SDF release over 400 ISIS members


Nasrallah: ISIS was welcomed by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Bukamal. What can now convince us that ISIS fighters will not shave their beards and overnight become “SDF?”

All supporters of the over a dozen US military bases in Syria are enemies of the working class.

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But they’re rehabilitated! :)

Looks like Phil was right as usual.

You do realise these are the "muh billion barrel bombs on Bakeries" people, right? It is a bloke on Coventry that invents shit to discredit the non-rebels.

Yes, and they are spinning this as a positive thing. Real (credible) journalists like Josh Landis are taking the report seriously. Stop shitposting.

Wtf is the over a dozen US military bases in Syria the FFL now?

What if they genuinely believe the R*java/DF*NS is working towards socialism?
If an argument is to be made against R*java it isn't that the "SDF" Does this break the filter? are letting "former" ISIS members join the force. It's that socialized commodity production doesn't actually abolish capitalism.
Taking foreign aid, this, etc. It's all secondary to the fact that the effort in it's current form is ultimately futile due to prevailing material conditions. They're operating in an area that is primarily rich in energy resources, and not much else. Making them ultimately economically reliant on external forces.
You can have all the co-ops in the world, but the fact is that over a dozen US military bases in Syria still fundamentally relies on capitalism. Either through taxing capitalist enterprises or support from capitalist powers. I can't verify reports that they've been selling the oil abroad. It's supposedly been outlawed for the moment, but there are reports that it was at least attempted a few years ago.

It continues to surprise me that even after all these years people here fail to actually identity the main problem with R*java: They're unable to abolish the commodity form.
And considering they (officially) refuse to expand their efforts beyond Syria's borders, I don't see how they're going to do so any time in the future.

All this coop stuff is likewise irrelevant. I encourage everyone that is so fond of the concept to actually work in one for once, and see for yourself that merely 'socializing' the MoP doesn't actually liberate you from capitalist relations.

"Credible" Journalists have always accepted their shit: the "SOHR" is just a pro-FSA group designed to plop out anti-Assad headlines. IIrc they are also the "source" on the "Muh Rоjava are genociding the Assyrians"; a claim the UN itself said was bullshit.

The SOHR are a bollocks source for bollocks people.

Landis is not an MSM blogger.


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Exactly. Giving workers MoP doesn't actually gives you socialism- you also need to abolish wage-labour and commodity form of goods. If you don't do that you will just end with state capitalism.

Market socialism is a pretty effective way to achieve full socialism without needing a vanguard party.

If the economy is made up of nothing but workers councils then they will eventually voluntarily and democratically meld into bigger and bigger workers councils until the entire economy is just one big Soviet.

Lenin even complimented Deleon and said that this method would work for an industrialized economy like the U.S.

many people were forced to join ISIS, I'm not surprised that some of them were flipped, it's probably also an overture to the local arab tribes.

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Even if this is true; you do realise that a lot of ISIS, at least in 2015-2016, were forced conscripts or opportunists looking to join the winning side. That's why you got so many ISIS people surrendering at first sight. Are the NVA class traitors for taking in Japanese soldiers or the Red army for taking in White army prisoners?
So fuck off with your Alex Jones shit.