The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Announce Deadliest Threats to Man in the Coming Years of War


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Hardly like this is a surprise to anyone paying attention… I don't even believe a bright future is possible anymore.



Why does everything looks so gloom?



Scariest one imho.

I'm buying a gas mask.

I'm buying a shotgun and living in a bunker. Fucking hell. Is it possible to build directional EMPs?

Can't wait to become a mind slave to capitalist overlords

Life resembles a Kafka story.

Please come to Maine and build a cipherpunk anarchist compound with me to be safe from all this.

Where u r fam.

Philip K Dick continues to be a some sort of Nostradamus

Because when money is in front of human beings they make grave mistakes with little care for foresight.

We are like cats with keychains.

Portland. Have roots in Central.


Oh, the future will be bright all right…

The most revolutionary fire is atomic fire


We won't even need shades. Well, not afterwards.

I mean, we are.


Stop being hung up over metaphors. People make unwise decisions when faced with the prospect of more and more and more money, and disregard the consequences. Foresight and capitalism do not mix.

confirmed for buzzword list

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists who have monitored global threats for 50 years BTFO by this one lad who knew too much on a taiwanese image board

So where's the best place to escape from all this? Rural Siberia? New Zealand? Patagonia? Innawoods in boreal Canada or the Amazon?
Is our last hope a ticket to Mars?


Rural Bulgaria, I hear you can get a property there for £200.

They're also a bunch of scaremongering, anit-nuclear power idiots.


There is no escape from the future you make.

Unknown pilots of a drone swarm dropped bombs on airbases in Syria. Just after these articles were published.

Here we Here we Here we fucking go

the good guys really did lose the cold war

Anyone who doesn't believe this is a mentally-ill lobomtized drone masquerading as "normal, functional individual"

Be sure to take your tank-pills, kids.

So I guess we're getting the cyberpunk future with a mix of corporations controlling the world with an ecological crisis in the backdrop. Kinda like a mix between Deus Ex and Blade Runner

I think some ML I follow tweeted this Stalin quote saying that if the USSR fell a period of the blackest reaction would follow, I'm not sure i'd describe it as "blackest" but definitely nefarious.

I dunno fam its pretty bad, between 8-10 million Congolese have been killed in the most violent war since World War II and everyone acts like everything is hunky dory. No one is even aware of how bad their being deceived or how the US is driving the conflict there. I'm not even sure most posters on this board even suspects how deep some of these deceptions go.

I remember watching a TV series talking about how Rwanda's stock market consisted only of mineral companies when in fact Rwanda has no minerals of any kind they are all stolen from the DRC and smuggled by thugs friendly to Kagame's regime into the country. Yet Rwanda is a "democracy" and Kagame "stopped a genocide" when in fact he's carrying out genocide in the DRC.

It's all so surreal. The strange political tendency of our times is the hybrid of elite-centric fascist rule and nominal bourgeois democratic functionality. Sheldon Woolen was actually onto something when he formulated the concept of "Inverted Totalitarianism" even though I think the later word is really just a meme. Strange times.

Like the USSR wouldn't have developed these technologies.

Yes, obviously the technologies are the problem and not the ways that our insane capitalist ruling class and the fascist movements they are bankrolling will use them time to log off Zerzan isn't it about time to go donate more blood?

Fuck me that's horrifying. The only caveat I can think of is that tech seems at least like 30 years away from actually being usable en mass

You're actually delusional if you do not believe the USSR's ruling class would have sought such power as well and have been capable of using it. inb4 "the people ruled the ussr!"

We need to build a vanguard where socialist thinkers will be saved from the dystopian ultra capitalistic shitholes

Actually i would rather choose atomic war and the restart of human civilization from the beginning than the future that's coming

You would have been a hit in the 90s. There's nothing that even the revisionist USSR did that the US and its pals didn't do on a larger and far worse scale. The revisionists in the USSR overthrew the Soviet structure because it no longer served their interests–they wanted to more openly act like the USA, which was the nightmarish model of people like Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and even Khrushchev.

