Which caucus is best caucus?

So, Democratic Cops of America is still fairly succdem, but a lot of what I'm hearing out of the Democratic Cops of America is that they're fading away and left "minority" factions are coming to the fore.

So, of the three minority big caucuses (that I'm aware of), which would you prefer to "win" if you had your druthers.

The Refoundation Caucus

The Libertarian Socialist Caucus

The Communist Caucus

Even if you aren't personally fond of the Democratic Cops of America, I don't think it can be denied that whatever direction they go in is important, being the largest lefty org in the US.

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The TLDR is -
Refoundation - Democratic Cops of America becomes an independent revolutionary party

Libertarian Socialist - Democratic Cops of America becomes anarchist, focuses on building grassroots, direct democratic institutions and radical labor unions

Communist - Democratic Cops of America becomes a revolutionary dual power organization, acting as a sort of support and solidarity network as well as a political organization.

Or at least I've gleaned as much from reading.



the cops and active duty military caucus




they literally elected a cop, the party is clearly swarming with cops and snitches

rapone, armystrang, "veteran's" caucus has other active duty military in it

The cops was essentially forced to resign.

Who gives a shit? Most of the Red Army was comprised of former soldiers from the Tzar's military.

The Libertarian Socialist Caucus. Its platform is most conducive to building a legit leftist movement in the US.

Eh the Democratic Cops of America is already starting with some Dual State stuff, it gives me hope.

Which ever one the luxumburgists in the organization are going to, which I'm assuming is the communist caucus

you mean a bunch of people whined on twitter until he left on his own accord. real great "organization" there.

yes, we are democratic socialists, that means IT'S OK TO RAPE, ROB, AND MURDER AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES

Posadist Caucus

Several months ago we had a thread about refoundation's buggy bylaws. In one part they declared that they will have guaranteed representation of women and non-whites and in another part they described an election method that does nothing of that sort. So I guess they have to redo elections until the quota requirements are met, instead of having a separate voting procedure to ensure that or some automatic filter rule that guarantees the requirements are met after one election, no matter how people vote. (Caveat: I haven't re-read it to see whether they have updated the bylaws since then.)

Now, for the libertarian socialist caucus: dsa-lsc.org/lsc-bylaws/
This quorum rule suffers from the participation paradox. That is, the following situation is possible: A group of people is against something, so they go vote against it, which makes it happen because they are pivotal to meeting the quorum. This can be easily avoided by only using a quorum of people voting for the change.

There is also a reference to "ranked-choice voting", without defining what that is. It seems to just refer to ballot design (allowing expression of ranks). In the US, it is often used to refer to a particular method known as Instant Runoff, but this is just the most commonly proposed method that has such a ballot design. If you mean Instant Runoff, you should state Instant Runoff.

Joining the military is many proles only real way out of poverty. The system is intentionally set up that way. Not to mention "military families" where a stint in the armed forces are essentially expected. Being on active duty doesn't necessarily equate to agreement with American military adventurism.

What a non-sequitur (also a massive distortion of the petty booj nature of modern America's military, and disgusting apology for imperialist murderers). Being on active duty necessarily means you are an imperialist mercenary and cannot be allowed or trusted in any real socialist organization. A real communist convert would be deserting or engaging in sabotage, and would do so with the appropriate level of secrecy rather than openly joining the fucking Democratic Cops of America. The Democratic Cops of America troops (and most of the other "dissident troops") are all part of the ongoing USG effort to infiltrate and divert groups of potential communists. It's no coincidence that actors like Rapone and Manning were both in the 10th Mountain Division, which specialized in counter-terrorism and engaged in heavy PSYOPS.

Everyone is complicit in imperialism and capitalism. You could just as easily say that the standard American prole is complicit by consuming the fruits of imperialism and providing the labor necessary to keep it going. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

How is this not a valid point? I hate to defend Democratic Cops of America but shunning potential revolutionaries because of their profession sounds pretty retarded to me.

also inb4 loosely constructed lumpenprole argument

US really IS Weimar 2.0

"No ethical consumption" is NOT the fucking same as "GO AHEAD AND JOIN THE FOOTSOLDIERS OF THE FASCIST REGIME, IT'S ALL GOOD."


just lol if you think the us is fascist

Maybe I'm just a brainlet but I'm not sure I follow. Doesn't a quorum imply that a majority voted for and not just that a majority voted at all?


Peak disingenuity. Bolshevik soldiers mutinied, killed officers, deserted, and generally engaged in sabotage while denouncing the imperialist army and their service, which is exactly what I have stated as a criteria for any modern communist convert in the army. Democratic Cops of America troops do none of these things, they are unrepentant imperialist killers.

Not the guy you're replying to but the way I understand it you need a 2/3rd attendance but only a simple majority, causing this paradox.

Imagine the group consists of 12 people. 7 of these want to pass some new rule, 5 of them do not. If everyone voted it would pass, since a simply majority is all that is required. However, if the 5 do not attend the meeting the quorum is not met (since 2/3rd of 12 is 8) and the rule is not passed. Therefore it is in their interest to not attend the meeting, which is not a good system.

I believe we're appealing to people who are already in the military. In no way does this support joining the military or supporting imperialist wars.

These disgruntled soldiers who are considering class war are a reality, are we to refuse them because of the poor choices they've made? You have four choices under capitalism: starvation, prostitution, wage slavery, and the imperial army. There should not be any guilt imposed upon possible revolutionaries because of their shitty situation and the poor choices they've made.

read a book

DSA Church Youthgroup Caucus lead by the Bruenigs and Larry Website (powerword: Christian Bowe)

You understand it's literally illegal for active duty troops to go against the USA, right? If there are active duty troops OPENLY involved in your organization (such as in Democratic Cops of America), they are agents, period.

Anyone who thinks it's easier to join the army and kill people than it is to get a minimum wage job was not a prole in the first place.

I don't care about guilt, they need to completely renounce and denounce the imperialist army and their service to it.

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