standard decreased drastically, outside of Slovenia (which was always the richest republic) and urban parts of Croatia, despite having a vastly larger array of affordable commodities on our market. You maybe able to afford all kinds of useless trinkets, but criminally low payment and pensions, terrible health standards, social net and downright shameful economy can't and will never be able to compensate that. Nearly thirty fucking years later we are still living worse then under even most reactionary era of Tito's Yugoslavia. In my country average pay is 200 euros bellow the bare necessity for basic needs. And you know what is the best part? These numbers keep getting lower, while the cost of basic needs increases annually. I understand that who ever made this shitty meme doesn't live under these standards, but how can anybody in their right mind defend that?
And capitalism hasn't even fixed the worst parts of Communist government, the cronyism, the occasional political nepotism, censorship or somewhat excessive police action, in fact, it not only further solidified them, it made them worse. The political corruption is not only omnipresent on every level in every current Yugoslav republic, it is modus operandi and deeply embedded with organised crime. People who were instrumental in dismantling our working, health and life conditions during the period of transition, the petty criminals that became mafia overlords, are not only the most important political factors, they tend to be politicians themselves. Censorship of the media is a regular practice by moderate, EU-oriented political parties and they constantly paddle laughable propaganda about how great our economy is doing and the constant increase of our living standards, facts that aren't correlated by any numbers, or any respectable economists. Even worse, there is an increasing trend of constantly pardoning actual fascist and nazi collaborators from before formation of SFRJ as a means of making them victims of blood communist regime. Actual, honest to God nazis that build concentration camps and sent their populace to German death camps, they are trying to make into martyrs through various quasi-historic and outright fabricated claims.
Communism wasn't a fucking experiment, this liberal capitalism bullshit is a fucking experiment, one that blew up in our faces, cost us hundreds thousands of lives during a horrifying ethnic war that was constantly fueled by foreign help for the very purpose of speeding up integration of our so called backwards Yugoslavia into civilized Europe. So fuck who ever made this meme.


The "no the Communist countries weren't living hell on earth you fucking idiot" cheat sheet.

just turn the text around and it'll be actually accurate

Your pic related is usually reversed. Over 80% of older Russians (55+ y.o.) support USSR.

Moreover, "secret police" taking anyone is mostly about 1937/38. "80 year old Russian" would've been born in 1938 and couldn't have any husband or children taken away. You have to have 90 y.o. Russian - and then he'd be 10 y.o.

Also, see:
"Proofs" are in short supply for such sob stories.


Interesting, why is Uzbekistan so much lower than Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan?

he, the american propaganda has worked in every single country but 1

Good post and as someone living in the birthplace of fascism I am thoroughly disgusted by Holla Forumsacks using this reasoning to justify their neo-nazi bullshit.

They don't like the soviet system neither neoliberal capitalism I guess. They should be posting in here with the rest of the contrarians tbh.



IIRC, because Uzbekistan results were falsified. In 2016 there was a bit of a scandal about this.

what do you mean by american propaganda?