When the USSR was still around they had to pretend like they cared about workers rights and anti-imperialism and the US had to behave itself somewhat. People who disparage the USSR are truly liberal idiots who do not belong in the socialist movement.

Yes, there were problems and even periods of bad leadership but if you disagree with the USSR as a concept of institutionalizing workers power on a vast scale then you're just a liberal. It's like saying that the workers are better off without unions just because the yellow trade unions have awful leadership. In fact, the past 40 years have proven both positions to be horribly incorrect, there wasn't an upsurge in true socialist activism and proletarian rebellion as anarchists and trots predicted but the most brutal kind of liberalism shoved down the throat of the working class.

Pic related is the American "free press" praising the genocide of 3 million people.


I want to get off this ride

Literally none of this has anything to do with anything I said. You saw me saying something negative about the USSR and immediately spouted this inane, unrelated rant about how I apparently like America and deny the USSR ever did anything positive ever. It's almost impressive, really. Or perhaps you simply lack arguments and are purposefully diverting to a different altogether, who knows?
All I said is that the USSR's ruling class would also have developed these weapons and means of societal control. Again, if you deny this you are actually delusional. They developed a secret service and surveillance apparatus to control their populace like the West did, they created weapons capable of destroying the world like the West did. There is no reason why they would not continue along these already established paths and arbitrarily draw the line at these new technological innovations.
But really, why am I even writing this? You'll likely just write another rant about how Pinochet was evil and the PRC ended famine in China forever or something similarly unrelated.

You just said the same thing again you dumbo

Saw this on tumblr yesterday
Its painfully relevant and its a joke.

wow this thread is seriously bumming me out lmfao

Don't worry, when you're elderly being gassed with aerosol Xanax as you get your aching bones up to work for the company because you have to in order to treat the cancer that's ravaging your body, you forget about because they make you forget as part of the employment contract, you'll feel fine.

These are all going to be used against people who's climate becomes inhospitable past 2060, and there has to be an immigration crisis, and they have no want to have any immigrants at-that-scale.

This is going to be used by various powerful nations for "Counter-Terror" genocide, letting them stay in uninhabitable nearly alien locations; fueled by climate change more or less responsible by the West itself.

The final outcome of centuries of Colonialism will simply be Exterminism. No mortal troops on the ground, simply guarded by a variety of Drones that can do everything from sedate, panic, and decimate a population.

The Saudis will escape to the States and Europe, so will Israel. Everyone else, is guarded by gates and robotics, misinformation, declining health, death of family. Endless cruelty, suffering, and war.

This is the outcome. They're preparing for it. And it will be genocide. And all forms of control.

The collapse of the US can't come soon enough



I had an idea for a novel about Psychochemical warfare where large amounts of LSD “gas” was weaponized during WW1, to cause soldiers to freak the fuck out in intense trips during combat, becoming ineffective. It was going to be peak lefty historical fiction.

You may be in serious discomfort in the coming decades, I don't deny that. But for the millions who the West deny past nthe point where their land becomes inhospitable, no grain or plant can grow, no water can stay for more than an hour; these are the people who will radacalize obviously against the West. And the West will use this as an argument to increase reaction.

It's a story as old as time. And it's all the fault of the global community for not doing enough during the time when it counted, and could be countered.

In all honesty past 2060, with all these technologies used against these people trapped, they will simply fry to death. Maybe the US will spray them with a calming pharmaceutical mist, a humanitarian genocide. So they calm as the world around them, and the life around them, and everyone they ever knew, perishes in heat the world has not seen for millions of years. I really do not see a future for a large chunk of the human population past a certain point this century.

It all looks extremely grim.

As always, Defense Industries across the world are motivated by science fiction and hypothetical ideas.

Wow Mr.Pessimist over here

Is there an optimistic outcome here? I mean, world government's had their shot at the "Point of no Return" about a decade ago, they did nothing before hand, and they did nothing after until now they're doing the bare minimum.

At least it will give the market for defense all sorts of new nightmarish ideas in the coming decades preparing for such a mass exodus of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East they will refuse.

