Phil Greaves vs RedKahina

Who are you backing in the ultimate ☭TANKIE☭ anti-revisionist showdown Holla Forums? Once again the question of China as actually existing socialism is tearing the two lovebirds apart. It's a sad sight tbh.

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with his "logic" any liberal western social democracy that improved the living standard raised people from poverty and is actually socialism.
the only people he stands with are social democrats. he's not ML.

I don't understand why supposed leftists can't stand behind China. There are certainly problems within the state but to criticize from a lofty imperialist perspective is absolutely ridiculous.
that doesn't mean the greaves is my comrade tho

need some kind of horseshoe theory meme where ☭TANKIE☭s and Neoliberals both support China's economic liberalisation while SocDems oppose it for being too right wing.

is he back from the Gulag yet?

No he'll just be used as a cudgel in online spats for the next decade while he continues to be irrelevant

Seriously, tell me if you see any difference.


Broke: co-ops will be the base of a future socialist society
Joke: co-ops offer no alternative to capital as they continue the process of generalized commodity production and simply democratize the firm
Woke: sweatshops are actually super good and communism is when you make just enough money to buy a microwave to heat up instant ramen before you help develop the material conditions for another 18 hour shift

So if Angela Merkle changes literally nothing about the government or the economy but decided to start calling it "socialism with German characteristics" will Phill critically support her?

You just a jelly traitor.

New parody account idea: dril greaves

I think RedKahina is being more reasonable. OP is a fag though.

I think it's surprising that almost the entire PG/RK clique is with Phil on this one. I would have expected more of them to side with Kahina; the only one I've seen do so is Cordeliers.

Was Hoxha a lofty imperialist as well? Did the Sino-Soviet split occur because both sides were lofty imperialists?


I don't agree with Phil here but that's unfair, I doubt he supports most of the European parties with "socialist" in their name.

I have not seen this at all, most of them are still happily talking with RK as far as I can tell.

how is red kahina being a lofty imperialist
she's not calling for the dismemberment and colonisation of china


Never thought I would say this, but I'm supporting Molly Klein

MLM-Hoxhaism or whatever she does is much better than radical Marcyism

I mean in terms of agreeing with her on this one issue

Redkahina just answered! Holy shit, this is the debate of this century!

Phil would argue that those states do it on the back of imperialism, whereas China is the most powerful anti-imperialist state in the world

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isn't krang an ex-madison avenue guy

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what's a madison avenue guy? finance?

What's with people's infatuation with vapid e-celebs? No one gives a shit about what this guy thinks or believes.

Mark Fisher was right about left-twitter. They need to be purged.


Nah I'd pay per view a match between the too. Let hem duke it out in the ring.

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lmao have you seen ☭TANKIE☭s talk about NK or Syria? You can remove "socialism" from everything and they'll still support you


Mark Fisher

NK is socialist and Syria is worthy of support in the face of imperial aggression even if it isn't a socialist state (and at least they have a few actual communists in government even if the Baathists are non-communist nationalists).

literally who


The guy you're responding to is trying to be snarky as a sign of dismissal/derision, just FYI

Talking about it on the internet isnt support

counterpropaganda is a form of support.

no it isnt

you have zero impact on Syria success

stop deluding yourself

RedKahina is good

Projection at its finest.


A real communist movement that stood in solidarity with countries under imperialist assault would have an impact. Of course individuals have "zero impact" in most cases, regardless of what they do. You are opportunist scum if you think otherwise.

kahina doesn't

Kahina says China is better than e.g. the US but still not meaningfully socialist.

Where the fuck has North Korea removed socialism?

small brain: cuba is socialist
moderate brain: dprk is socialist
galaxy brain: syria is socialist

Syria, Cuba, and DPRK are all socialist.

DPKR doesn't even claim to be socialist.

explain how syria is socialist
ba'athism is not the same as marxism leninism

it does tho you fucking retard
and it is

is he retarded? legitimatelly retarded?
is he so butthurt over China not being socialist and having allowed the national bourgeoisie into the workers party that raped Mao, himself a revisionist twat, further to death that he starts shitting on actual ML when it shits on his "market socialism"?

there is no need for newly defining socialism, yes "real movement" and so on, but how is china part of that "real movement" when it is continuously stepping out of line and contradicts ML, that describes this very movement, with it's "market socialism"?

nevermind, just read through his rantings, this fuckwit is a third worldist roo-kinda retard that takes issues with Marxism Leninism and not shitting on the "first world" working class while attacking the SU as "imperialist" like the maotist he is and then having the nerves to talk about its revisionism
he should really kill himself

They do. Read their constitution.'s_Republic_of_Korea_(2016)

multiverse brain: belarus is socialist

except he's explicitly against third worldism

Both of these users suck.

Weird twitter is awful when they aren't tormenting Holla Forumstards.


RK and PG hate weird twitter.

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RedKahina isn't a chick? Or am I thinking of someone else

you're thinking of yourself gaybo

She is a she