It will be absolutely nightmarish and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, will die due to malnutrition. Only the most affluent, the bougie among them, can get visas and immigration into the West.

Saudi Arabia and Israel will of course get top billing. The rest, the West will simply say "fuck em". It's Holla Forums's dream. A situation where millions of non white people perish, starving and over heated, clutching their children, singing them prayers, before they all go.

And in the West, it will all be met with cheers by the reactionaries.

There's no other way this can go. We had a chance to avoid this future, but we never had the initiative to change.

All the technological worries the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists are warning us about, will be used. And I'm sure far more cruel methods will be used as well. War without end. The last conquest of the Southern Hemisphere.

It will make billions upon billions.

Of course, not only human loss of life will occur. This will also result in mass extinction of flora and fauna across the globe.

Essentially, if you have any hope for the future, at this point it's time to let go. The future we have is a future not too different from the future depicted in Children of Men. I think everyone knew this as soon as 9/11 caused the War in Afghanistan and Iraq, and all the signs were there; nobody wanted to admit it. It was too dark to contemplate, I mean we could fix in time, right?

As horrific as these technologies sound, who knows if how close anyone is to actually getting them to be efficient in any sense, and who knows how much longer this world economic system can even last. There are way too many variables to make any reasonable judgment.

Biologists across the world are calling this the beginning of the Sixth Extinction

This real?

What's with all the doomposting lately on this board

Back in the '70s, some Whole Earth Catalog futurist hippies mused about replacing the environment with artificial fauna, a total synthesis of artificial and "natural" environments to maintain inhabitable conditions. I wonder if we're going to start seeing more "soft" bioengineering efforts like that to maintain basic ecosystems. Like are we really that far off from having completely robotic bees maintain the environment?

It's the Tsar Bomba detonation.

No, it isn't.

That's just Petit-Bourgeois who are sensing their doom approaching and thinking that everyone will be affected by it.

This just in, climate change a big crungus about nuthin

Do not worry, poors, you will be fine. Sincerely, a working man.

Not to break your bubble, but we are really that far.

If climate change continues unabated hundreds of millions of people are going to die. Most of them in the poorest and most exploited countries.

First and foremost, the post was about "doomposting" which is not limited to environmental problems and begins with the whole whining about prospects of Revolution.

Secondly, you fucking larpers, problems with ecology begin with pollution - which is killing ecology ten times faster than the climate change even by the most pessimistic estimates.

Nobody said otherwise, Anus Gremlin. Unless your just straight denying climate change's effects towards the worker, and war in the future, which is hilarious

Its disgraceful. The worst is.. Drive through a place like north New Jersey where its like 50 fucking square miles worth of industrial nightmare fuel and garbage dumps, all right on the shore with rivers, the banks of which look sludge encrusted, leading right into the ocean. It is nauseating. But even worse is seeing that and then knowing that there are large areas in China are a fucking million times worse.

Reading this shit it's hard not to become an accelerationist in Land's strand. Is there really anything we, as in some collective effort whether by a single vanguard group or the majority of society coming together, can do to stop this or somehow change the course we're heading?

With these dire tidings I am more and more convinced that porky is intentionally funding right wing groups and interests, alongside progressives, for the sole purpose of distracting the population, with very few bona fide philanthropists pouring money into these groups out of idealistic interest. I know you'll call me naive, but I never realized the severity of it until now. You have fucking Holla Forums obsessing over pizza and hunting for clues in emails while our actual futures are being sealed in plain sight. Is raising awareness even an option?

With a future like this, nuclear war sounds like a mercy killing.

Capitalism is going fucking haywire. UBI, the only thing that can let any semblance of this current system to keep functioning, will never be passed. Things are going to change very rapidly very soon, I think anyone who *knows* what's going to happen even 20 years from now is deluding themselves, including, least of all, Land. Even Fisher was pretty skeptical of his analysis nearly a decade ago.


Yes, I am assuming that. There's one thing that brings home the bucks more than a workforce, and it's war with an unjust excuse.


Before people get up in arms around this, remember that "AI" is as the article says not sci-fi robots that rip people apart but simply machines that make decisions without a human involved. This much is at least practically feasible as more and more privacy-reducing technologies are implemented. Already police can make a decision based upon multiple information streams, in the future this will be augmented so machines can make more decisions (say, pacification) instead.

Consider the width and breadth of surveilence that already exists:

- most of society has a smartphone tracking their location and speed at all times
- license plate readers inside all police cars, red light cameras and toll booths
- CCTV systems inside pedestrian-heavy areas
- officer bodycams
- drones (already being tested by some police departments)
- UAVs (already used by CBP)
- manned helicopters and aircraft (already used in most states)

All of this creates an environment where machines can operate good enough to be trusted to do things like keep people out of a certain area. They'd be tied up to a single deployment vehicle and give one police officer the abilities of 10-15 officers. The more regular people in the area, the more information they are being fed and thus the more reliable they can be. The only limitation is their sensors and ability to communicate, which we will probably see become more harshly criminalized in the coming decades.

Additionally, when machines are rolled out again they won't look intimidating. They'll resemble blase things like traffic cones, garbage cans, birds, or vending machines. Larger ones will be directly integrated with vehicles (say an LRAD or laser on top of a police cruiser) whose form we already understand. People won't notice it, until they're at a protest or something and find themselves surrounded by them.

And as this applies directly to Holla Forums: all of this began in the 1970s in Eastern Germany. Back then their border fence was "passively" secured through lethal explosive mines. However, they quickly noticed how easy it was for people to defeat such mechanical devices which was when the DDR began studying how to improve border security. Their realization: the most effective solution would be an "electronic border" of electronic surveillance (cameras, microphones, motion sensors, heat sensors, etc) that would alert a central command who would dispatch armed units to deal with the situation. This would have three major benefits: low capital cost (compared to building a bigger wall) and a low labor cost (important, because a few highly paid elite shock troops are harder to bribe than underpaid conscripts).

Does this sound familiar? It should. This is the exact model the US Department of Homeland Security used to construct it's current border zone after Congress authorized the expenditure via the Patriot Act. It's the model Trump himself has blasted for being too weak and seeks to expand, which he will probably be able to do because neither party cares about privacy or surveillance that much.

And so, that is how we get to The Bulletin's conclusion that an arms race is occurring here: governments all around the world have a desire to make their existing domestic policing operations more efficient and this offers an expedient way of doing that. Meanwhile, the public is largely unaware, uncaring, or simply misled by shit tier "pop tech" articles that misrepresent the nature of these things as something more elaborate than what they are: extensions of existing humans. A tool, much like a gun, a metal detector or a camera.

That's the real danger, people are sleepwalking into this. The Philippines is a good example of what society in general is headed towards: armed checkpoints at any sort of large building or complex.

It really isn't. Why do you think Holla Forums loves their resident water filter salesman? The scary ones are the ones you don't notice.

First-Ever Drone Swarm Attack Has Struck Russian Military Bases, Sources Claim

The Russian Ministry of Defence claims its forces in Syria were attacked a week ago by a swarm of home-made drones – the first time such a coordinated assault has been reported in a military action.

According to the Ministry of Defence, Russian forces at the Khmeimim air base and Tartus naval facility "successfully warded off a terrorist attack with massive application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)" last Friday night.

"As evening fell, the Russia air defence forces detected 13 unidentified small-size air targets at a significant distance approaching the Russian military bases," the Ministry said in a statement.
"Ten assault drones were approaching the Khmeimim air base, and another three – the CSS point in Tartus."

Six of the assault force drones were intercepted by Russian electronic warfare units, with three of the UAVs being brought to land outside the base, while the remaining three exploded on contact with the ground.

Another seven drones were "eliminated" by Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missiles fired by the Russians, with the bases reporting no casualties or damage, the statement explains

"It seems that the age of drone swarms has arrived, and that's a terrifying reality to comprehend."